Circus Olympia





Seen in Mjelby strand.

As always you feel welcome in this nice little circus in Sweden. Maybe it isn’t so big but in my opinion the owner Herbert Bengtsson is on of the best when we are talking horse dressage. I have always been a big fan with the way Herbert trains his animals. No shouting, no whipping only body movements do the trick. The result is great always-nice horse acts in Oplympia.

Henrika and Herbert Bengtsson the owners of circus Olympia before the performance

Olympia often sells performances to local stores and firms and this show in Mjelby Strand was no exception.


The performance was led by an overture by the Olympia well playing 9 man band.


Herbert Bengtsson with 6 Tinker horses – Herbert has a lot of horses 3 groups of 6 horses each. The white group is in circus Agora in Norway. The brown group is in Circus Maximum in Sweden presented by Herberts daughter Jesica Bengtsson and the last the two coloured Irish Tinker horses. Herbert told Circus Scandinavia before the performance that the horses is very young and they have trained very hard through the winter. The result was fantastic. Just movements from Herbert and the horses react immediately. Only to the sound of music the horses worked them selves through the act. Very very nice.

Herbert Bengtsson with his horses

Duo Gamma from Russia – ladder acrobats – a very nice act from Poland. Agenieszka and Miroslaw Zlotowicz did theis ladder balance act in a high level. Not much to say – Very nice.


Liina Aunola – Vertical line. It is very rare with artists from Findland but here in Olympia there was asingle one in verticalline. She looks nice and so did the act, nothing breathtaking but OK.


Jonny And Teddy – Reprise clowns from Italy. Two young clowns from Italy did a nice job. Some old tricks and gags seen before and some new ones to. One of the tricks is were teddy finds a remote control that seems to work on everything. Light, Orchestra and his partner Teddy. Nice.

Henrika Bengtsson – Dogs. As her husband, Henrika is on the program with her lovely dogs every year. Lots of dogs does the trick.


Anatoly Vanteev – Rola-Rola – From Russia a nice artist with a standard Rola-rola act.


Mirek Zlotowicz – Glass balance on perch. A rare combination with glass balance and perch but with a knife in his mouth balancing lots of glasses over and on the perch, Very nice.


Margarita Remi – Swinging trapeetze maybe the weakest act in Olympia. It wasn’t bad but that’s all.


Herbert Bengtsson with his camels. Like the horses Herbert got more than one camel group. The other group he is training is in Finlandia for this season. The group in Olympia did a nice and easy job in the normal Herbert Bengtsson act – Realy nice.


Trio Tsytko – From Russia comes those 3 guys with a fantastic mix of Ikarian games and antipode juggling. The absolut best act in Circus Olympia this season, very very nice and entertaining,

Trio Tsytko - Just fantastic artists

Performance took 2 hours including a 15 minutes break


Spectators 700 – sold out.



Tent, seats etc.



Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orchestra


Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 


Overall Service

Overall presentation



Tent and seats: Loge chairs are perfect but the cheaper seats are benches

Sound in tent: Okay but no more. Can be difficult to hear the spoken words.

Orchestra: Vey well playing 9 man band with the band leader Valentin Smirnov.

Artists: Absolutely nice with Herbert as the best. Olympia are experts to unknown artists in a high quality.

Circus Souveniers: Last year there was more to gain but it is possible to buy more merchendice in the Olympia web shop.

Toilets: Nice and clean much better than the 2002 season. No handicap toilet.

Overall service: Smiling nice people everywhere.

Presentation: Very nice.