Circus Olympia

seen june 30 in

Torekov - Sweden.


What a day, after a few hours drive from Copenhagen we arrived to Torekov without tickets because the days performance was sold to the local grocery store. But we took the chance and went to the store for buying the four tickets. Here was the first surprise because the ticket price was reduced to only 75 Swedish crones ( 10 EUR’s) witch is the normal price. Thank you for that.


Circus Olympia is owned by Henrika and Herbert Bengtsson – to nice people with a talent for animal training. Henrika with her nice dogs, Herbert with horses, camels and other animals. They are so good that they got a nice little business, renting animal groups to a range of other circuses. So all your people that don’t get the opportunity to enjoy Herberts work in Circus Olympia, can see his animals in Circus Arena (Denmark), Circus Merano (Norway). And that should be reason enough to by a ticket because those animals trained be Herbert is real pleasure to watch.


So to the performance:


Ingrid Navratilova – Knife balance (Tjeckia).


Nadja Dascal – Vertical sail. (Moldavia).


Clown Sergej – Reprise clown (Russia).


Henrika Bengtsson – Dog training. (Sweden).


Robert Navratill – Juggler. (Tjeckia).


Herbert Bengtsson – Camel training. (Sweden).


9 Dascal – Jump rope. (Moldavia).


15 Min. Break. With horse back riding and Camel riding for children.


Duo Navorro – Dress magicians (Tjeckia).


Herbert Bengtsson – Horse training (Sweden).


Natasha Jarz – Hoola hop rings ( Italy).


Duo Toja – Kautchuck acrobatic (Mongolia).


Moldavia trup – Hand voltiege (Moldavia).


The performance was led by the Olympia ballet – 4 nice dancing girls.


Ingrid Navratilova Nice and neat balance act – knife against knife and a lot other combinations maybe no the most difficult act seen this year but still very nice.

Nadja Dascal – The Vertical sail entrée is very common. In almost every circus, there is a girl turning around under the big top. It looks very nice and elegant and Nadja was no exception. I’m not aware about the difficulties in those acts but it looks good.


Clown Sergej – Typical Russian reprise clown, far away from the European style. Sergej is a silent mimic clown with lots of funny gags, like the heavy balloon and others. He got a nice expression and do it well. He is on stage a lot of times during the performance chaining some of the entrees together. It’s very common in these days to hire those Russian clowns with their own sad style. There is a lot of them there isn’t funny but Sergej was.


Henrika Bengtsson Traditional dog training but well presented. Nice humour in the act and a bunch of keen dogs running around doing their jobs very well. Well done Henrika.


Robert Navratill – Juggler nice tempo and humour. Roberts juggling with table tennis balls in his mouth are very good.


Herbert Bengtsson – Was closing first act with his well organized young camels. Again in a very high level. Camels can’t do much more than working around but in Herberts hands They do it very well – Nice.


15 min break.


Duo Navorro – Dress magicians became popular a few years ago. The first act of it’s kind I saw was Sudarikowis jr. from Russia and they were absolutely fantastic. They were presented as the dancing fashion show changing close faster than your eye could catch. Duo Navorro is a copy and there was nothing new but they did it well.


Herbert Bengtsson – and his horses. Absolutely fantastic. If you are one of those people who thinks that horses in circus are boring. Take a look at Herbert and you are cured. No shouting, no wips, only body language and a few words. This is world class horse training.


Natasha Jarz – hoola hop. Like many other circus disciplines are hoola hop a trendy entrée. Almost every circus present a hoola hop act. The quality in those acts are of cause different and Natasha Jarz did it well but without reaching the heights.


Duo Toja – those rubber people are incredible. It’s amazing every time you see this people folding their bodys. Every time you think this is not possible …but it is. Duo Toja are very entertaining. Very nice.


Moldavia trup – Acrobats from Moldavia, nice tempo not very thrilling but absolutely okay were closing this years Olympia performance.


Spectators : 550 (700).

Summary of the performance:


A very nice day. This performance was this year best buy for the money. Very nice artists with Herbert Bengtsson in world class. Other artist on a nice level


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers


Toilets and other 



Overall Service

Overall presentation


The tent was nice, seats very well in the loge but cheaper seats was benches without rest.

The sound wasen't very well and it was difficult to hear spoken words.

Nice Circus orchestra. A 8 man band was playing very well through the performance.

Artist Quality was nice. Herbert Bengtsson in world class and the others on a absolutely nice level.

Circus souviniers was ok. T-shirts, posters (2 different) and a nice souvinir program.

Very nice service. I was Mailing circus Olympia a few days before, to ask them about some older souvenir programs that I needed for my private collection. They were there, ready for me when i arrived  Thank you very much.

Overall presentation was very nice.

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