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On november 1963 the "American Circus" (produced by the society Ferdinando Togni, Fejoo-Castilla and Carola Williams) made his first European appearance in Turin, north-west of Italy. The show was one of the biggest ever seen in Italy: 60 horses and 25 elephants in the 3 rings. 2 Flying trapeze troupe (Jarz and Cardona) and a lots of dancers and acts.

From 21 november 2002 (so, after 40 years from the first italian time) the "American Circus" produced by Togni family (Enis and the sons Flavio and Daniele) works in Turin. The show is complitely changed, but it has  again the greatest elephant act in Europe: 12 elephants in the 3 ring. 22 horses. 5 coloured tigers (tiger of bengala, white tiger, snow-white tiger, golden tabi tiger) trained by Flavio Togni.  



The acts of the programmes are in part the same that worked in Cirkus Arena  in 2000: Palazovi teetboard troupe (14 people). the 9 elephants (presented in Danmark by Kim Benneweis) and the 3 elephants belonging to Cesare Togni family; Paolo Folco's dogs; 3 horses acts; the elastonautes (aerial ballet); the Dubsky's sealions; the equestrian pyramids of Cesare Togni family; the russian jugglers Gibadoulin; and the clown reprises of Andrew and Yves Miletti (Bubù).  
For the first time American Circus works without live orchestra. There are nor flying trapeze, neither clown entrée.
The shoe starts with a "gipsy parade" which includes teetboard act, equestrian act and high school. Then there are the dog act of Folco and then the "Elephants of the space" trained by Flavio. With the elephants stop the first part of the show.
The second part starts with cage act (nice, original act) and continues with jugglers, elastinautes and sealions. At the end of the show there is a great parade (called "white parade" because everything is white, also the cloths of the artists). During this parade are presented "aerial tissue" acts.
After Turin, "American Circus" will be in Milan (for Christmas) and rumors say that they will do a tour in Benelux. 

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