Circus BonBon

Seen June 24th -2003 in HolmeOlstrup


Circus BonBon is a part of Circus Arena and they are every year making an higly international performance. Circus BonBon is not travelling from June 14th until August 10th. Because here they are a part of BonBon land an amusment park a little outside Copenhagen. Before and after the season in BonBon land the circus change name to Circus Skratt (Laughter) and travelling around in Sweden mostly making bought performances.


Circus BonBon is making an 50 minutes performance twice a day.


The performance is Led by Ringmaster Lars Larna with a song.


Frist act was Diorio - 4 Brazilian daredevils in their globe of death. They were with circus arena in the 2002 season and now in circus BonBon. Two of the riders were new guys. Diorio makes a fantastic visual and dangerous act, at last with 3 motorbikes in the globe at one time. In a fantastic speed the 3 bikes runs around in the inside of the globe. Only a small mistake and all the riders will go. Very thrilling and nice.

Diorio - Photo by Circus Scandianvia

Nadia Kroplin from the great Frankello circus family was the chief in this new act. 6 wonderfull Friser horses bought this winter in Holland by circus Arena, did a nice job. At the moment there is only 5 horses because of disease. The horses are new and it was easy to see that they need a few more years to be a top class act. Wonderfull horses trained by Nadia did make a nice impression but the level wasn’t too high.

Nadia Kroplin in charge for the animals in circus Skratt and BonBon

Picture by Circus Scandianvia (C).

Trio Kolobov – 3 Russian clowns with lot of reprise entrees. They are very nice maybe not extremely funny but absolutely okay.

      One third of Trio Kolobov

           Picture by Circus Scandinavia. (C).

Tamara – Trapeze was very nice. High tempo and very entertaining. Lots of power in the act and she got a nice charisma. Lots of swing with nice and dangerous passages.

Tamara - pics by circus scandinavia

Orlando – Rola Rola act. Lots of Scandinavian circus has Rola Rola on the program this year and almost every time I see those acts I´m very impressed. All the Rola Rola artists has put in their own personalities in their act. Because of that it  is rarely borring to see those acts and Mr. Orlando was no exception. Lot of it was seen before but the final act was nice. Orlando stands on 7 rolls and nice smooth and easy he turns himself 360 degrees around . Very nice.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia

Nadia Kroplins second entrée was with Arenas 6 Drommedarys. It is the second year those 7 years old Drommedarys are in Circus BonBon. They were trained by Novak Delsbosq the first 6 years and bought by circus Arena last year. Now they are trained by Nadia Kroplin. Nice act but a little bit slow but anyway they did their job.

Nadia Kroplin with Circus Arenas Drommedarys

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Enea Weber from Italy made a nice plate entree of the old kind type. Lots of plates spinning on the end of the sticks. A new feature was that Mr. Weber had go down in the basement to pick up new plates and went behind a wall and it really seems like he was going downstairs. Very funny and a nice tempo.

Enea Weber - Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

9 Oprescu – Very very nice springboard act. They were 8 but their name was 9 Oprescu ? All the great variations was there indcluding a 5 man high Jump. 2 very small ladies made it possible to fly higher than normal. Personaly I love those springboard acts, they have always a nice tempo and still a touch of the old traditions from Bulgaria and Romania. Nice.

Running time 55 minnutes. Without any break.


Overall presentation was very nice and the Ring master Lars Larna did a very nice job he is really able to get the right circus Atmosphere

Overall presentation was very nice and the Ring master – Lars Larna was able to get the right circus atmosphere. We have to remember that most of the spectators was in BonBon land for many other reasons and not directly here for a circus performance. There is no doubt that the performance in BonBon land is absolutely the best circus entertainment I have ever seen in a amusement park, normally circus shows in similar parks are poor or made directly for kids.


Not all the acts was world class but some of them was and that’s is more than I would have expected in a Amusement park. So please if You are near BonBonland in Denmark there is a great possibility to be entertained in more than one way

Lots of pictures in a few days