Circus Dannebrog is comming from an old Danish circus family. The Circus has existed since 1880 but they have been out of buisness serveal times. Program collectors counts from 1977, The year that Haddy  Enoch took over.

Heavy load time, lots of pictures.


1977      Program Dannebrogs first seasson.

The size was A5.

1978      Program No picture yet
1979      Program No picture yet

1980 Program:

Lamas and goats (??).

Katja Enoch - Voltage.

Albin Arno - Knife balance

The Haddies - Bicycle act.

Spinoza - Magician.

Clowns ??

Franz Renz - Elephants.

Miss Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.

The 1980 program frontpage in goldprint but the inside in black and white.

Photo: entrance waggon with the red and white, 4 kingpoles tent in the background

16 sides - A5 size.

1981      Program No picture yet.
1982      Program:

Haddie Enoch - Horses.

Rolfinos - Jugglers.

Agnete Louise Enoch - Hand stand.

Bobo - reprice clown.

Rolandis - Dogs and monkys.

Miss tamara - acrobat.

The Haddies - Bicycle act.

Ramona and Roland - Jugglers.

Axo and Axo - Musical clowns.

Franz Renz - Elephants.

Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.


Size A5 with 16 sides in black and white.

Front cover in gold with a drawing made by Margit Midtgaard

1983      Program:

Duo Cornea - Ladder acrobats.

Enoch Junior - Tempo juggler.

Peppo and Willie - Musical clowns.

Agnete Enoch - Horse dressage.

Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.

Katja Enoch - tight wire.

The Haddies - Bicycle.

Dennie and Terry - Clown.


Size A5 with 16 sides in black and white.

Front cover like the 1982 program but in black instead of gold.

1984      Program No picture yet.
1985      Program:

Haddy Enoch - Horse dressage.

Alfons Frankello - Baby Elephants.

Duo Frenkis - Balance.

Lilian & Natacha Kroplins - Dog act.

Danny Danton - Juggler.

Katja Enoch - Tight wire.

The Haddies Junior - Bicycle.

Fazil Shalori - Fakir.

Rosita and Fred - Musical clowns.

Erwin Frankello - Pony dressage.


Size A5 with 16 sides. Inside the pictures is in black and white.

Cover designed by Børge Nees.

1986      Program No picture yet.
1987      Program:

Miss Marion - Pony Dressage.

Miss Anja - Rola Rola.

Miss Sonia - Balance.

Colerados - Wild wes Show ??

Trio Benos - Musical clowns.

Max Schumann - Horse Dressage.

Miss Rositha - Hula Hula ??

Haddies Junior - Bicycle act.

4 Fredies - Tempo jugglers.

Trio Oprescu - Dubble Perch.

Size A4 and still with 16 sides, partly in coller

No information about the drawing on the frontcover.

1988      Program No picture yet
1989      Program No picture yet
1990      program:

The Crazy Torpedos - Clowns.

Katja Enoch - Magic.

Mr. Constant - Juggler.

Venus Troupè - Perch.

Duo Dominiko - Comic misic act ??

Dennie Enoch - Bicycle act.

Markus - Power juggler.

Martina - Geese dressage.

Alaska express - Dog dressage.

Max Schumann - Horse dressage.

Jenny and Piccolo - Elepahnts.

Florin & Cato - Comic dog.

Winnetou - Antipode.

Size A4 - 16 sides 


Florin and Cato in this years program, was a few years later nominated in the clownfestival in Denmark.

1991      Program:

Lucien -Magician.

Max Schumann - Horse dressage.

The Haddies - Bicycle act.

Tamara Hurshudova - Trapeze.

Haraldo troupè - Horse acrobatic.

Albin Arno - Juggler.

Enoch - Elephants dressage.

Duo Stipka - Comic acrobats on horse.

Trio BArtok - Clowns.

Size A4 - but only 12 sides .

Cover drawing is like the 1982 program by Magit Midtgaard

Isabella Enoch was not in the 1991 program

1992      Program No picture yet.
1993      Program No picture yet.
1994      Program:

Signorina Paolina - Tight wire ballet.

Enoch's - Elephants dressage.

Jimmi Folco - Reprise clown.

Fratelly Brothers - Pantomime clowns.

