Moira Orfei

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Dario Duranti

Italian Circus Fans


Circo Moira Orfei

Circo Moira Orfei is the most famous Italian circus in Europe. Everybody knows it and her is considered the "queen of circus". The popularity of Moira Orfei comes above all from cinema (47 films) and TV (lots of tv emission from ‘60s and nowadays she is every Sunday afternoon on the first TV channel).

This circus was founded in November 1961 by Moira Orfei and his husband Walter Nones. Walter Nones is also the manager who imported in Italy the Moscow State Circus (official tour 1982 and 1987), Holiday on Ice (for more than 10 years), two Chinese Circus companies and who produced several tv programs about circus.

But Circus Moira Orfei is also well known for the big ice review "Circus on Ice" from ’69 to ’74 (more or less): it was a two ring circus: one traditional ring with sawdust and an ice floor for dancers, ballets and ice attractions.

The show of 2002 is one of the best presented by Moira Orfei in the last years. Not only for the quality of the acts or for the richness of the programme. But especially for the style of the show, the ideas, the choreographies and the lighting: the lights are very modern with several scanner and turning heads.

There is live music with orchestra. And during the show the speaker (Giorgio Vidali) sings different songs. At he beginning he sings and the dancers (dressed as clowns) make a nice choreography. Then while the workers remove the cage, Vidali sings "That’s Moira" (on the music of the celebre song "That’s Amore", played normally by Dean Martin).


Comic prelude by the clown Jula Sali

Vidali (song "Tarattatà") and ballet

Freddy Perris and Stefano Orfei Nones (Exotic Animals: Anthilop, giraffe, zebra, )

Giurintano Sisters (web act)

Trio Sali (musical clown entrée)

Kevin Huesca (ventriloquist)

Stefano Orfei Nones and ballet (Equestrian High School in Spanish style)

Stefano Orfei (6 normal tigers and a white one)

Song "That’s Moira"

Kortchiaguini (russian flying trapeze with 3 porteurs)

Giurintano (Roller skates)

Nikolay Ermakov (the "accademy of the dogs")

Stefano (elephants)

Comic rodeo on the mule


Moira appears at the end of the show on board of a carriage owed by a horse.

For Christmas, Circus Moura Orfei will be in Naples, in the park "Magic World". In the same town there will be also Circus Lidia Togni.

Dario Duranti