Circus BonBon

A little outside Copenhagen, there is a amusement park called " Bon Bon land" in this park there is a circus called Circus BonBon. They are not playing a full performance but a 45 min. show. Normally it’s a Swedish circus called Circus Skratt owned by the Danish Circus Arena – confused ? of cause…In to month, late June to 11 August, this circus performs in BonBon land.

Normally those circuses in amusement parks are in a low quality but this is not the case here because Mr. Benny Berdino, the director, succeed with this small circus production.


The program opens with the traditional circus parade – very nice.


First act is, for me, an unknown horse dressage with 6 Arabian horses. It’s very nice and in a absolute fair quality.


Alexander and Duddar – two Russian Clowns was next. They was funny with the normal Russian clown traditions.


Four acrobats from Lethland - two adults and two kids, showed us a very nice and entertaining performance – not on the highest level but nice.


And now ladies and gentlemen the days best act Mr. Chap. Crazy and funny. He was only talking through his whistle – seen before but highly entertaining. Building up a boxing ring with four from the audience as corners and the ropes made by Gaffa tape. Very very funny.


Alexander and Duddar was in the spotlight again, with new gags.


Under the big top the days thrill – a Russian girl in swinging trapeze. OK.

the circus parade through the park.

The last act was 6 Siberian dromedary. I have never seen a dromedary act before, only camels but they did I well like their two hunchbacked brothers.


35 min with no break. Spectators 1000.

There was no program or any other souvenir for sale.

Score for BonBon

Tent and seats

Sound in tent

Circus orchestra




Circus Souveniers






Overall service



Overall presentation


Seats in the tent was absolutely alright, there was chairs everywhere. There is a nice view.

The sound in the tent was very very nice.

circus orchestra was a mix between tape and a drummer it was allright.

The toilets belongs to the amusementpark and was very clean with hot warter and soap.