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What a tent – enormous and beautiful in style and colour. Everything is new clean and nice. Arne Berdino, the founder of circus Arena, wouldn’t have believed his own eyes if he saw Arena today. From the smallest to the biggest circus ever seen in Scandinavia. But if the soundings are great the performance had to be in the same quality to. So let us take a look at the program. In the judgement of this performance was 9 kids aged from 9 to 12 years and two adults – the Webmaster and a complete newcomer in circus. All invited by Circus Scandinavia to give their opinion on this performance- seated of cause – in Loge for the best view.

Lars Larna and Ingo Stiebner welcomes Circus Scandinavia and the kids

Stephan Coraudeau - Bmx bicycle – France

Berdino Family – Horses –Denmark

BonBon – Reprice clown – Denmark

Karl Ramwell – Juggler – Hungary

Ingo Stibner – Sealions.

Catana Troupe – Spring boards and Acrobatic – Romania.

Ciobanu – Flying trapeze – Brazil.

Los Sittos – Musical clowns – Spain.

Kosowiiks – Cossacks – Sweden.

Sonny Frankello – African Elephants – Germany.


The show was led by the Bmx bicycle artist - Stephan Coraudeau. A fantastic bike artist from France in, for circus, different discipline. Two ramps a bike and Stephan was all for a very nice start. Some of the kids votes on this guy as the best and was sure that they never would learn to threat their bikes as Stephan Coraudeau. Adult opinion was OK.

Stephan Curaudeau

Berdino Family with 12 stallions- 6 white/grey and 6 Brown. Very very nice act with Benny Berdinos daughter Susanne Berdino in charge for the training Last year the horses was newcomers – this year they are still young and improve their skills very much. Circus Arena is the only circus in Denmark, who owns a wide range of the animals in the performance and in their stables in Slagelse they have lots of horses, Zebras, Drommedarys and sealions. The drommedarys are in this season with the circus Skratt in Sweden (Circus Skratt performance is produced by Arena) and the sealions in Circus Bonbon –owned by circus Arena.

Susanne Berdino


BonBon the Danish reprise clown did the job very well. New acts and tricks for this years performance was added. And the Drum chase against the drummer in the Arena orchestra was very good and it was obviously to everybody that his background as a musician become in advantage in this performance. Kids says his funny – The adults the same.


Karl Ramwell – Juggler – Extremely fast and nice – lots of footballs in the air in one time and 7 skittles at one time did the job- The kids judge him as :Tough. Adults has the same opinion.

Karl Ramwell

Ingo Steibner and his sealions – Seen many times before in Scandinavia but it is still a very charming act. Ingo performs with two South African sea lions - Cecil and Ruby but a third animal is soon ready to take over for Ruby. It is obviously that the animals like to perform and everybody who takes a look in the stables (it is absolutely free) can see an enormous transportable swimming pool almost sized as the ones you see in a medium zoo. The kids said that the animals were charming –but not the smell. The adults says Ingo and his friend are funny.

Ingo Steibner and Ruby

Catana troupe 6 guys and 3 girls in this Romanian springboard troupe. Personaly I love those big springboard troupes and their "Hej" when they are ready to do the next trick. They do of cause the 5 man high tower - 8 meters over the ground (24 feed). Very impressive. The kids Judge: Surprised that it is possible to jump so high. Adults say: Nice act and nice tempo.


Ciobanu – Flying trapeze –with the new tent and ekstra space over the ring, there should of cause be a proper flying Trapeze act. High over the ring under the big top Ciobanu did a nice flying act. 3 men and 2 women from Brazil entertained the audience. I have seen a lot of flying trapeze acts and this one was in quality in the middle: The Kids – How dare they? And the adults say OK.


Los Sittos – Musical clowns. Last year their name was Revelinos – this year it is Los Sittos. I don’t know why they have changed their names but that’s what they did. They play wonderful music but their act is slapstick. Last year they beat each other this year they were throwing custard pie on each other. I still miss those old clowns with a good story behind but those entrées a very rare. Maybe I’m to old for those modern clowns because the kids amused themselves.

And the adults loved their music.

Kosowiiks – Cossacks – Nice with Scandinavian artists in this quality. Tempo and lots of stunts. Just as we like those acts – very good.

The Kosowiiks

BonBon – reprise clown and his second entrée. This time as a animal trainer for a oversized turtle. It is of cause remote controlled by Tiina – BonBons wife and after doing opposite what it was expected to do the turtles shield can be used as drum pads with sound as a steal band. Everything ends up in a nice concert with the orchestra and BonBon as a soloist. The kids was very positive and the same with the adults.


Sony Frankello and his 4 African Elephants ended this Arena 2003 production on a very nice way. There are still elephants acts to gain and this one is top class. It seem as the elephants have taken over and force Frankello to do acts instead of them. They do many nice tricks and they still do my favourite where the elephants dance. In my opinion Frankello is one the best elephant trainers in the world. The kids were very impressed and the adults were absolutely satisfied.

One of Sonny Frankellos 4 African elephants

Performance Time: 2 hours 25 minutes – including 20 minutes break.


There is no doubt about Arena, is that circus in Scandinavia there own the nicest material. Outside there is a great collection of very old circus cars and everything is nice and clean. Benny Berdinos business looks more and more like a museum as the German Circus Roncalli. Both outside and in the for tent where you find two very big candy stores, Candyfloss, A smaller restaurant with Bears and soft drinks a very nice souvenir store with posters, musicCD´s, pillows, 4 different cups, T-shirts, caps, toys and of cause all those irritating blinking swords in different shapes.


Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra


Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 


Overall Service

Overall presentation


Remarks to the points

The tent is perfect.

The sound is very good.

Circus Orchestra - They play ok. But it is not enough with a four man band in a international circus as Arena. I can hear they use a sequinzer to make a more comprehensive sound but it is still not enough.

The artist was OK.

Circus Souveniers yes here is all we ask for.

Toilets was nice and clean but there was no handicap facillites and it is to small to a Circus in that size.

The service was very good. In the tickets office they were very friendlyand helpful . Everybody was smiling - very nice.

The presentation was very good.