Bon - Bon and Tiina

reprise clowns - performing this year with Circus Arena in Denmark






The Gotys





Reprise clown from Russia.

Pio Nock.

Clown and high wire artist. Died 4 Dec 1998 on a chair in the ring.

The Rivel Family with Charlie Rivel to the left , two brothers and a lot of sons

Because of the size of the clown troup, they had to split up in two. Picture taken in 1932 before the split.

Gruss clowns

Rose clowns



One of the oldest clown entrés in Europe. Here with the old mirror entré. Chicky's are performing with the German Circus Krone 2001-2002

Late picture of Charlie Rivel

Chickys in circus Maximum-Sweden in 1999

Bruno from the Chicky's

Photo taken in Circus Krone (Germany)

Juli the 4. 2002

Rivels brothers

The 3 Bronetts

Kalle,Bruno and Hermann

Before they died, many years ago, they made their own circus- named Scotti. Later the name was  changed to Scott - One of Swedens many great Circuses.


Maybe the greatest clown in the world.

He was a fantastic buisness man to, because he build up a fortune. He was paid approxly 1000 Euro for one performance - and it was in the early 1900.......