Circus Scott

9 November Malmo


The Bronett brothers tent circus was this afternoon in Malmo where they did one of this 2002 season, last performances. Scott is the biggest circus in Sweden and does every year a nice and international show. Scott has always a fantastic circus orchestra with a remarkable nice sound and they didn’t disappoint this year either.


This season is a 65 years jubilee program and is called Family super circus 2002.

The fantastic reprise clown Mr. Fumagali led the show with a traditional competition in "Loud applause" between the audiences in the tent. It still seems to work but it is often used, as a "Warm up" discipline in circus and it wouldn’t harm anybody if there were somebody in the business who found out other ways to start a circus performance.


Next was the hot dog a well known dog act in Europe. The dogs do the job but the level isn’t very high and sometimes the act is directly boring.


Tzarkov - A juggler with a mix of pantomime and juggling. It seems to be a funny mix but it works absolutely well. Highly entertaining in an extreme high level. A most welcome new act in a world were lots of old fashioned Jugglers are boring the audience. If circus want to survive in competitions with all the modern circus like cirque de Solei, it is artists like Tzarkov they need.


Eva Garcia – vertical rope – The Bronett brothers do have a weakness of those wonderful young ladies and I understand them. A very charming act – The circus answer to Laura Crawford as Robert Bronett announced her and she did the job. Nice tempo and feeling – Highly entertaining.


Can you hold your breath in 3 minutes? That’s what the audience is asked before the escape artist Mr. Merlinis entering the ring. Mr. Merlinis are chained and handcufft before he is lowered into a very small iron container filled up with water. The container is then secured with six path locks. To build up a thrilling atmosphere the whole thing is covered with a glass container filled up with smoke. If you know just a little about magic then you know that this act is cheat but it works. Personally I wasn’t scared but there were lots of people in the audience there didn’t seem to amuse them self before Mr. Merlinis was out free.


20 min break.


Circus Scott has always the world’s absolute best flying trapeze on the program. I wonder how many of those acts there has been in Scott but the world must be filled with trapeze acts now calling them self the best in the world. But anyway this years Flyers was good. The Goratjevs did an ordinary flying trapeze act. They were absolutely not bad at all but it is very difficult to see the difference from one flying trapeze act to another but it looks fantastic.


Lazlo Brothers did a nice Parterre act – Every time I see such an act, I think this is not possible very very good.


Mr. Fumagalli – The clown, the entertainer, the absolute star in this performance did it very very well. Personally I’m a little old fashioned guy who prefers the old clowns, with the white clown but this crazy guy did the trip from Copenhagen to Malmo worth the whole travel. The Bronnett brothers most be highly satisfied to have Fumagalli in the program because without him it had been an ordinary circus performance. Some of the entrees he made were very old gags but in his "hands" it was absolutely OK.


The horses – presented by Gaby Dew was absolutely nothing special. With only two animals acts in the program it was sad to see, that those two entrees was the absolutely most boring acts in the performance.

Acrobatic presented by Alexander Sharkovs was absolutely world class. – See the pictures in a few days.

There should have been a magic act with Henry and Robert Bronett but it wasn’t there.

The last act was the riding school. Maybe one of the oldest entrees in circus. Who can stay on two feet on the horse for one round in the ring ? Most of the voluntary couldn’t and if they can it is easy to pull up the rope and the poor guy is flying in circles when the audience are laughing themselves to tears.



Performance in 2 hours and 30 min including 20 min. break

Spectators - almost soldout (2000)


Tent, seats etc.


Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra

Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers


Toilets and other 



Overall Service



Overall presentation



Tent seats etc. - The tent is absolutely all right but the surroundings need a little paint. The seats are okay on the expensive places but other seats are awful. One of the explanations that there can be so many spectators in the tent is that Scott still uses benches in half of the circus and I feel sorry for those people who pay money for those "seats"

Sound in tent – Absolutely top class. You can hear everything.

Circus Orchestra – In my opinion one of the best circus orchestra in Europe. It is very nice to hear the band playing modern rock music. Last time I saw Scott there was 13 musicians. This time they were cut down to the ordinary 8 man band but what a sound they made – well done Scott.

Artist quality – I give 3 point and one more because of Fumagalli.

Circus Souvenirs – Nice but why don’t they bring all souvenirs that are shown on the Scott web page. I had lots of money in my pocket because I would have bought the nice range of circus videos that Scott sells on their web page. But sorry a poster, a flag, the program, a cup and not much more.

Toilets – Please a little cleaning would do a lot. No hot water and no soap. It seems to be a problem for a range of circus in Scandinavia (Not all) to have a nice and clean toilet. It is not possible to wash hands or in some circus even to just flush them. The water, if there is any, is often cold and the smell is a special history.

Service – It was okay – nothing special.

Performance presentation – The Bronett brothers do it well and makes a nice atmosphere.’


Lots of pictures from the performance comes in a few days.


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