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Cirkus in denmark


A great side if you want historic infomation about Danish Cirsusīs. There is a news side, mainly about Danish circus and artists. On request you can get a complete list over all artist performed in Denmark since 1965


Danish Circus

Cirkus Arena    


The biggest circus in Denmark. They got a very comprehensive web-side with news, pictures, tour planes and mutch mutch more.

Read the review for this Circus ?

International topclass circus.

The oldest Danish cirkus. Tourplanes for the whole season.  

Read the review for this circus ?

International topclass circus.



Very old Danish Circus

International topclass circus.

Small circus

Cirkus Krone (Denmark)

Cirkuuz Baldoni


This is not to be compared  in size with the German Circus Krone. Because this is a very  nice but a small circus

Small family circus

Newest Circus in Denmark. A Circus without animals, so if you got any kind of allergy or if you dont' like animals performing in circus - this is the circus for you.

Read the review ?

See picture from this circus ?

Small Circus


Circus from Norway



Director Jan Ketil' s circus Agora. Medium circus with a international top class performance.

Nice webpage but they forget to opdate their traveling planes and they never answer any email. They got a nice souvenier web store but it isent posible to buy anything because you never hear from them.    Why ? 

Oldest circus in Norway. Nice web page with lots of information

Tour dates approx.1 week ahead.

International topclass circus



Younger circus in a very high standard.

Nice web with tour dates a few dates ahead.

International topclass circus

Tiny family circus with a nice little web but there is no tour dates

Small circus.

Circus from Sweden



Very nice circus

See picture from this circus ?

Read the review from this circus ?

International topclass circus

Very nice circus.  in the medium class.

Web side with tourplan for aprox. one month

International circus

Brazil Jack


Very old circus

Nice circus in the medium class.

Their webpage includes very little infomation.

International circus

Very old Swedish circus

International circus with a little different season than the other skandinavian circus. They first start up late Juli and ending Copenhagen in November.

Very nice web. With circus store, including Scott souveniers, videos and mutch mutch more.

International topclass circus


Circus From Oesterreich

Louis Knie




Different sides

Flexi girls

Side of the month.

Flexi girls are absolutely different from other web circus sides. Take a look of those girls, they bends, stretch and do everything impossible with their bodies.





Circus Items

Pegani trylle rekvisitter


The absolutely best supplier for magician requistes in Denmark. They got glose up and stage conjuring tricks as well. 

Supplier of lots of different circus items.

 If you want to make your own circus, JBO is maybe the answer ?

Clown shoes, Jugglers requisites, diablos -  also with fire, juggler balls, unicycles and mutch mutch more.

Only in Danish, but write to them in English - I'm shure they try to help you anyway.

 Private Circus webs

Circus gastspiele

Circus web

Great German side. If you are a circus freak and want to find a circus in Germany, Holland, Oesterich or Switserland you find the right place. 

There are routes, links and a lot more

Language in English, German and Dutch.

What more do you need ?

Go for it.

Fantastic German circus side. Everything you need.

Pictures, great link collection, circus stores and a lot more.

Language: German

Circus krone fanpage

Circus news

German Circus Krone fan page

Lots of pictures, including the Munich circus building

Swedish circusside made by Roger Malmer. Lots of links and news.





Circus models and circus trains

Wiking Models

Roco Trains

Model cars in a very high qualitet, makes cars, trucks and more with a lot of details.

Model trains in a extrem high qualitet. They have made 2 different circus Krone wagons and a circus Williams wagon set. Makes trains in both AC and DC system.


Tog Dillen

Preiser don't have a web page but the their phone number is: 0 98 61/94 80 0


Danish store that got a great program in stock. Preiser, Roco and a lot more. If you are near Copenhagen and interested in models, this is the right place.

Artist scools - how to do webs

Diablo tricks

Do you want to play Diablo ?? Here is the side lots of tricks and nice animations

Personly I play my self and - yes it works


Artist agency's

SMS entertainment


German artist agency with a large range of artists. With lots of pictures and information. In English and German.



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