Circus Baldoni 2004.

René Marvin and his circus Baldoni

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

In Denmark there is a wide range of smaller circus, living in the shadow of their bigger colleges but some of them can really make a performance in a much higher class than expected. René Marvins - circus Baldoni is a small circus but the performance is absolutely great. This is Baldonis 3rd. season on the road and it seems that this animal free circus is growing. Not in size but in great ideas and absolutely new thinking – Baldoni keeps the circus traditions but challenges with new ideas and with an absolute humoristic atmosphere. This year Baldoni has signed the artists from Africa – Mombasa boys and those guys has lifted up the performance in a very nice level. There are a lot of similar acts in Europe at the moment but those guys came through too the spectators, first off all because they are great but also because of the atmosphere in a smaller circus do those acts well.

The name for the performance is " circus from the 4 corners of the world"

Bina Vainer is the new host and singer in Baldoni. It is her first time with a circus and she had to get used to this different kind of entertainment. She is a nice singer and it is clear that’s she likes her new job.

Bina Vainer - Actor, singer and dancer

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

Mortensen is the name of the new reprise clown in Baldoni changing the acts together. His real name is Sergej and it is his first year as a clown. Originally he is a very skill full acrobat and performed last year in Baldoni with a strap act called Bro brothers. His expression is very nice and his face is good but he still needs a little experience to be great. I´m sure that he will be better and better during the season.


Mortensen - reprise clown.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004

The Barbie Family is back in Baldoni for their third season in Denmark but with two brand new acts. A cascadeur act and a comic illusion act. The cascadeur act was original and funny. The illusion act was seen before but very nice done. The Norwegian people can see a similar act in Circus Merano were it is Don Christian doing the moving head.

Ernita – The youngest artist in Baldoni with only 8 years, doing a nice hoola hop act. She is very charming and she will be a great artist in the future. It is nice with young artists in circus for kids and families. Lots of kids will identify them selves with Ernita and wish they was artists. – Nice little act.

Los Gauchos did a very nice and rhythmic performance with an Argentinean folklore act. Nice, loud and precise. Lassos, drums and everything was there – Nice and very entertaining.

Los Gauchos - Folklore act


August or director René Marvin as clown. A new act and a new mask. Normally there isn’t much new in clown acts but René succeed with this new entrée. René has a nice and quiet clown with a well considered act. No slap stick humour but works smoothly into the hearts of the spectators and he has the right soul for a clown.

René Marvin as the clown August

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


Andrey – Monobike and juggler. Very skilful act with a combination of Juggling and biking. Very nice and entertaining.

Ali Bonga and Labina – Turkish stomach dance, comic fakir and illusion act. René Marvin and Bina as partners in a very funny and entertaining act. Bina is dancing and René try’s to be as stupid and funny looking as possible and he succeed. Rene´s expressions are extremely good when he try to take over the act from the good looking dancing Bina.

This third performance from Baldoni is the best of them all. The Mombasa boys from Kenya is extremely valuable for the performance and pulls Baldoni one level up in the Scandinavian circus world. Yes Circus Baldoni is small but the performance is well considered and very original and that’s exactly what makes Baldoni different from other circus in the same size. The sound and the light could be much better but for some funny reason you forget those needs under the performance.

Baldoni is a different kind of circus and you are well entertained but there is no doubt that Baldoni is best buy for the money among the smaller circus.


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