Circus Togni




Circus Americano (Togni). Seen in Trieste – Italy – July 7th.

Circus Americano is the biggest circus in Italy and maybe the biggest in Europe. They make a spectacular 3 ring performance – the American way – it is a blend of show and circus. The first part was a gypsy show mixed with fast horses and acrobats ending up in a fantastic spring board troupe. The artist are from different countries but with Flavio Togni (Director) as the main figure in almost all the animal acts as Tigers, horses and elephants.

Flavio Togni in charge of Circus Americano

Picture by Circus Scandinavia

Circus AMERICANO is a mix of ordinary circus and there is absolutely parallels to cirque du Soleil in the way that the show is build up. But there is one major difference, because Americano succeeds in keeping the old fashion circus tradition and does it very nice. Another difference is that Americano does have a huge collection of animals in their show. Lots of elephants 8 species was in the show and so far that I remember does Americano own 15 Elephants but the rest is rented to other circus in Europe. Circus Arena in Denmark did have 9 elephants rented from Circus Americano in their 1999 and 2000 show performed by Kim Benneweis. Furthermore there were white camels, 56 dogs, 24 horses and white tigers.

Lots of  animals in Americano

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


As soon you have bought the tickets you will be entertained in Circus Americano. Between the old fashion wagons there is an outside stage with Dancers doing square dance (the name isn’t Americano for nothing) and secondly there is the American reprise clown "Andrew" doing a very nice diablo show. If that isn’t enough you can use the waiting time before the show to look at the American trucks that circus Americano use.

Lots of entertainment before the show

Photo by Circus Scandianvia (C).

The show was led by a Gypsy Ballet including gunfights, heroes on horses and much more. A very strong opening with lots of smoke, noise and light effects. In the end the hero won the girls heart and everything is nice. 50 persons in this opening act make it very impressing but also a little confusing. It’s very hard to overlook everything and you have a feeling that you are missing something but at the same time there is a lot of advantages and possibilities in this enormous tent. Smoothly the next entrée enters the ring with a acrobats on horse. The old fashion way as we saw a lot of 20 years ago.The Alex Jumps from one horse to the other in any possible way. They are all sons of the Legendary Cecare Togni – Italo, Erik, Elvio and Jones.


Next act was a springboard act making the real 5 man high. No ion sticks to fill out but a fantastic power presentation for the lower guys. The name of the troupe is Palasovi and was a part of the circus Arena 2001 performance. Extremely high artistic level.


The American reprise clown "Andrew" did a nice job climbing through almost everything. Rings, toilet seats and much more. He was nice and funny.

Andrew and Kenneth from circus Scandinavia

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Lots of elephants presented by Flavio Togni. It was nice to see so many elephants running around in the ring. Normally elephant acts are quite slow but because of the ring in circus Togni, are 3 times bigger than a normal circus ring, it was possible to show an act much more different than normal. Lots of dirt was going directly on the first rows because of the high tempo but it was worth it. A nice part of the tricks was recognized from those elephants circus Arena (Denmark) rented for two seasons (1999 and 2000) and performed by Kim Benneweis. Very high level.

The folco dogs were over Worthing. I counted over 50 dogs in this act in all possible races. The most impressive in this act are the amount of dogs because the artistic level isn’t high. They are mainly doing nothing than running around or maybe there are so many animals at one time that it is impossible to concentrate on the dog’s tricks. But anyway it is a funny entrée. This act was seen in the Circus Arena performance in 2001.


Flavio Togni with his Tigers was nice and Ok. Especially the last trick with Tiger sitting on a mirror ball with lots of smoke and light are very effect full.

Italy is the home of the European clown and in circus Togni there was two of them. Andrew was the American reprise clown making fun before under and after the performance and secondly there was Ives Milettlthe – "BuBu" with his Taxi entrée.


Lots of horses in a 3-ring performance, with 3 different sets of horses were very nice. It was very impressive to see so many horses in one time. The horses were presented by the Togni Family. In the first ring it was Flavio Togni, the second ring it was Danielle, brother to Flavio and in the third ring it was Flavios cousin – Christina Magli Togni.


Rubberband artists are rare but a very spectacular act. It is really fantastic when the artist, are almost shout out and flys through the tent lake an cannonball. The Thrill is even higher because in Circus Americano there wasn’t only one flyer but many.


Camels – yes of cause there was camels and like many other camel acts they are just working around in the ring.


The show was very nice and the artistic level was high. One nice thing with circus Americano is you can’t get bored because you are entertained in the same second you have bought the ticket. Many circuses could learn about that because not many do such a thing and sometimes you’re not even sure about, there are any performance that day – so break the silence and do some entertaining before the main show. It was a pleasure to study the well kept trucks in Americano. Most of the cars were extremely nice and everything seems clean. We were of cause in the stables and there was nice and clean and lots of room with pool for the tigers. – Nice.

Circus Americanos one of two bars

Photo by circus Scandinavia.

Circus Americano don’t have souvenir programs but they do have other circus souvenirs. The problem was that the personal couldn’t find the key to the souvenirs so we weren’t able to have a closer look.


The bar was nice with champagne, beers, lots of different drinks, coffee and soft drinks. – nice.


The toilets was nice, there was soap but not hot water but the facilities in Americano was over the average for the other Italian circus.



Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.

Circus orchestra



Artist Quality

Circus Souveniers



Toilets and other 

Overall Service

Overall presentation

Animal handeling


31 points out of 45 possible.

Remarks to the points:

The tent was nice. The seats and sight was nice.

Sound in tent was fine.

There was no orchestra -Only taped music.

The artist Quality was fantastic.

There wasen´t any souveniers for sale. They coulden´t even find a poster for me but they tried.

Toilets was nice and clean.

The service was 100%

Presentation was fantastic. The music was well adapted to the acts. The light was top class and everything well considered.

Animal Handeling - Nice and clean every where. Lots of room for the big cats - including swimming pool.