Benneweis 2003


April 3th..

seen in Hillerod


Congratulations to Benneweis. what a performance, Extremely amusing and very very entertaining. Almost no weak spots make this Star time 2003 circus production to a unique performance. But okay the world star clown - the Italian - Fumagalli makes a great work and tie the whole performance together – ohh I was really amused.

The Program:


Before the program starts Fumagalli is already outside to make fun with the spectators


Fumagalli as a conductor.

Menestrelli - Dogs

Tyrana and Ronald Spinlder – Camels

Urnov Dzen – Trapeze.

Glen Nicolodi – Handstand with dog.

Fumagalli and Darix.

Novikov Troupe – Rech.

Steven Pedersen – Sea lions and penquins.

Double face – Diablo.

Roland Spindler – African elephants

Fumagalli and Darix

Urunov Dzen – School riding and dogcart.


Fumagally led the show as a conducter-Very funny lots of jokes.


Menestrelli – Like a ballet and a pantomime theatre they are playing with those wonderful dogs through their show, very artistic. It is fantastic to see those dogs play themselves through the act. No shouting just nice and smooth. Good to see a dog act made a little different than the traditional way.

Menestrelli - Dogs

Tyrana and Ronald Spindder – Camel act. Normally they can’t do much those funny fellows and normally they are slow. But these camels were running very fast and the act was like a horse entrée. Very good.

Spindler Camel

Urnov Dzen – Double trapeze – the evenings thrill. They did the salto, the spin and everything you need – Ok.

Urnov Dzen

Glen Nicolodi – Handstand – Extremely high level. Glen is working up and down the stairs not on two hands but on one - and after that his dog do the same. No doubt –it is difficult and it is impressing.


Fumagalli and Darix – in a comic cascadeur entrée. After a lot of comic situations the two guys succeeds with their act. Fumagalli uses very often spectators in his act. So if you don’t like to be involved please choose one of the seats in the rear.


Novikov Troupe –Rech artists. As usual very strong and powerful. One of the guys – Oleg Borisovich was a member of the Russian Olympic gymnastic team in 1988 and other guys in the team, are titled "Masters of Sport" an official Russian title. Now they are circus Artists and make a fantastic entrée. The rech are reconstructed under the performance and never seen before.


Steven Pedersens Sea lions and penguins. Charming act but sea lions can’t do so much and sea lion acts becomes very similar to each other. Because of that it is up to the trainer to put the soul in the performance and Mr. Pedersen did that. He asked to kids to help him with throwing rings to the sea lions but first one of the animals had to give the kids a kiss. And what a kiss – yummy. The act included furthermore two penguins but the they didn’t do much else than a ride on the slide.

Steven Pedersen - Sealions

Double face – Diablo. Maybe the weakest act in this performance. It was very artistic build up –Two lovers - and there was a story in the act. A little slow and it is maybe unknown to the spectators how difficult Diablo is to perform. They tried at to play with four Diablo’s at one time but they failed two times. But anyway they were young and charming.


Roland Spindler – African elephants Nice entrée 3 African elephants do the job. Very high tempo – Nice and smooth.

Spindlers African Elephants

Fumagalli and Darix – The little bee give me honey entrée. Seen thousand times with different Clowns but the Fumagalli version is above all. This entrée made him world famous when he was working with the German super Circus - Roncalli and this act was a draw in many years. A few years ago Gianni – his real name – started up his own circus but for some reason it wasn’t a commercial success. For more information see article about Fumagalli here.

Fumagalli is a success because he amuses people in all ages, not only kids or adults and because of that he must be a draw for any circus.


Urunov Dzen – School riding and dogcart. – No circus without horses but this performance offered only two horses. High school riding and dogcart. Very graceful with two greyhound dogs.



Running time: 2 hours and 15 minutes – including 15 minutes break.


Prices from: 100 to 170 Danish Crowns (13 – 22 Euro).


Very nice Souvenir program 20 pages – 25 Danish Crowns (3,50 Euro).



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation





Nice tent. Seats only (good). Excellent view from nearly all seats

Sound in tent was much better than last year.

Circus Orchestra was a 5-man band. They were absolutely oakay.

Artist quality was very high. Almost no weak spots. Very high tempo through the performance. We missed a old fashion horse entrée.

Circus souveniers – A very nice souvenir program- caps with Benneweis logo – 3 different posters and those irritating light.

Toilets –extremely clean – couldn’t even find a spot. Handicap facilities

Service was nice.

It would be nice with a ringmaster. It was okay this year because Fumagalli was entertaining between the acts but normally it would be nice be informed about the artists.


I was very entertained this evening and look forward to se this performance again very soon.