Circus Arli Primiere


Seen in Flong.

Circus Arli is a nice small family circus and they do not present a international star performance but a small performance mainly for kids. Because of that the review are made in consideration to thet fact that the show mainly, are made for children and their parents.


The program:


Alexando – Alexander Arli on ladder acrobatic. Nice act and I’m sure that Alexander will develop to a very nice artist some day. He did nice small tricks on the ladder – OK.


Mr. Mystic. – Soren Arli as a comic magician. Now I know why it is difficult to get any magic requisite from the biggest magic dealer in Denmark – Mr. Pegani, because all the tricks are bought by Soren Arli. The lota swamp – refilling it self with water, big mouth was there and a few other tricks. But anyway Soren did it well and the kids did amuse themselves – Nice.


Betina Arli – Dogs. Normally Arli don’t have animals in their performance but this year is an exception. Bettina Arli presented a few nice trained dogs. Many nice tricks and the dogs were very keen and sometimes to much. Betinna should try with a less smelling baid. Because the dogs tricker on the smell and they will relax a bit if they couldn’t smell the reward.. But it is always nice to see animals love to perform and the kids liked the dogs.


Oksana – Contorist –in ring. Every year circus Arli signs a family or two to supplie the performance. One of those "outsiders" this year was Oksana. Nothing special but not bad either.


Martin Arli – Music act. Traveling from country to country playing music from different areas on the world, Martin gave us the only live music this day. Because as so many other small circus it is mainly taped music. So Martin played live to taped music and he sounds good.


Blues Brother - parterre acrobats – Strong guys with lots of power. Push ups with partner on his back and much more- Not world class but okay.


Duo Lorenz – Adagio acrobats – Old fashion entrée – nice.

Alexander Arli – Juggler. Alexanders second entrée, this time as a juggler. Three, four and five balls and as a last trick he was throwing balls on a drum pad. – It was a new act and I’m sure that it will develop to be much better. It was an okay act but it seems a little unfinished.


Martino and Co. – Clowns – the circus Arli speciality and the kids favourites. Martin Arli as the clown Martino and his wife Bettina as the white face. They are funny and old gags mixed with a little news here and then makes a nice entrée. The kids were laughing and was very amused.


Performance took about 2 hours including 20 minutes break.


Sold out (250).


Prices from 85 to 100 Danish crowns (11 – 13 Euro).


Nice range of Souvenirs – Caps, clowns, T-shirts and a nice little souvenir program.


Seats was benches and chairs.


The sound was okay