Country: Norway – Owner: Jan Ketil


The Steckels – Table act

Egorov – Illusions

Oleg and Michael –Clowns.

Gladvatskiy – Air act

Melnyshenko – Tissue.

Oleg Shamilov – Trampoline.

Jan Ketil – Liberty horses.



Country: Denmark – Owner: Benny Berdino


Suzanne Berdino - 12 Liberty horses.

Rivelinos - Clasic Clowns.

Diorio΄s – Globe of death.

BonBon and Tiina – Comic badminton match.

Troupe Puzanovi – Skipping ropes and spring board.

Troupe Flying – Bungee act.

Juan Pablo Martinez – Juggler.

Renι and Alexia Casselly – African elephants.

Rosi Hochegger – Comic horse act. (Pippi Long stocking).




Country: Norway – Owner Arild Arnardo


The Jasters - Cross bows.

Helen Arnardo – Welcome

The Quiddlers – Funny imitations

Jindra and Helena – Strapat

Natalia – Soap bobbles

Duo Dzen – High School and dogcart

Tsytko family – Antipode/parterre acrobats

Dave Blundel – BMX bike.

Doynitza – Dogs

Duo Urunov - Arial ring.

Joy Gartner - Elephants





Country: Denmark – Owner Soren Arli


 Betina Arli – Sprechstallmeister

Martino and co. – Clowns.

Bubble gums – Blown up acrobats.

Martin Arli – Magic.

Alexander Arli – Juggling.

Andreis family – Icarian games.

Marina – Ariel ring.

Yvo Antoni – German wheel.

Alexander Arli – Straight Jacket escape.




Country: Denmark - Owner: Renι Marvin


Kapitanski – clowns – Comic dogs.

Miss Olga – Vertical rope.

Barbie Family – Kautchuk, Clothes changing, Perch.

GaoChen – Traditional Chinese lion dance, Plate juggling, Icarian games.

Renι Marvin - Ventriloquist



Country: Denmark – Owner Diana Benneweis


Los Quiros - High wire.

Francesco - Reprise clown

Martyne Chabry - Clothes change/Dance

Adriana Folco and Baba – Indian elephant.

Anton Monastyrsky - Hoola hop.

Duo airlove – Vertical rope.

Farellos – Mono bike.

Klare J – Antipode.

Mambo Jambo – African acrobats.

Steven Pedersen – Sea Lions




Country: Denmark – Owner Benny Berdino.


Claudia Bremlow – Antipode

David – Juggler and ladder balance.

Tim Delsbouq – Circus Arenas Friser horses.

Tim Delsbouq – Circus Arenas Dromedaries.

Juri and Leon – Reprise clowns

Miss Luibja – Hoola hop

David Jakubtyk – Air act and Comic acrobat act.



Brazil Jack.

Country : Sweden - Owner: Carmen and Trolle Rhodin


Harizanov Family – entree clowns and reprise.

Hugo Zamoratte – Kautchuck.

Darja – Dog training.

Gabi Donnert – Liberty horses.

Virgel and Marinel – Partner acrobatic.

Leo and Vita – Jugglers

Vita – Tissue

Angelis – Russian barre

Darja – Cat training.





Country: Sweden – owner: Henry Bronett

Tour start in August 2005



Country: Denmark – Owner: Einar Trie.

Not complete.


Souveniers – Music and Song.

Red and Blue - Clowns



Country: Denmark – Owner Haddi Enoch


Bubi Ernestos – clowns

Jana and Joschi poodles – Dogs.

Ofelia Ernesto – Low wire.

Faltyny - Mono bikes.

Faltyny – Cowboy act.

MG team – Roller skates.

Mr. Gerad – Rola Rola.

Dancing team – Dannebrog Ballet.

Duo Isajothai – Air act.

Haddy Enoch – Horses.



Country : Findland – Owner: Kalle Jernstrom


Duo Minnasov - Clothes changing.

Victor Minnasov - commic baloon act

Don Christian reprise clown.

Krenzola – Mixed animals.

Duo Passion – Vertical sail

Troupe Shenyang – Balancing swing, consortion and water meteor ??

Enrique Romero – Rola Rola.

Carl Jernstrom jr. – Juggler

Sebastian – ventriloquist.



Country: Denmark – Owner Irene Therri



Country: Denmark – Owner Marianne and Jess Deuleran

Andreas Deleuran – song.

Valery – Stick juggling.

Daniel Deleuran – Slack wire.

Halinas - Ringperch.

Jess Deleuran – Ponies

Marianne Deleuran – Poodles

Gulio – Reprise clown/Clown (Reengaged from 2004)

Daniel Deleuran – Rola-Rola




Country: Sweden – Owner Bengt Kallquist


Water Meteo – Juggling – China

Ingo Steibner – Sea Lions

Maxim – Hand balance.

Kevin Huesca – Ventriloquist

Anton Frank – Exsotic animals.

Anton Frank – Elephants.

Rossyan – Musical Clowns.

Anton Frank – Horses.

Assadouline – Spring board



Country: Norway – Owner: Knut Dahl.


Dnux Malax-trouppe - Parterre-acrobats.

Amedeo Folco – Liberty horses.

Trio Aleshin – Icarian games.

Double face – Diablo.

Sakha-truppen – Acrobats

Sakha-truppen – Vertical poles.

Herrey – Reprise clown.

Duo Volkov – Trapeze.

Amedeo Folco – Indian Elephants.

Tony Carlini – reprise Clown.


Country: Sweden – Owner: Jesicca and Herbert Bengtsson.


Herbert Bengtsson or Niclas Bengtsson or Jessica Bengtsson – Liberty horses.

Yarkobov – Strapat and perch.

Yotso – Clown.

Dogs – Henrika Bengtsson.

Fatime – Acrobat.

Mr. Jumping – Trampoline.

Kathy Fargas – Juggler.

Herbert Bengtsson or Niclas Bengtsson or Jessica Bengtsson – Camels.





Country: Sweden – Owner Robert and Henry Bronett

Will not be on tour in 2005



Country: Sweden – Owner: Benny Berdino.


Claudia Bremlow – Antipode (Arena 2004, Flic Flac 2003, 2002).

David – Juggler and ladder balance.

Tim Delsbouq – Circus Arenas Friser horses.

Tim Delsbouq – Circus Arenas Dromedaries.

Juri and Leon – Reprise clowns (Skratt 2004, Agora 2003)

Miss Luibja – Hoola hop – ( Skratt 2004 and Agora 2003).

David Jakubtyk – Air act and Comic acrobat act.

Johanna – tight wire – (Skratt 2004,2003)


No information.


Ewa Waradi – Antipode.

Poodles – 10 poodles climbing on ladders, dancing and much more.

Nandi – Tempo juggler.

High School – High School act.

Duo Weiss – Tight wire with juggling.

Katja – Hoola hop.

Animals- Mixed animal group with goats, dogs, birds and horse.

Air ballet – Air ballet.

Misszy – Clownn.

The Shanins – Cossacks.

Parrots - 9 parrots.