Circus Dannebrog

Seen in Copenhagen September 7th. 2003.





Last year I was a little after Dannebrog because of their bad sound and their tape music. Lots of people told me that it was better in this season so I was really looking forward to this 2003 performance. Lots of nice artists in this year’s production should make a nice level for Dannebrog.


But again the sound was awful, it was to low, there was absolutely no bass in the speakers and in my opinion it is embarrassing for the spectators and the artists as well. If you choose not to use live bands in a circus as, Krone, Errani, Americano, you have to invest in a proper sound system. Dannebrog does have a very nice light system and it must have cost a great deal of money – So tell me why everything shall be spoiled by an absolute amateur sound ?


Okay that was all the bad things about Dannebrog, because the performance was nice, the light was very nice and the show was well considered with lots of new thinking and you could fell that there was used a great deal of time to make a history in the performance..


The show was led by the Dannebrog ballet in nice colourful clothes but again the sound was all to weak but the visual attitude was good.


Dascal troupe from Moldavia did a skipping act. 9 people skipping in any possible way. The best was when they were skipping 3 men high – very powerful. They were in Circus Olympia (Sweden) last year and this year in Dannebrog – OK.

Nadja Dascal

Irina and Jury Kosincev Russian reprise and entrée clowns was next. Lots of nice gags – funny and typical for the Russian clown tradition. Lots of other skills than being funny are normal for those traditions coming from Russia and they are good. Those days for the traditional European clowns are counted and we had to get used to the different kind of tradition coming from Russia. They are well educated and do the job. Nice.

    Irina and Jury

Picture by Circus Scandinavia

Miss Martina. Germany was announced in the program as a handstand artist. She did a hoola hoop act instead. Lots of hoola hoops acts in circus these years and this one was okay. She was charming and made a nice impression. OK.


Irinich Doinitza – Dog act. Lots of puddles performed by the very small lady from Ukraine. Charming dogs did all the nice and funny stuff we all like.

Irinich Doinitza

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Isabella Enoch – The evening’s thrill was a new act by the trapeze star from the Enoch family. Last year she made a funny trapeze act, this year it was in a rotating trapeze. Nice, different and very visual.


Freddy Antony – Yes here comes the music with this crazy guy playing on honk horns. Everything from Bach to Little Richard. Very funny and different and for the first time under the performance you could hear the audience. Really nice.

Freddy Anthony

Picture by Circus Scandinavia

The Haddies Jr. Family bicycle are heritage from Haddy Enoch – Director for Dannebrog. Now it is 3 grandchild’s taken over. The Son – Dennie wasn’t in the act this year but it doesn’t matter because it was better than last year. Dennies son did  it alone with his two cousins and they were good.

3 Haddies.

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C)

Katja Enoch with horses. Nothing new in this act and it seems that the horse act had to be over so fast as possible. It was a much better act when director Haddie Enoch was in charge for the horses.


Katja Enoch with horses

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Bernhard Casselys Elephant – Rambo is a nice Elephant and has been in Dannebrog for a couple of years now. It’s a nice act normally performed by Bernhard Casselly. This year it was a little different because Cassellys daughter has taken over a part of the performance. Rambo has a nice tempo and seems to enjoy performing. There is one more elephant in the stables but she isn’t in the performance.


Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Camels – Performed by Bernhard Casselly. Lots of camels did a different performance than normal because the act went smoothly over in a tissue entrée. 3 girls, riding on the back of the camels was hoist from the camels were they did a nice act. – a nice way to perform the camels – Nice.


Vicky and Hans Pedersen – With their nice sea lions. His brother Steven Pedersen is on tour with circus Benneweis – Hans with Dannebrog. Nice traditional sea lion act including penguins. OK.


Liubas – Last year they called themselves Moldavia troupe – this year they call themselves Liubas and similar to Troupe Dascal. Acrobats in a nice top class doing some difficult tricks – nice and charming act.


Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra




Artist Quality


Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 


Overall Service


Overall presentation



The seats was absolutely OK. Only chairs .

When you choose to have taped music in circus instead of a circus orchestra, the sound quality should be absolutely first class. But it was absolutely not the case. The sound was far to low and I couldn’t hear the bas. The sound came from the back and it should come from the middle (more speakers). Music is a part of a circus experience like the artists are, but the whole thing is worth nothing if one of the parts doesn’t work properly. People like to pay for quality so please give them a circus orchestra.

Circus souveniers. Much better than last year , cups, program, book T-shirt and a poster - Nice

Toilets……… Better than last year - Good.

Overall service was okay.  Smiling and friendly people everywhere

 Circus Dannebrog don't take any cards for payment not even the Danish dan card. Please Dannebrog we are in 2003.

Overall presentation was Okay.