Seen in Malmo


Brazil Jack


Circus Brazil Jack is a Swedish circus with lots of traditions from the past. Because of that Brazil Jack is a circus with atmosphere and the right circus feeling. The performance we saw was partly sold to the nearest shopping mall and the cheaper benches was sold to a reduced price. It is absolutely normal to sell performances to Stores, Firms and more in Sweden. Often are tickets sold to reduced prices or even given away. This is nice because it is a great opportunity for bigger families to effort the tickets.

We saw Brazil Jack in Malmo (Sweden) as always there was a queue outside circus but just in my spirit, we were entertaint by the reprise clown Christiano.


The program:

Led by the whiteface clown playing a nice tune on trumpet.

Gabi Donnert and Carmen Rhodin – School riding and dance.

Christina – Trapeze.

Leo – Juggler

Duo Grigorescu – Musical clowns

Lazer Troupe – Perch

Augustin – Acrobats

Anatoli & Julia – Fakir – Fire eater..

Carmen Rhodin – Doves.

The white face clown from duo Grigorescu led the performance. He plays very very nice and with a fantastic clear sound. Good start.

Gabi Donnert and Carmen Rhodin with a nice little high school act. The acts include a dancing flamingo duet between the horse and Carmen, nice and smooth. Nice act – Different and I like that.

Gabbi Donnert

Christina in the trapeze – One fourth of the Lazer troupe did a nice swinging solo trapeze act. Most tricks included.

Leo Juggler – did a nice juggler entrée – nothing in world class but okay.

Duo Grigorescu – Russian Clowns did the " you can’t play here" entré maybe not the most funny version but they can play. Extremely well educated musicians saved the whole act.

Duo Grigorescu 2003 - Brazil Jack Sweden

Photo by Circus Scandianvia.(c).

Duo Grigorescu 1982 - Circus Schumann - Denmark

Photo from Souvenir program

Lazer Troupe – Perch – Nice act. Perch is very very dangerous and the top girl was secured by a lounge. In the old days there was nothing to prevent the artists to go to the ground. The world Famous clown Charlie Rivel, writes in his book that the perch act frightened him most. The Lazer troupe was seen in 2001 in Circus Dannebrog and they have been in Brazil Jack before –1995. Maria Lazer was very famous in USA where she did a very nice Solo trapeze act. This act is now adapted by her college in the Lazer troupe – Christina (Read above). The Lazer troupe are from Romania and they have performed in China, USA (Ringling), Mexico, Italy, Spain and many many other countries.

Lazer Troupe

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (c).

Augustin – Acrobats are similar to the Lazer troupe. This time they were in the ring as acrobats. Okay – The Perch entrée was in my opinion better but this act was nice.

Carmen Rhodin – Doves – dove entré are rare, because doves can’t do much. Okay they can fly and that’s exactly what they did.

Anatoli & Julia – Fakir – Fire-eater. Great, Great - Anatoli is yukky why ? Because he manage to drink many many litres of water and puke it up in portions and that’s exactly what he does. He starts his act with puking lager portions of water up in buckets – Yummy. After that a little bit more normal fakir work. When this was over he went back to the more spectacular activities again and drank many litres of aeroplane fuel. Great - now he was starting up again spitting out an enormous fire volcano – fantastic – Very useful guy in the wintertime if you are freezing. This is maybe not directly for kids but personally it is my opinion, that guys like Anatoli keeps the traditional circus alive. Normally I’m the spokesman for more modern circus, music and more but the old fashion fun fair traditions mixed up with more modern kind of entrées makes my day. Anatoli was with circus Arnardo in Norway in the 2002 season and cirque Massimo this winter.

Things are getting a little hot


Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

The reprise clown Christiano was good.

Performance took 2 hours and 15 minutes.




The sound in Barzil Jack could be better


Toilets were transportable single toilets. Circus can have difficulties getting rid of the natural garbage and this solution with renting local toilets is okay.


Seats were chairs in the loge and old fashion benches on the cheaper seats.


Service was okay.


Artist quality was nice.






















The Performance took 2 hours and 15 Minutes including a 15 minutes break.