Circus Charlie

Circus Charlie from Denmark is one of a wide rage of smaller circuses in Denmark. Normally this circus doesn’t travel far away from their winter home in the North of Jylland. This year should be different and the owner Einer Trie has decided to travel all over the country from now. In this years performance are the famous Danish pop duo "Souvenirs " signed for the season.

Circus Charlie presents them selves as a circus without names. That means there are no stars and no printed program with names of the artists.

Circus Charlie is a nice little circus with room for 400 spectators and they are right, there are no international top class acts. But it is not boring at all. They managed too build up a very nice atmosphere and it is a nice performance mainly for kids.

The performance starts with the two reprise clowns red and blue. Many nice moments with those two clowns and very original. The two clowns are linking the whole performance together and do it very well. Sometimes it can be to much with clowns coming in and out every ten minutes but this is not the case here.

Red and Blue reprise clowns

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).

Director Einar Trie was next with a standard illusion act. It is okay and in a nice tempo but absolute nothing new in this traditional act. Sometimes I wonder about all magicians buys their equipments the same place?

A juggling act in a very high quality was next. I don’t have their names but they were very impressive and with a nice tempo. Absolutely the best act in the show.

A vertical rope act. The act was okay but nothing special.

Director Einar Trie as clown and yes he was funny and at the same time original. His ladder entrée where he had to get his fagot there is hung up under the big top is absolutely nice.

Einar Trie as clown

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Lots of other artist and some of them was seen last year in Circus Baldoni.

The parade was very nice and with Sopie Bonde as the singing circus Princess it was a fine end for the show.

Sophie Bonde as the circus princess.

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C). 2004.

Long and nice parade ending the show for Circus Charlie

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


Show time was 2 hours including a 20 min. break

Spectators 200 (400)

I was well entertained and very satisfied with the show. It is mainly for kids but it is absolutely worth the money for the parents too. An extra point to circus Charlie for only allow kids on the first three rows. Lots of other kids circus could learn a little here.

Nice sound in the tent and Hurray a small 2 man band was playing well. It is rare that smaller circus uses live music.

Nice service and you could buy beer, drinks, soft drinks and everything you need for a performance.


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