Circus Dannebrog

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This evening the Danish circus Dannebrog presented their first performance here in 2008. In this new production we find once again the Errani family with three Indian elephants performed by Elvis Errani, an Antipode performed by Zeudy Errani act, a hula hoop act by Priscilla Errani and a juggling act performed by Marco Moressa. Back in a Danish circus we find the great Danish horse trainer Katja Schumann after many many years in USA. The performance is fantastic, the light is excellent and the orchestra are really well playing. 


Lots of traditions in this fantastic Danish circus – there is always a liberty horse act, always elephants and always, when possible, old fashion traditional clowns. In this season we find the traditional clowns – The Balders – a great and positive surprise. Mostly traditional clowns presents routines we have seen 1000 times before – some makes it okay many dos not. The Balders does a mix of old routines and some never seen before – great. Nobody from the audience are taken in to be laughed of – so all you out there avoiding going to any circus performances because you won’t take the chance to be picked – you can enjoy Dannebrog a 100 percent relaxed.


The performance starts up with a parade. As usual in Dannebrog it is very very colourful with all artists in the ring. The Director Haddy Enoch welcomes the audience to this 2008 circus production.


First in the ring we meet the beautiful Italian Zeudy Errani. Zeudy has charisma and her antipode act is smooth and beautiful. She was also a part of the Dannebrog performance in 2008 but a new, costume, a new hair and a different props makes it hard to recognize this nice artist from the 2007 show. A nice opening with an absolute well looking young artist.


The Balders clowns dose the reprise parts and the Entrée clowns as well here in Dannebrog. The have a mix of old routines and surprisingly we find original material among the different entrees – great. Therefore it was very amusing to see those young clowns for the first time here in Scandinavia. The first reprise was an old one where the clowns discus what liquid there is running out of a beer barrow? After many suggestions – and they all had to taste of cause they find a small dog inside – Yummy.


Katja Schumann is back in a Danish circus ring after many many years in the American Big Apple circus. Katja took over a new group of untrained horses in January and they were surprisingly good. There is no doubt that Katja has a very special contact with the animals and she is very come when she works. I'm sure that this liberty act will develop to one of the best entrée s  in Scandinavia.


Marco Moressa is a skilful Italian juggler. Marco is from the Errani family and was as Zeudy, Pascilla and Elvis Errani a part of Dannebrog in 2007. Also Marco has changed his act radically from the 2007 season. New clothes and very visual he show off a very nice juggling.


Katja Schumann is next with a High school act in Egyptian style. Katja Schumann presenting her act on her own beautiful horse. Again is the act well considered with all surroundings in Egyptian style – the light is dimmed and Katja is riding her horse in bare feet. The high school act is in a very high standard, showing us how fantastic Katja controls her horse.


One half of the Garcia family – Victoria Garcia is ready when Katja leaves the ring and presents a nice knife balance act. The Act is done in strabats and Washington trapeze making everything more thrilling. Nice costume from Victoria presented as Miss Fossett.


Messoudi family in one of two acts. The first act is an acrobatic act in an extremely high level. Said El Messodi and his three sons. His English born wife as the assistant do an out standing entrée. Extremely strong and highly entertaining. Messoudi was a part of The Dannebrog produced winter circus Kenny last year and now they are one of the high lights in Dannebrog 2008.


Elvis Errani with his 3 Indian elephants dose a very nice job. Elephants jobs are difficult to change, so the entrée was very similar to the entrée last season. Elvis is a very young elephant trainer aged only 19 years. Normally all family members performs in their own circus Errani in Italy but at the moment we can see most of the family perform here in Dannebrog. The two cousins Guidio and Maicol Errani has been contracted to other circuses after their medal in the circus festival in Monaco a few years ago. Elvis Errani´s father is Ricardo Errani normally performing horses in their own circus and he is in the charge of the Tigers as well. The rest of the family are at the moment  touring with another Italian circus – Circus Nando Orfei but with the epiquiment from circus Errani.


Family traditions in Dannerog are bicycle acts and no performance here with out a Enoch family member performing on one or two wheels. This season we can see Jimmy Enoch doing a glass balance act on mono bike. It is the first time Jimmy performs this act in Dannebrog since 1997 and the act has been very much developed in the years. The entrée is performed in a sailor theme, where Jimmy stacks wine glasses in up to 17 layers. The entrée is extremely nice and got a very visual impression. The act starts as an illusion  and then turned over to the mono bike act.


Messoudi families and their second entrée in this performance is a juggling act. This family has so much power and do an extremely positive impression. Lots of juggling and acrobatic in this act. The act is titled – Said and boys and they have so much to give the audience and most be a gift for all circuses in Europe to have this family contracted. Lots of special formations in this family juggling routine including juggling in two layers, cross over and much more.


The artists Hans and Vicky Pedersen performs their sea lions and penguins. A charming act especially the huge amount of sliding penguins. The sea lions do their job and it seems that everything is done in a positive atmosphere.


Pascilla Errani performed a little different hoola hop act compared to the one done in 2007. Last year she performed as a spider coming out from a huge metal spider net. This season she performed mainly on the stage but again with her husband Marco Moressa as the assistant.


The Balders and their entrée is great. It is original and highly amusing. The white face will do a film and at the same second you hear this  you think - oh no now they will use half of the spectators – but no,- the clowns are the actors only – great start. The white face gives the roles to the clowns and they are ready to act. Lots of funny situations and it must be hard to be the director in this particular film recording. The entrée is original with a great flow. The hard part being a clown is to amuse both adults and the kids but is seems as the Balders succeed.


Garcia's ends the show with their space rocket act. Last seasons Dannebrog presented flying trapeze acts , Flying Michaels and Flying Costas. This season the thrilling act is done by Pablo and Victoria Garcia. Up high under the big top a space rocket is turning fast round and round and from this flying space craft the Garcia's do their acrobatics hanging under the machine. The whole act was started with a star wars theme with light swords and dance – very visual. Lots of noise when the space rocket is started and begins the travel up in the heights. The act is very thrilling and fulfil so absolutely our need for danger.


The show was ended by a traditional parade.


Is seems as Dannebrog is improving the quality from year to year. It goes for the artist quality, the sound, surroundings and so absolutely the light system. Dannebrog is just value for the money and there is something for everybody. Nice ladies, strong guys, thrill and fun. Circus Scandinavia recommend a visit in Dannebrog because you wont be disappointed.


I saw the absolutely first performance, so I'm sure the show will be much better in the coming tour and then the show can be rated as one of the best in Scandinavia.