Circus Maximum


    Reviewed by Circus Scandinavia

Quality pays off says Director Kallquist in the program in Maximums 2003 Jubilee tour. – Maybe his  is right because the evenings performance in Angelholm was completely sold out. This season number 20 should be the greatest ever and nothing should be spared. It is very common that directors look with other eyes on their business, than the spectators so I was looking forward to see the performance with my own eyes.


Lots of people outside were ready to enter the circus area and in my opinion they had to wait for to long. Personally I can’t find any reason to wait for so long time before letting the spectators inside the area and I’m sure they would use a lot of money on popcorn, soft drinks and others if they were aloud to come inside before. Half an hour before the start was all and the result were of cause, that the performance start was delayed for 10 minutes.


That was the bad things about Maximum, because the rest was really top class. As always ringmaster and Director Bengt Kallquist himself led the performance.


First act was 6 brown stallions performed by Jessica Bengtsson. Jessica is daughter of Henrika and Bent Bengtsson owners of the Swedish circus Olympia. It is clear that his father teaches Jessica, because she showed of a very nice act – close to the style and movements Bent Bengtsson uses in his acts. Very very nice and there is no doubt that Jessica has a long career as an artist.

Jesicca Bengtsson

Photo By Circus Scandinavia(C).

Trio Mich – 3 Italian trampoline artists, in a very high class. For the first time in many years there was a trampoline act, there shouldn’t be funny and that was nice. Extremely high level with treble saltos and lots of other nice stuff. A very smooth act and the whole impression were just fine. Very nice cerography to and the way the left the trampoline was very elegant. There is a tradition for, that some acts are travelling between other Scandinavian circuses for a couple of seasons and my suggestion is to other circus, that here are 3 artists there is worth it.

Trio Mitch

Photo by Circus Scandianvia(C).

Menno Van Dyke a young Juggler from Holland did a nice job. He is young a needs a few more years but still very entertaining. Nice tempo.


Steckels – cascadeur act from Denmark. Last year with great success in circus Merano – Norway. This year hired in Maximum in the last second before the season instead of a Sick Peter Fremann with his "Old Regans" act. The Steckels is funny and the throwing with each other looks real. The best part is where Freddie seems to loose his teeth after banging his head down on the table. The spectators had the opportunity to call in the Steckels again and they did. Nice.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).

Shane Smart from England had borrowed 3 Indian elephants from Circus Americano in Italy. It was easy to see that those elephants was trained by Flavio Togni (Director in circus Americano) because the commands to the elephants and the tricks was the same as Flavio did a month ago when I saw the rest of the elephants owned by the Togni Family, perform in circus Americano. Shane Smart did a nice job with the elephants nothing new but nice and smooth.

Shane Smart

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).


Flying Wulber led the second part of the performance. And as the name indicates, it was an flying trapeze act. 3 Guys and 1 woman from Italy made a nice but short flying program. They did the treble and succeed the first time- Nice. As an final stunt one of the artists flew up in the roof of the tent. Here he was hanging in his feet, before he released himself and flew 14 meters with his head first, directly down in the secure net, changing his body position in the last split second. Very very nice act.

Flying Wulber

Photo by circus Scandinavia(C).

Shane Smarts second entrée, this time with circus Maximums own camels. They did the same act last year but at that time it was Carlos MacManus who was in charge for those funny dessert ships. As most camel acts it isn’t the speed that does the trick but they are funny anyway. The act was led as the old horse act "Rabsody in blue" where the animals enters the ring alone – standing in smoke and blue light. Camels isn’t my personal favourites, mostly because they are slow and boring but that’s my personal opinion.


Anna and Otno and their fantastic kautschuk act. Very nice an strong.

Anna and Otno

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Rossyan Fantastic musical clowns from France. For the second season in a row Rossyan was signed to circus Maximum. Last year they were a little boring but fantastic musicians. This year there was more clowning and less music and that was great. They were funny and all the kids had a good time and of cause Rossyans showed us how great they are with lots of different instruments –marbles.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Seaworld was this years new thinking in Maximum. And they are a good choice. Four fantastic acrobats doing a lot for the visual and different music. Everything was very adapted to each other and the Maximum band had to play a little more modern music than they are used to. Very very nice.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Performance took 2 hours and 20 Min. including a 25 min Break.


Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers


Toilets and other 


Overall Service



Overall presentation


Remarks to the points:

Tent and seats are first class - Chairs only - very nice.

The sound in the tent was nice.

Orchestra played well. A little bit modern sound would have been nice. They did it in the last act -FishWorld.

Artist quality: Very good.

Circus Souveniers: A souvenier program (Very nice) a cap and sweat shirt. Thats not enough and the cap was near doubble price than other circus.

Toilets was as last year dirty but this time there was running (Cold) water. It was not possible to dry your hands but who cares because there wasen´t any soap either. No Handicap facalities on toilets.

Overall service: Okay but the waiting time was to long before the spectators was aloud to enter the tent. Lots of kids wasen´t to satisfied with the waiting time. Service in tent and bar was okay.

Overall presentation: Vey nice but Maximum should do something about their toilets. 

Animal handeling was absolut top class.