Circo Di Praga


Reviewed by Kenneth Severinsen

Circus Scandinavia

Circo di Praga.

Seen in Giaggo – Italy July 10th.

Circo di Praga is a medium size circus with room for 1500 spectators. It is a very nice circus with nice trucks and a fine and clean red/white tent. The stables are very nice and clean and there is nice room for the tigers. Chairs on the expensive places and benches on the cheaper places. As in the many other Italian circus there was no souvenir programs and so far that I know it is only the great Circus Moira Orfei that has a printed 2003 program for sale. It wasn’t possible to buy any circus souvenir in Di Praga but that seems to bee normal praxis in Italian Circus.

The standard in Di Praga dosent reach the three big guys in Italian Circus (Errani, Moria Orfei and Togni) The artist standard is low but fair and there were no breath taking acts of any kind.

I will mention some of the acts

Lady Anna led the show, with six horses in different brown colours. The act was okay but absolutely nothing special.

Lady Anna

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

The reprise clown did an illusion act in a nice and fair quality. There was a lot of humour in the act and it was nice and at the same time he was funny. The illusions were absolutely okay with a few nice surprises. His attitude every time he was putting in one more of the iron knifes to chuck up his assistant was very nice. In some way he reminded me of Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the Batman movie. – NICE.

Clown Banana

Picture by Circus Scandinavia(C).

The Russian juggler did an okay job but absolutely nothing more.

3 sibirian tigers one with tail and two without did a very short entrée, where one of them did nothing. They were there and that’s all.

Two sea lions did a very nice entrée with a lot of humour. The animal were funny and was playing on trumpet and did a wide range of funny sea lion stuff as clapping and doing tricks by themselves. The trainer was nice to the animals and was working on a very positive atmosphere. Nice entrée.

Di Praga sea lions

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

On the outside is Circus Di Praga a very nice circus – everything is nice and clean. The performance wasn’t in a standard worth the money and their toilets were so dirty that I wouldn’t use them. There was no soap and no paper to dry your hands. There was some okay acts the clown, sea lions, horses, camels and a few okay moments but that’s all

There was no Orchestra, only taped music and the sound wasn’t good enough.

Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra




Artist Quality



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Toilets and other 




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Overall presentation