Clown Festival 2002

The world artist and clown award.


The golden nose.


Copenhagen – Bakken - Amusement park.

5-18 August 2002

Grand Galla with nomination 11 August


Alfredo Rastelli. (the Rastellis - Italy).

The golden nose:

Cube Triu. (Russia and Ukraine).


This years clown festival was again made by Benny Schumann, Grandchild to the famous clown Charlie Rivel. He did it again and Benny presented a nice range of international clowns. This year with special guest stars, the absolutely greatest clown troupe in the world today Rastellis from Italy. They have been copied so often that every clown in the world today has a little piece of Rastellis in their heart. Take a look at the international clowns Revelinos, performing in the Danish Circus Arena this year and take a look at Rastelli’s, then you know why Revelinos can be called copycats. Rastelli’s have the spirit and the age to be called the best in the world. Papa Rastelli is 78 year old and still working hard.

Alfredo with his price  first price                                               The Rastellis - to the right Benny Schumann

Last time I saw Rastelli’s was in circus Schumann in 1978 and I was sure I never should have the pleasure to see these wonderful guys again. They were not so young anymore and I was aware that they wasn’t so crazy about the touring life in circus because of the modern circus one day stands around in Europe.

But of cause now it is clear to me that they should have the Golden Clown award for their fantastic work. When Rastellis are closing down their entrée some day, the world will lose a legend, but Alfredo promised here that he will continue until he had to be carried out of the ring. So maybe we will see Alfredo, Oreste and Vittorio again someday.

Cube Triu  with their second place                                                Cube Triu in action

The second place went to the two guys for Ukraine and Russia called Cube Triu I don’t now what their name stands for but they were very good. It was a mix of comedy and magic in a very high level. Without saying a word they made to different entrees this afternoon and they were both absolutely stunning. I hope that we in the future are going to see those two guys again in a Scandinavian circus. So all your nice circus directors, look up and sign them up for the 2003 season. There is a lot of Russian clowns employed in circus around the world today and we had to get used to their special kind of humour. If they all got the same standard as Cube Triu we are getting used to them very fast.

Cato and Florin


Florin and his charming dog Cato didn’t win anything but they made a very nice impression and it was very nice to see those two individuals play themselves through their entrée. Cato the clever dog and Florin the stupid guy are working very well together and you can see they both love to perform – the dogs tail is rocking all the time. They didn’t win anything but it would have been okay if they won something but anyway they won a lot of the spectators hearts.


It was absolutely high standard but to short and it would have been nice with more nominated clowns. People say that it is good for your health to laugh and we did. It was very nice to see Alfredo Rastelli looking so glad and satisfied with his nomination – he was really happy.


We are looking forward for next years Clown featival.


If you are fast you have the opportunity to see them all performing because they are all on stage everyday until the 18 August and Hello …….. It’s for free.


If you are interested in Ratellis their is a chance to get the video "Clown Clown" The Swedish circus Scott sells this rare item witih a lot of others great clowns It is a special performance from 1974 made in circus Scott. The video includes :


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