Review-seen in Vedbæk 27-8-02


Orchestra! Orchestra that what the audience should shout after this performance. It’s an absolute shame that a nice circus performance should be almost ruined because of a horrible sound. Please Mr. Enoch we love your nice circus but couldn’t you afford just a tiny little orchestra. I know that world famous circus like Krone in Germany doesn’t use orchestra either but their sound system is enormous and the sound effects are worth a study from any music festival. So please consider it for the next season it would increase the score very much for Circus Dannebrog.

The Program:

It should have been Haddy Enoch but it wasn’t - Horse act with 4 big and 4 small horses.

Katja Enoch – Music,step and magic.

Gavin Steven – Parrots dressage.

Kubus – Jugglers using different objects.

Isabella Enoch – Comic trapeze.

Miss Silva – Antipode.

Bogatyrov – dogs Dressage.

Marianis – Musical clowns.


House Ballet

Gavin Stevens – Cat dressage.

The Haddies – Bicycle.

Leoronora – Kautschuk act.

Cassellys – Elephant dressage.

Moisseeva – Russian barre.

Kaselowskys – Camel dressage


2 hours and 20 min. including a 15 min. break.



Opening by director Haddy Enoch but this year he was not included in his own act. A young guy was in charge for this nice little horse act. 4 big horses and 4 small horses nice and charming, especially when the pony was running under the horses..


Katja Enoch (daughter) was playing saxophone and showing up a little fast close changing. It would have been much better if Katja got a band to play with.


Gavin Stevens parrots - we have seen them before those noisy feathers. It’s a charming act but nothing new.


Kubus – a couple of girls and boys juggling with absolute strange objects as metal frames, metal cubes etc. Nice and new act with an ok. Effect, especially with the colored spots on the metal. Nice.


Isabella Enoch Trapeze act. Was this year made as a comic act. Isabella plays one from the audience ending up swinging in the trapeze. It was funny and entertaining. It was at the same time, the evenings thrill - ok.


Miss Silva – Antipode. She wasn’t bad but she wasn’t fantastic either. Everything was seen before so there was no surprises.

Miss Silvia


Bogatyrov – Dogs, lots of dogs. Many races – Puddles, Dalmatines (4) and others high tempo and highly entertaining. Lots of fun and gags as we like those dogs acts.



Marianis – Clowns. Best clowns in Scandinavian circus this year. Highly amusing good story and feeling through the act. They did the old entrée "The boxing machine" and they did it very well. Not with extreme violence as we see in many clown troops today but well organized slapstick humor. Very very good.

Marianis clowns

Gavin Stevens Cat entrée. Was led by human dancing cats. Later it was the real cats doing different stunts. Jumping through fire, long jumps, climbing and last a cat in a swing. Wasn’t thrilling at all but maybe in a high level.


The Haddies – Bicycle act by the circus Dannebrog family. All members by the family were included except director Haddy Enoch and wife. The entrée is original made by Haddy Enoch and his wife Solveig Enoch and now taken over by his son and Grand child. This year expanded by Isabella, Katja and their sons. Especially Jimmi Enoch is going to be better and better. It is a very nice act, with tempo and feeling. Very good.


Leonora – Kautschuk was a very confusing act, because it was mixed up with a lot of others activities in the ring at the same time. What I saw was nice. Every time there is a Kautschuk act I always think, " That’s a lie". The same happened this time so it must have been good.


Casselys Elephant. The written program says" Casselys elephants" but there is only one. It’s a girl and her name is Rambo ???? I don’t like Elephants working alone in circus. Elephants are herd animals and should at least be together one sister. But the act are very nice and entertaining. The Elephant are very charming and she seems to have fun. Rambo refused to do the last trick and Kasalowsky, the trainer didn’t try to force the elephant and finished the act. Very nice.

Moisseeva-Russian Barre – The evening’s absolute top entrée. Very very high level and entertaining.


Kaselowskys Camels. Almost all circus I have visit this year got a Camel act. Camels can’t do much. Maybe they are stupid I don’t know. They can’t jump and they can’t stand on two legs. It will be the day, when a trainer shows the first camel that can do two tricks in the ring. Those camels in "Dannebrog" could exactly the same as all the others circus camels around the world.


Spectators 250 (1000)

Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra




Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 




Overall Service


Overall presentation



The seats was absolutely OK. Only chairs .

When you choose to have taped music in circus instead of a circus orchestra, the sound quality should be absolutely first class. But it was absolutely not the case. The sound was far to low and I couldn’t hear the bas. The sound came from the back and it should come from the middle (more speakers). Music is a part of a circus experience like the artists are, but the whole thing is worth nothing if one of the parts doesn’t work properly. People like to pay for quality so please give them a circus orchestra.

Circus souveniers. Not much a souvenir program (Nice) and a T-shirt.

Toilets……… please there are still a few in this world who do remember to wash their hands but it was not possible here because there was no soap at all and no hot water either. The toilets was not been cleaned for weeks and the smell………

Overall service was okay. On request I got a nice poster for free. Thank you.

Overall presentation was Okay.