Circus Benneweis  seen - 11-4-2002

In Frederikssund (Denmark)


Diana Rhodin - 8 horses and elephants (sweden).

Clown Chicco - Reprice clown (Schweizerland).

Marina Osinskaya - Highwire. (Russia)

Willer Nicolodi - Ventriloquist. (Italy).

Yelena Larkina - Ring rotation-Hola Hoop (Russia).

Tony Alexis Family - Musical clowns. (Spain).

Duo Kalade - vertikal sail(Russia).

Biasinis Dogshow. - Amusing dogshow. (Italy).

Duo Passion -(Russia).

Seven Priz - Comic sprongboard artist (Russia).

Kris Kremo - Juggler.

Show-time 2 hours and 10 min. including 15 min. Break.

The show was first led off by Diana Rhodin, the well-known Swedish artist who performed a traditional, elegant liberty horse act without using the most sensational tricks.

2nd entree was Seven Pritz. A new way to perform a spring-board number - Most entertaining, full of tempo and certainly amusing. The firemen are very naughty and the firemajor are trying to get them organized. Most of the tricks reminded me of a slap stick scene. It was well-done. Moreover, it showes an amusing, artistic springboard number. The whole thing fell right into the director Diana Benneweis' motto for the season 2002 "Lion Roars and Hysterical laughter".

Clown Chico, the Russian reprice-clown has many funny ideas, esp. the number with his little dog dressed as a lion, realy well-done.

Mariana Osinskaya on high wire,  Without a doubt, it is highly difficult but unfortunately it is not at all thrilling. Possibly the ballet on the high wire has many admires world wide but if you ask's borring.

Willer Nicolodi - an Italien ventriloquist in the the top class. Under normal circumstances ventrioquists can have difficulty in following the circus' condition. Futher- more, Benneweis' sound system is not among the best in the world. But Willer Nicolodi did it. He started a bit slow with his comic bird and afterwards came the lively and naughty dog. It is so amazing that he can synchronize its mouth into his voice. But perhaps there is something about what the dog says: "You are squeezing my balls". The number ends with three of the audiences entering the ring, they should  open their mouth when Willer presses their hands. Afterwards , Willer makes the voice according to their mouth's movements which can be very funny. An excellent act.

Yelena Larkina - Hula hoop rings. -At the moment, hola hoop rings is regarded as mordern. Most of the circus, in almost all over the world has such a number on the programme. It speaks for itself, that they can not all be that good. It can appear to be too similar.  But Yelena Larkina from Russia has just what others do not have, - she has style. - She is incredibly elegant and you can not help being amazed.  She has certainly become my favourite within this dicipline. She has absolutely the same level as the world known "Denise Randol", which Benneweis had in the programme in season 2000.

Denise Randol - Yelena Larkina is on the same level.

Tony Alexis family - Musical Clowns. They should have two entries,  They had just one but it does not really matter to me.  When I see such number, I really miss some of Benneweis' good old clowns like Chabris and the Chicky's. With Tony Alexis, it is clearly that they are from the younger generation, so they can perhaps still make it ??  It is so obvious that the children in the tent thought it was highly amusing.  So I can ask myself ,    Who is circus for ??

Duo Kalade - Comic vertical sail - It appears to be the filling number.  It is basically just a dog biting in a string. It looks funny but thats all.

Biasinis dog show - Comic dog number.  Lots of different races.  The dogs seem funny aŽnd this act is quite okay!  It is certainly a traditionel "tricky" dog act.

Duo Passion - Extremely elegant. The two Russians get tied up in a vertical sail on all possible and inpossible ways. Really beautiful and the recorded music fit in perfectly into the act. It was amreal good experience. Once in a while, there are circus acts witch fit in better than others. Such act makes me want to see it again in some other time. The entry of duo Passion is one of them.

Kris Kremo - Super juggler, certainly among the best in the world, ended the show here. It is to obvious that Kris Kremo is the best.

Summary of the performance:


A very good performance with very nice act's. Absolutely no spectaculere, but good intertaiment. 

Spectators: nearly sold out. (1400).

Score for Benneweis 2002

Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation



               1. Nice tent. Seats only (good). Exelent wiew from nearly all seats.

               2. Sound in tent. Could be better. It is difficult to hear some of the words

                   from the Clowns and others.

               3. Circus orchestra.- Unfortunately  the Danish musicians union got the

                   biggest clown acts in these years. They have forbidden real circus mu-

                   sians to work in Denmark. The result is poor and I feel sorry for those 4

                   guys, who is really trying to make a acceptable sound.

               4. Artist quality  - Very high.

               5. Souvenir - Come on Bennewies, we need cups, t-shirts and other circus

                      related stuff. 3 different posters and a Souvenir(nice) program is not en-

                   ough and lets us throw out these awful Chineese  manfactured toys.

               6. Toilets was nice and clean. There was warter and soap.

               7. Overall Service - OK! It was a little  bit difficult to buy the posters and

                   the  will to find 3 different wasn't the greatest I have seen.

               8. Overall Presentation - Good-It was a very nice evening. I was very well

                   intertaint and I look forward to see the performence again in the autum.





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