Cirkus Merano


Seen in Tonsberg March 16th. - 2003




 Lots of snow in Norway makes an early premiere a very wet experience but of some reason Norwegian circus starts their season very early compared to the rest of Scandinavia. Because of that circus have to fight various problems like ice and circus places used as depository for snow. These conditions are of cause a big problem for circus and the artists but it isn’t perfect for the spectators either. Merano did an absolute nice job to fight these problems and there were absolutely nothing wrong with the performance.



The Program:


Adriana Folco Althoff – Horses

Don Christian – Reprise clown

Duo Markevich – Bicycle

Anastasija – Acrobatic

Nathalia Kuznetzova – Trapeze.

Igor – Clown

Arata Family – Rollerskates

Alan Sulc – Juggler.

5 Voladas –Rech

Marianis DogShow – Dogs

Pablo and Vicky Garcia – Air acrobatic.

Adriana Folco Althoff – Elephant


The performance was led by The Merano well playing 8 man circus orchestra.


First act was 6 wonderful black Friser horses presented by Adrina Folco. Normally her sister presents the horses but because of some personal circumstances it is now Adriana. – And she did it very well. She wasn’t satisfied with her performance but the spectators were. Those big horses are very impressive and look extremely nice.

Adriana Folco  

Photo Circus Scandinavia

Don Christian reengaged in Merano this year. Like the 2002 season he is a success. Nice and funny guy with a lot of touch elements. One of the best this year was - the baby in the pram – burping and shooting with his feeding bottle.

Don Christian 

Photo by Circus Scandinavia

Duo Markevich – Seen last year in the Swedish circus Brazil Jack going further north to Norway for the 2003 summer season. I’m sure they could fill out the whole performance if they were aloud. They do a nice comic bicycle act on an enormous bicycle. Okay there are moments in this act that could be better but overriding they were okay.

Igor Markevich

Photo by Circus Scandinavia

Anastasja did a traditional acrobatic handstand in a Charlie Chaplin atmosphere. High difficulty but very traditional.


Nathalia Kuznetzova –in solo swing Trapeze was the evening’s thrill and it was fantastic. In my opinion the best act in the 2003 Merano program. Very convincing and with an outstanding power. She did all the tricks that we like to see and all your Norwegian summer spectators can look forward to see Natalia.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia

Igor – Clown - the Second half of duo Marko Markecich as a solo clown. He was okay but again nothing breathtaking.


Arata Family – A Rollerskate entré in a very high level. Rollerskates are very common in circus these days and the level is ofcause not always on top but Arata Family did a very nice job. Nice tempo no doll moments at all.


Alan Sulc – The young super juggler from Tjeckia and winner of the European Youth Circus festival 2002. Only 12 years old and already a fantastic juggler, succeed very much to entertain the spectators. Alan is charming and compared to his age it seems like he has been working in circus for ages. A mix of Riverdance and Juggling he went right to the hearts of the Norwegian people. If he continues on the same track he will reach the stars as an adult too. 8 Balls at one time is difficult and Alan use arms and feet to keep the balls going and at the same time he dance to the music.

Alan Sulc 

Picture by Circus Scandinavia.

5 Volados – Rech acrobatic - Fast and powerful top entertainment from Russia. The 5 guys fly around on their rech. It looks easy and elegant when they fly inside,outside,over and under each other but it takes many years of training to do this act.


Marianis DogShow – Again a part of the Markevich family but this time with dogs. Dogs are always funny and this was no exception. Nice trained dogs with lot of energy and at the same time they was funny. There was 3 acts by the Markevich family and in my opinion the dog act was the best.



Pablo and Vicky Garcia – Air acrobats in their space rocket. It looks very impressive when the rocket starts and turning around, faster and faster under the big top. Inside are Pablo and Vicky hidden ready to do their acrobatic act. Maybe not the highest level but it looks good and the visual impression is very valuable.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia

Adriana Folco Althoff – The second time that charming Adriana entered the ring. This time with the Elephant - Baba. It takes a lot to make a good act with a single Elephant and normally I’m very sceptic. The only act I have seen before in a nice quality is the great Colonel Joe until I saw Adriana and Baba. Very very high tempo and very entertaining and at the same time in a nice atmosphere. The Elephant seems to enjoy performing together with her German trainer.


Performance time: 2 hours including 15 minutes break.


Spectators: almost sold out (1400).



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers


Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation


31 points out of 40 points

Remarks to the points:

Tents and seats:    + Very nice and clean seats. Nice view from all places.

                               -   Chairs only on the expensive places.

Sound in tent    :    +   The band sound was nice.

                               -    Difficult to hear the spoken words.

Orchestra         :    +   Well playing traditional circus Orchestra from Poland

                               -   In my opinion a little more modern sound  would have been


Artist Quality    :    +  Many nice acts and they was well adabted to each other

                              -   The Markevich did have to many entrées.

Souveniers        :    +  Extremely nice souvenier program, toys, Dolls ...


Toilets               :    +  Nice and clean.

Overall service :    Extremely nice.

Overall Presentation

Merano is a very nice circus and they do it very well. Everything was nice and clean and you felt that, there was taking care of most. The circus place was in my opinion to wet but that wasen´t Merano´s fault.