Circus BonBon/Circus Skratt.

The Danish circus Skratt, normally touring in Sweden are at the moment performing in BonBon land -Denmark. When Skratt are in Denmark they change their name to circus BonBon and performes in the amusement park BonBon land. Here they will perform with a shorter performance and cut down to a one hour performance without break. The performance is free of charge when you have paid for the entrance ticket to the park. Circus BonBon will return to Sweden in the middle of August and continue the tour.

The performance was led by Ljuba Gorbatsjova in a nice and fast hoola hop ring act. Lots of those acts around European circus at the moment but Ljuba did a charming entrée. Last year she was in Norway with circus Agora.

Ljuba Gorbartsjova

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

René Casselly this year in did a traditional liberty horse entrée in a very high level. Rene will stay in Scandinavia and will perform in the Danish circus Arena for the 2005 summer tour.

Marylou – Daughter of Rene Casselly did a very charming contorsionist act. She is very young and there is no doubt that she will be a big star in circus.

Yuri and Leon two Russian reprise clowns seen last year in Circus Agora Norway. They have only two entrees in this show. They are funny and very amusing.

Yuri (and Leon) as a strong man.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C). 2004


Circus BonBon has two reprise clown acts this year. The second reprise artist is mr. Chap. He has been with Skratt before in 2002 and in Circus Arena for the 2001 season. He is a funny guy with a great attitude. As last time he does the boxing entrée similar to the act Don Christian do in Circus Merano in Norway this season.



Mr. Chap.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

René Cassellys African elephants ended this short performance. René has been in Scandinavia many times before and will be a part of the Arena 50 year’s anniversary show next year. The act is very charming and he is a nice diplomat for correct animal handeling. René Casselly has the smallest adult elephants I ever have seen before.

Performance time was 50 min. without any break

Circus skratt has normally a circus orchestra but when they are in Denmark they are replaced with taped music and a live drummer. The sound is very good in the tent.

It is not possible to buy any souvenirs in Denmark but in Sweden there is a very small printed program.

Because of the short performance in Denmark some of the acts were cut out. The missing artists there only can be seen in Sweden is: Malthe Knapp – Mono bike, Aldona – Ring acrobat, Johanna – wire act and Eddy Carello – High speed juggler.


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra






Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers




Toilets and other 





Overall Service

Overall presentation


The ring master Lars Larna did very well

The seats was benches only

There is no toilets when BonBon/Skratt are in Denmark. but lots of puplic possibilities in the park

As always in Skratt/BonBon the service was exelent.

No Orchestra but an okay sound with a live drummer.


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