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Dario Duranti

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Made for Circus Scandinavia by Dario Duranti - Italian Circus fans 

At the moment Circo Lidia Togni is in the same time the "youngest" and the "strongest" italian big circus.

This circus was founded in 1983 by Lidia Togni and his sons Davide, Vinicio and Livia Canestrelli Togni. The hausband of Lidia Togni was Riccardo Canestrelli (died around 1973), owner of a very big 3 ring circus in '60-'70, the "Circo Royal Americano".
After the death of the father Riccardo, Vinicio and Davide went to work with their animal acts in european circuses (above all Bouglione in France). In the first '80s they came back home and in 1983 mother Lidia with her sons opened a little circus (4 poles) "Circo Lidia Togni", in Italy. The family present 3 elephants, horses, and the programme includes other acts.
In 20 years "Circo Lidia Togni" has grown up and today it has got a very big chapiteau (6 poles) and a very "strong" programme.
Now it travel by train and with containers (look at the photos on the website And it works above all in the main cities (Rome, Naples, Turin, Milan, ...).
They are waiting for a new big tent long 80 meters that should arrive in the month of december.
The show presented in theese weeks is one of the best and more complete ever seen in this years in Italy: cage act, 12 horses (but in the zoo the horses ar more than 50!), 3 elephants, russian equestrian djighitz, flying trapeze, musical clown entrée, some exotic animals, teetboard act, live orchestra from Brasil, brasilian singer,....
- Rafael Markus (austria): 3 tiger and 4 lion-tiger: nice act.
- Troupe Eshimbekov: highwire
- Riccardo Canestrelli-Togni: exotic animals (zebras and camels)
- Hand balancing duo from South America
- Vinicio Togni: 12 black italian horses ("sanfratellani"). Very nice act.One of the best horse act in Italy. 
- Troupe Luis Milla (Flying trapeze with 2 men and 3 women) good act
-  Duo Bassan (Chile): Clown entrée and reprises
- Vinicio Togni : 3 indian elephants
- Troupe Romero (Brasil, 13 people): teetboard act
- Troupe Eshimbekov : russian equestrian djighitz (like "kossowiiks"). Very very good act.
- Brasilian Orchestra with singer and dancers.


The show is very very fast and with a very good rithm. No pauses between the acts. The lights are very modern. The sound of the music is a little bit too high. But is very original the idea to make present the whole show by a brasilian girl who sings during all the show.
The theme of the show is "Brazil".
This circus doesn't sell any printed program. 
"Circo Lidia Togni" will be in Naples from 13 december for all the Christmas period. In the same town there will be the other big circus: "Circo Moira Orfei".
Dario Duranti

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