Agnete Enoch - Horse dressage.

Haddies Jr. - bicycle act.

Jonny Fischer - Different animal dressage.

Dahlia Lorent - Dog dressage.

Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.

Helaugs - Magic.

Arcardo - Reprice clown.

Helena - Vertical rope.

Duo Beno - Ladder acrobatic.

Very nice program with lovely  Isabella Enoch, a international wellknown trapez actor, on the front cover.

16 sides - Size A4

Full coler and made in thick paper.

Dannebrog had 2 reprise clowns on the program, Jimmi folco and Arcardo

1995      Program:

Ernest Arotunjan - Liberty horses.

Yvonn Mirè - Limbo dance.

Lott & Leslie  - Caskadeure.

Tania, Nicoleta & Elena - Vertical sail.

The Haddies - Bicycle act.

Solveig & Haddy Enoch - Elephants

Die Taborkas - Air sensation ??

Marko Sperlich - Goat and pony dressage.

Jimi Enoch - Glass balance.

Die Toborkas - Perch.


Size A4 with 16 sides.

On the frontcover is Lott and Leslie in their caskadeure act.

1996      Program:

Robert Fossets - Liberty horses.

Terry Torrez - Crocodiles and Snakes.

Jimmi Enoch - Juggler on bicycle.

Winnetou - Antipode.

Dubsky Rivel - Clowns.

The Haddies - Bicycle act.

Sir Robert Fossets - WElephant dressage.

Svetlena Smirnova - Trapeze.

Bonnie and Clyde - Illusion.


Size A4 with  20 sides.

On the frontcover is Katja Enoch and Henry Frøchle in their illusion act.


1997      Program:

Natalya, Janna, Vladimir and Anatoly - Flag jugglers,

Nikki Fossett - Liberty riding.

The Gotys - Clowns.

Rosante Danglar - Sealions.

Robert Fossetts - Elephant.

Igor and Jimmi - monobikes.

Bonnie and Clyde - Magic.

Shoustov Brothers - Acrobats.

Monsieur Henrie - Antipode.

Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.


Size A4 - 20 sides.

Front picture shows The white clown from the "Gotys"

1998      Program:

Jimmy Enoch - Jumping act ??

Quaiser - Elephants.

Duo Stykan - Ekvilibrist.

Quaiser - Horse dressage.

Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.

Luraschi sisters - Knife balance.

Salvini - Clowns.

1001 nights adventures - Camels and horses.

Anatoli - Handstand.

Size A4 - 20 sides.

Front showing 2001 nights adventure from Kasakhstan.

The animal is probably a Yak

1999      Program:

Valenchuck Troupè - Perch.

Alan & Jeany di Lello - Musical clowns.

Duo Victoria - Dogs dressage.

Lidia & Leonid - Comedy.

Two Ignatovs - Acrobatic/Jugglers.

Maxim Cherevko - Polecats dressage.

Haddy Enoch - Liberty horses.

Trio Haddies jr. - Bicycle act.

Alfons Quaiser - Elephants.




20 sides - and Size A4

Frontcover shows Ignatovs a couple who preformes a mix of Acrobatic and jogling.

2000      Program:

Gina Giovannis - Handstand/Balance.

Sos Petrossian - Juggler.

Haddies - Bicycle act.

DAvid Kost - Washington trapeze.

Haddy Enoch - Horses.

Mr. Spaghetti - ???

Janos & Florence - Dog soccer.

Dubsky Rivel - Clowns.

Diana Rhodin - Elephants and horses.


20 sides - Size A4

Frontcover drawn by the Danish artist Stinne Teglhus.

She is also the person behind the  vignetts inside the program.

2001      Program

Salskys - Wheel of death.

Skating Sayers - Roller skates.

Lazar troupe - Perch.

4 Augustin - Acrobats.

Vicky - Cats.

Dou Victirias - Dog dressage.

Two Novicovis - Jugglers.

Les Luftman's - Clowns.

Peter Salsky - Reprise clown.

Isabella Enoch - Trapeze.

Haddies Jr. -  Bicycle act.

Bernhard Kaswlowsky - Liberty horses.

Cassellys - Elephant.



Again 20 sides with a Size in A4.

Like the 2000 program the front cover is drawn by Stinne Teglhus.