Seen in bad Seegeberg (50 km. north of Hamburg).



Welcome to Krone

They say, that they are the biggest circus in Europe and that is the true. And what a circus – Fantastic absolutely no B entrees only first class acts form the beginning to the end . Absolutely stunning , charming and entertaining – and a capacity for 5000 thousand spectators that’s circus Krone. Circus always compare eatch other on the amount of seats in the tent and not how many tickets they sell so –here is the winner circus Krone – circus for millions.





Mario Berousek – Fast speed juggler.

Jimmi Folco – Reprise Clown.

Silvia Schickler – Horse training in dogcart.

Sergejev – Russian bare .

Chickys – Clowns.

Janna Mandana – Elephants training.

Jimmi Folco – Reprise clown.

Trio Castilla – High wire.

Christel Sembach Krone – Horse Training


15 min. break


Martin Lacey Jr. – Lions training.

Jimmy Folco – Reprise clown.

Duo Manducas – Acrobats.

Jana Mandana – Exotic animals.

Troupe Triston – Russian kosak riding.

Borzovi – Air acrobatic.





The Show was starting up with a turbulent start, witch means a lot of people in the ring. Lots of dancers from the Krone Ballet, over dimensioned figures and of cause mr. Folco, the reprise clown, making a lot of fun. Promising start.



Second entrée was the well known fast speed juggler Mario Berousek . - He is really fast, maybe the fastest in the world and he was rewarded in the circus festival in Monaco a few years ago. In my opinion it isn’t the big kick and there is nothing in it besides it is fast. A few years ago he was with the rest of his family but they seemed to split up, because his brother, Robert, are performing in the Danish circus Arena this year. My opinion is, that they were better together. But no doubt Mario is good also when his alone.


Jimmmy Folco this year Krone reprise clown and he is doing the job - chaining the show together - on a nice way. He was in the ring a lot of times and when he wasn’t it was the Krone Ballet.


Silvia Schickler – School riding in horse cart Maybe there is people in this world there do like this kind of entertaining but I’m not one of them. Sorry but it’s boring .


Sergejev – The first Russian entree this afternoon and of cause it was, the Russian bare. What a thrill, very very nice, with the 3 double salto – of cause, and a perfectionism rarely seen. Nice chorographic almost like a ballet. Very good.


The Chickys or Die Chickys as they are called in Germany- Those 2 clowns are some of the last, traditional European clowns left. Their act hasn’t change much since I saw them last time a few years back. But they are good and very amusing. This time they did the mirror entrée. If you want to read more about the Chickys –Please read the profile of the month from June.



Janna Mandana is back in circus Krone as the head coach for the animals. 6 Elephants in this entrée – 3 African and 3 Indian. They did it all, the best I have seen for a long long time. High tempo with a lot of tricks. Fantastic.

Trio Castilla was not 3 but 4. I don’t know why but it didn’t make the act worse. Again a fantastic entrée of those 3 guys and 1 woman on the high wire.- And it was high 12 metres over the ground without any security than a over dimensioned air back. It is very thrilling if you don’t like to look and half of the spectators are looking in other directions. That is exactly what Trio Castilla did . All the impossible high wire stunts was here, Jumping over each other, sjiiping and much more. Again very good.


Christel Sembach Krone - The boss was in the ring with Krones horses. Not six or eight, no. In circus Krone is everything bigger and that’s includes the horse act to. I stopped counting the horses early in the entrée. Represented was all kind of horses with no exceptions from the biggest to the smallest. Good.



15 minutes break.


Martin Lacey Jr – If you like, wild animals in circus or not, Martin Lacey Jr. are good. With his only 23 years he seems like a very experienced trainer. 8 wild lions in the cave at one time. A lot of noise from the animals makes the thrill. Martin is a price winner from the circus festival in Monaco 2000. Good.


Duo Manducas – Acrobats in the old fashion type. Nice and easy they build up their humorous act with a lot of muscle power. Push-ups on one hand and up to a one hand –hand stand. And sometimes they did push-ups with the partner on the back. Fantastic.

Jana Mandana – And Krones exotic animals – A giraffe But it did nothing besides working around in the ring. Then there was Camels, zebras and other animals. It was nice and neat but absolutely seen before.


Troupe Triston – Russian super riders in a furies tempo. Picking up scarfs from the ground. Hanging from the horse, climbing over and under, jumping on and off. Nice horses, nice act, seen before but Troupe Triston was a little bit better.


Borzovi – The absolut best entrée this afternoon. It is impossible to describe in words but a mix of flying trapeze, the Russian bare, ballet and in a height of 20 meters. It was absolutely the best I have seen in many years. The chorographic was so good and well done. It was like a ballet, starting with putting up their own gear in a very artistic way including the safety net. Then the whole thing developed into a higher level with a perfection rarely seen.The whole thing is put togheter by Piotr Moestrenko from the Russian State circus. Super Fantastic.





Circus Krone is a fantastic show, not only the artists but also the dancers, called the Krone Ballet are making a absolutely entertaining day in the circus.



Spectators 2500 (5000).


The show was running for 3 hours including 15 min. break.


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra



Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers

Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation


The chairs are to small. We paid for 2 loge seats and we couldent be there  at the same time. Not good for 27 Euro's. 

Everything is taped in Circus Krone both the music and the sounds effects. Both worked out  nice and the speaking is good as well.

Cirkus krone have no live band. Thats a absolut shame.

Artist  - Just great.

A wide range of souveniers are aviable. Program, video and DVD's - 2 different, T-shirt, Model trains and cars, posters -many different, cups, caps, calender and much much more.

The toilets was nice and clean.

There was a nice service, they were very friendly and absolutely helpfull.


Ticket prices: from 10 to 27 Euro's. 

Reduced price for children and unemployd.