Small review from the porformance on the big stage



The famous Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark has on the big stage every night an artist performance in a very high level. For every 2 month the program changes. This review is the first program for the 2003 season.


Lazio Simet Ė Giant wheel.


If you like those act that really you donít like to watch Ė then you are coming to the right place. Not because they are better than the other giant wheel acts in the world but because the whole act is moved 20 meters, up to the roof of the building. Here they have placed the wheel on a small platform. If it goes wrong they will go down 20 meters or more directly on the ground. Personally I canít understand they dare because there are many accidents in wheels. Last time in Circus Massimo this year and in Circus Arena in 1995 where one of the German Scholl brothers lost his grip and broke his leg very bad. But anyway the act is very thrilling and absolute top class.


The second act in this performance is the Sharkov Brothers with a very nice parterre act. They are jus two fantastic artists and they must have trained for years to reach the level they are on now. I have seen many parterre acts but it is the first time I have seen an act like this were their bodies are so flexible as The Sharkov Brothers.


The mini show are pretended by a well know Danish singer Susanne Breuning. She sings before and between the two acts.


The band is Tivolis own Big Band and they are playing extremely well.


Circus Scandinavia will come back with a new review when they change the program May 25th,