Circus Arli - Small Family circus. Seats :  220  . The oldest of the small circus. Very well organized circus with a nice family performance including a few acts bought from outside. No animals in this circus.




Circus Baldoni. seats: 500. Small and new circus. There is no animals in Circus Baldoni. Nice performance, with Russian, swedish and Danish artists.




The oldes circus in Denmark. Seats :1400 . Chairs only, and a international top performance.


Circus Charlie Seats 500 - Small circus with a few international artists




Circus Dannebrog an old Danish circus. Seats 999. Chairs only. International performance


Small and nice Danish  family circus. Small but nice performance.


Small Family circus. Seats  200  . Benches only. Small performance mostly with family members.

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Circus Links Findland


Circus Finlandia - The only major circus in Finland. Seats 1400. - International performance.


Circus Links Norway


Circus Agora - Nice circus in the medium size. International performance.



 The oldes circus in Norway with great circus traditions. Seats 1400.

International top class performance.




Big circus ftrom Norway. Seats 1400. 

International topclass Performance



Small circus

Circus Links Sweden.

Circus Brazil Jack - Nice circus in the medium size. Seats 1000.


Circus Madigan



Circus Maximum - Absolut international topclass circus. Seats: 1400. Chairs nly


Circus Olympia - Nice circus in the medium class. There own animals are absolut international top class-Horses, dogs Camels. Seats: 700. Chairs only on the expencive places


Circus Rhodin   



The biggest Swedish circus. Seats : 1700. Chairs only on the expencive seats.The owners the  two Bronett brothers are invoveld in a lot of different circus performances. Circus Scott of cause, the circus prinses- performance in Februar with girls only and circus Massomo a producion made for an Italien television channel.


Circus Skratt


Cirkus Skratt is owned by the Danish circus Arena and they dilivers every year a complete circus. There is room for 1400 spectators - Chairs only



Circus for kids and by kids - The owner is Albin Ganovic