Circus Baldoni premiere



Welcome to circus Baldoni

Picture by - Kenneth - Circus Scandinavia

Last year was circus Baldoni first season on the road and tonight there was premiere on the second. Last year there was a wide range of difficulties with bad sound and a performance there was okay but the connection between the acts wasn’t so good.

Baldoni opends the performance on horse.

Picture by Kenneth - Circus Scandinavia

If you’re going to circus to see horses and other animals it is not Circus Baldoni because Baldoni don’t have animals in their performance but if you’re are going to circus to amuse your self – Baldoni is the right place. Circus Baldoni is a small circus and cant be compared to the international circuses like Benneweis and Arena but Baldoni can be compared to it self because tonight they delivered a performance 100 times better then the 2002 season. There is a wide range of small circus in Denmark but if you want value for your money you pick Baldoni. With a new (almost) tent and a brand new gradin Circus Baldoni must be ready to receive the title – "Best buy for the money" among the small circus in Denmark and that because of the atmosphere and the new thinking.


Baldoni is not only circus it is also song and dance and that is exactly what made them different and better. No - Baldoni don’t present world star artists but they present family, entertainment, and a few nice hours with your kids.



With a little help from actor and singer Sisse Siegumfeldt (real circus princess) the performance was led with a nice song. She looks good and acts very nice and she is together with director Baldoni changing the performance nicely together.

Sisse Siegumfeldt 

Picture by circus scandinavia

The whole performance is a mix of nice artists, a ventriloquist, fakirs and a magician and the performance ends up in a nice atmosphere.

Pointed out is: Baldoni Ventriloquist with the "sealion" Sally – very good.

Baldoni Fakir Ali Bonga – Very funny.

Plopi Reprise clown he did a nice job before the


 Katya Michailova Vertical sail – thrilling and with a nice tempo.


Clown Plopi

Photo by Kenneth - Circus Scandinavia

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Telt sæder mm.


Circus Souveniers


Toiletter og sanitære forhold

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Very much was improved – the sound in the speakers was okay but the spoken word was not good enough. The singing sound was not optimal. In my opinion it could be the microphones there is the problem or maybe the speakers isn’t made for vocals.

The light was okay but there is still much there could be done.

The performance was absolutely okay, only a few weak points. In my opinion it could have been nice with some animals in the performance. Dogs, parrots, cats whatever.

The seat was new and the gradin was new. No chairs benches only but absolutely okay. Nice view from all seats – good.

Toilets was nice and clean – No Handicap facilities.

Souvenirs – Small program price 20 Dkr. (2,5 Euro) – to expensive. Posters in two sizes.

Soft drinks, beer and candy.