Circus Maximum

Seen in Halmstad 28-4 - 02


     Maximum 's Camels - Camel dressage.

 Yoelis - Acrobats cuba.

Baker boys - Kaskatur. - South Africa.

Kludsky's - Elephant dressage. - Spain.

Navratil  - antipode.



Big and small - Horse dressage

Mr Dalmatin - Dogs dressage - Russia.


Rossyan Clown - France

Los Paiffers - Russian bare


Starts with Maximums own Camels presentet and trained by Mr. Carlos MacManus from England. Nice act with a high level. MacManus let it looks easy but it isen't. Very good.

Yoelis - Acrobats. They are good but absolutely nothing special. 5 guys and one girl in an African inspired acrobat act performed on  vertical poles. OK !


Baker boys - Funny kaskatur from south Africa. 3 funny guys dressed up like bakers are doing everything exept baking. Throwing each other around, under and over the table in every possible way. Nice and entertaining.


Kludskys elephant - The elephant dressage this year was shrinkt to one single elephant togther with a mini poodle. Far away from the past years elephants entrés like, Colonel Joe and Sonny Frankello's  Africian Elephants. The act was nice with the poodle carried around in a basket by the elephant. Tedious - sorry


Navratil - Fantastic I don't know how to describe this act but the best way is maybe to call him a opsite down juggler . Very high level. The profesionel name is antipode artist. Well done.



This years horse entré was like the Elephant act, shrinkt to a very big horse and a very small horse. It could have been nice but the horses did almost nothing. Very low level.


Mr. Dalmatin - with that name you expect a handful of dogs with  black spots. But  I could only count one. The rest of the dogs was poodles. So maybe he should  change his name to mr. Poodle. Anyway the poodles was very nice trained and the act was very pleasent. And by the way mr. Dalmatin  -  nice hair - (white with black spots)


Siljo Trapeze

Nice entré. Commic trapeze act in a very high level. Old koncept with a third' clown is showing up and interfear with the number. It's a very thrilling act and highly intertaining.

Rossyan Clown 

I dont know what to say. Those two clowns are not very funny, there swedish  and the way they communicates are not very impressiv but there  musical ear is fantastic. There isent that instrument these two guys can't handle and it sounds good. How many times have you heard clowns play a little out of tune in a circus ?    Yes many times....but Ryssyan's .....they plays perfect. Fantastic and it was very very intertaining.


Los Paiffers - Rusian bare.

Nice  traditionel Rusian barre act from Cuba. The most thrilling is, the two man high  salto on the barre.  Ok ! but abslutely nothing special.

 - Picture of Dumba - 


2 hours including 20 min break

Nearly sold out - 1400 spectators.



The prize for a Circus thicket in sweden are very very high and circus Maximum is no exception. Circus in Sweden are absolutely not for the poor people. If you compare with other countries it is allmost double prize.

Circus Maximum is a big international circus. They got a very high level and their tent, waggons and attitude makes a nice impression but where is the atmosphere, before and after the performence ?? There was so silent that I was sure that the circus was gone to sleep. So please be little bit more intertaining....there was no shouting "PROGRAMS"  - "POPCORN" Those noisy things belongs in a circus.




Tent, seats etc.

Sound in tent, microphones etc.


Circus orkestra

Artist Qualitiy


Circus Suveniers



Overall Service

Toilets, fasatillites




Overall presentation


Overall remarks:

1. Tents -seats. Exelent tent with a perfect view.

2.  Sound in tent. No good.It is very difficult to hear when the clowns speak. Maybe it is the wireless microphones there isen't okay, because there is nothing wrong under the presentation ??

3. Absolutely a nice cirkus orchestra. Good sound and feeling. Nice adapted to the acts.

4.  There was some nice acts but..... Dear Maximum this 2002 performance is miles from your normal standard.

5.  Circus Souveniers. There was nothing exept the souvenier program witch is absolutely okay. Please Maximum a little poster would have been nice.

6.  Service in Maximum is absolut exelent, no doubt about that. I was asking for a souvenier poster but it wasent possible to buy one. The circus personel  worked realy hard to find one for me and when they sucseed they gave it to me for free. Thank you.

7.  Toilets was very dirty and yukky. Toiletseats have not been cleaned for serveral weeks, and the worst, there was no soap and no warter.

8.   Overall Presentation.- I have seen Maximum serveral times and my opinion is, that this season is under normal standard. Maximum will do it better next year - They promise......