Circus Benneweis review 2004

The oldest circus in Denmark – Circus Benneweis opened their summer tour with a nice range of international top artists. The premiere was in Hillerod outside Copenhagen in Denmark. Benneweis has a nice reputation in Europe and the performance from this circus is normally in the higher end of the quality scale. Benneweis are well known, the last years, for trying to make a different performance. A few years ago it was the "Classic and New wave" performance with lot of young and experimental artists. The year after it was the " Super girls" performance with female artists only. Both performances were very entertaining and well considered.

This 2004 performance was announced as a quality performance and called Startime 2004

The performance was led by the reprise clown "Francesco" He has been in Benneweis before in 1995 and 1996 but are now back in Denmark after a tour in USA with Circus Big Apple. Francesco is a very nice clown with lots of new and old gags for this season.

Duo Minasov did a exceptional nice cloth changing act. It is very popolar with those acts but lots of them are in a pure quality. That wasn’t the case here because they did a very nice entrée. Originally this kind of acts was started by the Russian couple "Sudarcikowis" (Benneweis in 1996 and Maximum 1997) and at that time a really sensation. Later they made a very expensive book were they released all their secrets and the year after they were copied hundreds of times. There were moments in Duo Minasovs entrée where you could see, that the ideas came from Sudarcikowis but it was very nice done.

Sergey Prostetsov also known as Mr. Dalmatine (Circus Arnardo 2003 and Circus Maximum 2002) did the charming pony and dog show. Sometimes I have been wondering why he calls himself Mr. Dalmatine because most of the dogs are not dalmatines but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the act. It is very funny and entertaining and the best part is when he plays the Deep Purple tune "smoke on the water" on air guitar together with one of the ponnies.

Victor Minasov – man inside balloon act. The second half of Duo Minasov did a borring man in a balloon act. Yes there were funny situations but in my opinion this act didn´t belong in a quality circus.

Evegeni Shmarlovskiy and his very famous animal illusion act last seen in Benneweis in 1997 where he called himself Chmarlowski. It is a very different act and with a very surprising ending where his coat suddenly is made of living animals. When you see this act for the first time is extremely surprising but second time it is nothing special. Okay most people cant remember 7 years back so it was okay to see him again.

Maxim Popazov. Handstand and acrobat. Nice and poetic act and I´m sure that the level is high in this entrée but maybe a little borring.

Amando Renz – Indian Elephants. The German Amando Rent was here in Benneweis performing for the first time outside Germany. He did a traditional elephant act in a n okay quality.

Alan Sulc – Juggler from Praha. Alan is one of the attractions in this Benneweis performance did a very nice juggling act. Last year where he performed in Circus Merano – Norway -where he was very young. Now he is one year older and the same is his act and thats suits the entrée very well.

Los Quiros – High vire act. This years thrill was Los Quiros and they succed. Very thrilling and entertaining. They did all the nice tricks, biking, jumping and all you need. Those acts are good if you don’t want to look and that’s is absolutely the case here.

The performance is in a very nice level but it was far too short. Only 2 hours including a 20 min break. Francesco is a nice reprise clown but he was in the ring for more than 25 min and that is too much. But anyway, the last remaining hour left for the other artists was entertaining.


Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 

Overall Service


Overall presentation




Seats every where and a nice sight from almost all places.

The sound is nice.

Circus Orchestra is a little thin but plays okay. A little modern sound would be nice.

Nice artists in an international top class but there are not many entrees and there cant be a full score for a 3/4 performance

Circus Souviniers - Nice and new poster, nice program but there are still a lot of those irritating chineese blinkers.

Nice toilets, clean and with a handicap facilities as well - very nice.

Very nice service. Circus scandinavia asked for a better seat a few minnutes before the start of the show. There was no problems at all and we were moved to a far better seat. Thank you.

Yes there was a presentation of the acts but it was borring and with no feeling at all