Circus Arena seen  13-4-2002

In Bellahoej (Copenhagen - Denmark).



                   Opening act by

                          Robert Berousek - Ladder acrobatik.

      Suzanne Berdino - Liberty horses.

                              Bon Bon   - Reprice clown.

Duo Camadi - High wire.

Karsten Berdino - Camels dressage.

Diorio - Motorcycle act.


Argentinian devils - Folklore.

Rivelinos - Mucical clowns.

Stephanie,Chermaine and Suzanne Berdino-Schoolriding.

Elena Panova - Trapez.

Sonny Frankello - African elephants.

Black warrior - African acrobatik.


Running time 2 hours and 30 min. 

Including 15 min. break.

Opening act by Robert Berousek in his acrobatic ladder entree , with lots of nice tricks. Most of them was seen before when Robert was in circus Arena last time in 1994.  Nice act, nice tempo.

Robert Berousek

Suzanne Berdino with her liberty horses. Maybe not the most difficult horse act but those animals are very young and in the future it could develop to something very nice. It feels so good to see that members of the Berdino family (Susanne is Director Benny Berdinos daughter) is back in action with her own horses. For sometimes it has become ordinari to rent fully trained animalcroups, mostly because of the costs in wintertime and other difficulties. But With a Berdino in the ring in this season I hope that the future  will bring back the old traditions where circus own most of their animals.

Bon Bon - A Danish reprice clown in international top class. Nice gags - good.

Duo Camadi - High wire act. Absolut top class. Very very thrilling. A high wire act is good if you really don't want to look. These to guys are realy hot. You just sit back in your seat and thinking "when is this going wrong" ?? Not this time !! they both went down in one piece.  

Carsten Berdino - Camels dressage. - Absolutely nothing wrong with this animal group. It is rented and trained by The Swedish Circus director Herbert Bengtsson and presented in Circus Arena by Karsten Berdino. It is still my hope that circus are going to train there own animals so we in the future can se a more individuel animalcroup. No hard feelings......It was a nice Camel act.

Diorio - Motercycle. 3 ofroader bikes in high speed. Loked up in a transperant globe,  approxly 4 meters high. There isen't mutch space. And when it goes wrong, it really goes wrong. That was exactly what happend  dato sted.   This time they were lucky but next time.......Really a thrill, build up nicely, first one bike, then two and at last three. Fantastic act.

Argentinaian devils - Folklore. My opinion .....that kind of folklore, dosent belong in a circus. It's tedious, sorry. 

Rivelinos - Musical Clowns. They are very good musicians and there opening act, with trompet music is good .But then everything goes crazy, they are beating eatch other and thats what it is. No more. I dont like them. Sorry.


School riding Suzanne Berdino with her two daughters, very very nice traditionel horse act. Keep up the good work.

Elena Panova - Trapez.

High difficulty and a nica act, but nothing new or spectulare in this preformance. Everything is seen before.

Sonny Frankellos african elephants - Very very high class. In my opinion one of best elephant acts in the world. I have seen Frankello many times and if I had to say something bad about him so it must be that the development in this act is very low. Not mutch have changed the last 5 years - not even the music. 

But everything else is fantastic. High tempo and the animals seem to like this kind of work. I like the way he treats this lovely creatures, no strees and no shouting the elephants can do the job without Frankello, no doubt about that. 

Frankello is not a bad change for last years elephants presented and trained by Kim Bennewies.

Black warrior - Folklore from Kenya.

The second folklore act in this  year 2002 program, is absolutely one to mutch. Black warrior is more entertaining than the Argentinian act and fits better into a circus performance. They were okay. 


Spectators:  1700 sold out.


Score For Arena 2002


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation



1.    Tent and seats. Seats everywhere in the tent-Not the best   sight from the rear. 

2.    Could be better. It's still difficult to hear voices clearly. I don't  know why but it's petty.

 3   Circus orchestra.- Unfortunately  the Danish musicians union got the

                   biggest clown acts in these years. They have forbidden real circus mu-

                   sicians to work in Denmark. The result is poor and I feel sorry for those 4

                   guys, who is really trying to make a acceptable sound.

4     Souveniers. - absolutely a nice selection of Souveniers. Nice posters (4 different), cups, caps, t-shirts and mutch mutch more. Very good.


Overall:  Very nice.



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