Flic Flac circus music.

Are you to circus music that doesn’t sounds like circus music or do you like rock and heavy rock music this CD from Circus Flic Flac is the right choice. 19 tracks on this CD taken from the performance "Unzensiert" 2003/2004. Most track are written by S. Luchtenbeck for the circus band called "Patemoser" but there is also recorded tracks from other artists as Chopin. It is not the correct when I write that there is only Heavy rock on the CD because there are tracks with a wonderful tender feeling. The tunes are written for the artist in the ring and that means well adapted music for the performance.

If you haven’t seen the performance (you should) and the CD had to stand alone, it has nothing to do with circus and you will be disappointed. Other wise if you have seen the show it is a great opportunity to remember a great performance.

The sound on the CD is very nice and the music is very good. Personally I like new thinking in circus and that’s exactly what you get from circus Flic Flac and their music. Circus Flic Flac makes a wonderful performance with very modern circus band and extremely well adapted to the feeling. This CD is not the only CD from Flic Flac – Illumination from the performance 2004/2005 are out now but it is not including all the music from the show as "unzensiert" does.

The CD includes 19 tracks and  it is recorded live.

The price is 15 Euro + post and packing 6,20 Euro.

It can be bought on the official Flic Flac homepage – here

I personally recommend to buy the DVD instead because here you get an absolute fantastic performance including most music from the CD.

The price for the DVD is 21 Euro + post and packing.