Circo Moira Orfei (Turin, april 2003)


Circo Moira Orfei (Turin, april 2003)


After have won the trials against the circus "false Orfei" (the ones that used the name Orfei illegally), now the Circus Moira Orfei directed by her husband Walter Nones is the only one authorised to use that name. In fact Walter Nones registered the name "Orfei" not only in Italy, but also in Europe. So in this moment (a part from Nando and Liana who don’t travel during the season with a touring circus) there are a very little number of circuses who can use that name. All the others had to change name.

Circo Moira Orfei works from 17 April until 11 May in Turin. The same circus was already in Turin more or less 11 months ago, so they changed 60% of the show.

The trucks of the circus have been painted in modern style with the new colours (black and yellow). On some truck can read Moira Orfei, followed by the "trade mark" logo: â




The whole programme:


- Introduction by clown Jula Sali

- Song "Ta-ra-tta-tà" singed by the speaker Giorgio Vidali (a circus fan) and the ballet

- Martyne Chabry (transforming e virtuoso musician)

- Clown reprise (Jula Sali)

- Fred Perris (exotic animals)

- clown reprime Jula

- The Jasters (cross bow and knifes, introduced by ballet)

- Jula (knfe reprime)

- Anna Giurintano (aerial web act, with ballet)

- Kevin Huesca (ventriloquist)

- Stefano Orfei Nones (equestrian high school)

- Gerard Koch (6 liberty horses)


- Stefano Orfei Nones (6 tigers)

- Song "That’s Moira" (by speaker Giorgio Vidali) and clown reprise by Patata Sali

- Duo Guerreros (high wire)

- Jula (reprisen of the wire)

- The Sali Family (classical musical clown entrée)

- Stafano Orfei Nones (5 elephants)

- Rodeo with the public on the crazy donkey

- Ballet with illuminations dresses

- Entry of Moira Orfei and all the artists

The first act is presented by Martine Chabry (daughter of the famous Belgian musical clown Toto, this season at the French circus Medrano), a beautiful girl who change dress in very fast way. She also play very well the xylophone. She works in couple with the brother Alain. The act start with the 2 artist who beat on big dustbin as the were drum, in the style of the famous group "Stomp", than she begin to play instruments and change dresses. All the act is very fast, with music really involving and modern.

Martine Chabry in these last years worked with Flic Flac and Blackpool Tower (UK).


Among the new acts of this year there are the cross-bow and knifes of the Jasters (who worked in the last years in Arnardo, Moira, Flic Flac and Mundial [Spain] in 2002). The act is really thrilling and dangerous and the 2 Italian artists (Elena Busnelli and Giacomo Sterza) work very well.

News for Italy is also the 6 liberty horses trained by Gerard Koch, a very elegant man. The act is not very strong, ma in the context of the "equestrian tableau" in which Stefano Orfei plays with high school horses, it appear very pleasant. Moreover, in the same tableau (on Spanish music) there is the ballet.

But the most thrilling act is the act wire of the Guerreros (winners of 2 Silver Clowns in Monte Carlo Circus Festival in the ‘90s). During all the act the girl of the couple SINGS live, while she walk on the wire. At the end the walk on the wire inclined 45°, holding her husband on the shoulders and singing……..never seen before!

Always very funny is the ventriloquist Kevin Huesca, similar in the style to Willer Nicolodi. Peolple like very much this kind of act.

The Clowns: Jula Sali, is a very good reprise clown. His style is very fast and he has got a beautiful classical mask and silhouette and he plays very well the trumpet. He works also with the father Vittorio "Patata" and his wife Elisa in the musical clown entrée.

The animals act are always very elegant at Circo Moira Orfei. Stefano now present 6 tigers (5+ 1 white tiger), but he is training a new act composed by more than 15 tigers. The elephants act remains one of the best European one: 5 elephants (4 Indians and 1 African) and we hope to see this act in Monte Carlo in the future, because this never participated at this Festival before.

Very remarkable the maintenance conditions of the animals: big enclosures and paddocks, clean cages. And in spite of this, on the first day there was a very few animalist-ecologist who protest for the presence of animals in circuses.

During the break is possible to visit the zoo (2,5 €) and so people can know the real condition of the animal and can see, during the morning, the repetitions of the acts.


Dario Duranti


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