Circus Scott 2003

Seen in Malmo Sweden

November 8th.

Kenneth (Webmaster) And Henry Bronett -Director circus Scott.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia

It was the last chance to see Scott this year, which ends their season November 9th. Scott is always a grantee for a nice performance and after a very nice season last year with Fumagalli as the star, this years performance was looking a little thin on the paper. Because of that the circus Scandinavia team – Christina, Anders and Webmaster Kenneth – was looking forward to see about Scott could surprise us one more time.

The rest of the Circus Scandinavia team

Christina and Anders

André Brogger and Karin Adler (reprise clowns) opened the show, with warming up the spectators on a very traditional way.


Francois Borie – French juggler did a very convincing juggling act. His tempo was high and did his act in a river dance atmosphere. Lots of nice tricks – very nice.


Segura – Parterre acrobatic from Spain. Extremely nice with a lot of power. Those two (Brother and Sister) do one of the bests acts of its kind. Handstand, with his sister on his back, going down the stairs and many other unbelievable tricks. Very high class.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Akimov – Strapat from Russia. It looks very nice and the act is very poetic. It has a nice level but sometimes it was a little slow. Akimov has chosen to work to tape music and not to the fantastic Scott circus band – That’s a shame.


André Brogger from Germany had to fill out the spaces between the acts. It must have been hard, after last year’s success with Fumagalli. He was working hard to reach the standard and he was ok. Not extremely funny but he tryid.

André Brogger and Kenneth (Webmaster)

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Karin Adler from Germany did a solo clown entrée climbing in and out of two baskets. She did it any possible way but again she was funny but it could have been better.

Karin Adler.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Color of Brazil – Portugal. As always in Circus Scott there is surprises. This year it was Color of Brazil in a furious fighting sport show. Lots of tempo in this special fighting act and there must have been a lot of wounds learning this special show. Of cause one of the spectators was invited to try learning the steps in this mix of dance and fighting. – Very nice.

Color of Brazil

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

James Johansson Sweden – The only animal act in this years show was the Tinker horses rented from Circus Olympia (Sweden). Wonderful nice horses trained by Herbert Bengtsson, performed by James Johansson. The act was a little smoother when I saw the same act earlier this year in circus Olympia. OK.

James Johansson

Photo by Circus Scandianvia (C).

Malthe Knapp – Mono bike from Sweden. Earlier this year he was in circus Agora in Norway, this year only in Scott as a substitute for some acts who has other contracts and because of that couldn’t continue in the last part of the Scott tour. But anyway Malthe is a fantastic artist and it is always a pleasure to see him on the bikes. Small bikes, extremely high bikes, blindfolded, up and down the stairs and much more in a very high tempo. Extremely nice act.


Kahilafov Perch act from Russia – Just fantastic and in an extremely high level. In 8 metres over the ground (24 feet) jumping from one perch to another both balancing on the shoulder of an artist. The best part was when the lover guy balancing with the perch on his head and the other, a head balance in the end of the stick and then doing a little wire working – World class.



Not included in the show was Zebras from Ukraine and Trio Csaszar.


The show was very short 1 hour 40 min. included a 10 min break. (to short)


Spectators 500 (1700).


Circus Scott did a very nice show. It was to short but the quality was very very high.


As always circus was put away in the surroundings of Malmo as a second hand show. That’s an absolute shame because circus Scott is, absolutely a world-class circus and should be placed in the city of Malmo – Not in a scary place in the harbour. Maybe it is to expensive to rent a better place but it should be free for any circus to build up their big tops. I didn’t see any posters in the city either so I assume that isn’t legal in Malmo? It is not the first time that I have been searching for circus in Sweden first in the city then in the surroundings and at last found it in an obscure area outside the city. Please you local governments in Sweden, Circus is a highly professional business with a lot of entertainment for people in all ages, don’t treat them like dirt.

Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 


Overall Service


Overall presentation



Tent and seats: Ok. but there is only benches on the cheaper seats.

Sound in tent: just fine.

Circus Orchestra: Best orchestra in Scandinavia very very nice.

Artist quality: Ok but the performance was much to short.

Circus Souviniers: Ball,cups,T-Shirt, program, books and more but we do need the  Videos that is possible to buy on the internet. They are not for sale in circus why?

Toilets: Okay but a little cleaning would be nice. No handicap facillities.

Overall service: Just nice.

Overall presentation: Very good.