Circus Errani

  Seen in Bibione - Italy

                 July 4th


Circus Errani

Seen in Bibione July the 4th. – Italy


Circus Errani is a family circus and most of the artists are family members. Normally those circuses are boring, because family can’t be perfect to every thing. This is not the case here because Circus Errani was maybe the greatest surprise on my circus trip to Italy. On the poster from Errani is written "The circus the world are talking about" that is not the truth because most people in Scandinavia have heard about the Togni family and especially circus Americano but it is very rare that they have heard about Errani. That’s a shame because Errani is big nice and they have a very strong program.


The opening of the show was build up as a fairytale –101 Dalmatines – with horses dogs and some very nice artists from the whole company. The story was told by the ringmaster Dario Marsico

101 Dalmatines

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Next was a horse act – performed by the animal trainer Ricardo Errani. The horses were in mixed colours witch didn’t looked so well but the skill of the act was in a very high quality. It is the first time I have seen a horse act that could be compared to my favourite horse trainer Mr. Herbert Bengtsson in Circus Olympia – Sweden.

Ricardo Errani

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Duo Bassan – two absolute funny clowns were both reprise and entrée clowns. They were very noisy but extremely funny. I couldn’t understand the words but in this case it wasn’t necessary. Some new stunts and some stolen ideas but that’s okay. The best part was when they were shooting each other but in slow motion. In the end of the act they demonstrated that they could play music too. Very very good.

Duo Bassan

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Piscilla Errani did a nice hoola hoop entrée. An act that is very trendy in circus these years – OK.

Piscilla Errani

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C).

Antipode on motorbike performed by Zeudi Errani in a very high level. Beautiful act with a beautiful woman.

Zeudi Errani

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Sabrina Errani was next with a very special hand balance act. Two dancers beside a special build machine hoist the young lady almost to the roof, when she was balancing in every possible way. Very special act, witch I never have seen before. Good.

Sabrina Errani

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Two artists of tomorrow – Wioris and Elvis Errani did a nice Cascadeur. So the next generation is secured in the Errani family. They are young but there is no doubt, that they will be famous some day.

Wioris and Elvis Errani

Photo by Nick.

Ikarian games by Maycot and Guido Errani maybe the best act in the performance. I have never seen such quality before. Extremely difficult but very very smooth. I´m absolutely sure that those two guys are going to be very very famous in the circus world around Europe. What they did was almost impossible.


After the break it was time for the tigers performed by Richardo Errani – Nice act but nothing special. Jumping over each other and all the normal stunts – OK.


The rest of the performance was build over the fairy tale "The Jungle book" and here it was time to show of all the animals there are in Errani. Giraffe, Zebras, elephants, Ostrichs, camels and much much more. A fantastic finale in a very high tempo.


Performing time: 2 and a half hours.


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra





Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers





Toilets and other 



Overall Service


Overall presentation


Tents and seats was OK. but nothing special. Nice view from all seats.

The sound in the tent was good. Spoken words went clearly out in the speakers

No circus Orchestra only CD music and sound effects. The musuc was well adapted to the acts.

Artist quality was international top class.

No circus souvenirs at all.

Toilets was dirty.

Overall service was okay but a little difficult to cominicate because there was no english or german spoken people at all. But we could smile to each other.

Presentation of the program was very well

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