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First edition - 1 June - 2002




I have been in Circus....

Read the reviews for:       

Arena (Denmark) Language English

Benneweis (Denmark). Language English

Maximum (Sweden) Language English

Cirkuz Baldoni (Denmark) Language Danish


Circus Olympia review can be read on the swedish cirkus web  in swedish

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Dannebrog (Denmark). Language: English. (Comming soon)

Arnardo (delayed)

Merano (Norway) Language English(comming in August)

Arli (Denmark). Language Danish (comming soon).

Program Collector.   

A Guide to Skandinavien circus programs

In this edition we are looking in programs from:


With lots of nice pictures.

Language: English.


 Chickys performs in Circus Krone 

                           In the summer season 2002    

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Language: English


         This month  circus profile

      More than 40 years together   -    The Chicky's - June 2002

Language: English


The collectors sides


What is a good souvenir program ?


What about the animals ?

June article:

shows you how easy it is to learn pets nice tricks.

By Animal trainer Kenneth Severinsen


(to download for your own collection)

Trucks, tents, waggons, animals.....

This month from:

Circus Maximum (sweeden)

Arli   (Denmark)

Cirkuuz Baldoni (Denmark).



Looking for circus friends to help you collect their local circus items in exchange for some merchandises from you ??

Cirkus Skandinavia are trying to put circus freaks togheter.

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Article in June

Circus Skandinavia are looking back. 

In this month we are looking on a strange episode

between Charlie Rivel and his daugthers Circus  

Cirkus Schumann.

Translation: Charlie Rivel is tied

                                                        Circus tour in Sweden cancled

                                                                                                     Rivel needs rest.

Sorry in scandinavien launge only !




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