June 30th.



Holiday break

No updates the last week because of holiday break. The sad news is that the holidays continue and circus Scandinavia will be in France and Italy.



June 20th.

Circus Dannebrog

The Danish circus Dannebrog will be in Copenhagen from September 2nd. – September 18th. They will as usual be in the heart of Copenhagen –on Trianglen just besides the national football arena. At the same time circus Arena will be in Copenhagen and also in the heart of the city from September 4th – September 10th. It is the second time that Arena visit Copenhagen this season. Circus Benneweis will also be in Copenhagen from September 9th- - September 18th. Benneweis will be in the traditional circus place in Copenhagen called "Bellahoej" This is a great opportunity to see the 3 biggest circuses in Denmark in one weekend.


June 19th.

Circus Voyage

One more circus can be found in the north of Germany and close to the Danish border. It is the German circus Voyage (the Spindler family) performing in Buxtehude from June 24th. - June 26th. Circus Voyage is a middle size circus (36 m) with an international performance. They perform tigers and a single Giraffe and a lot of other top class entrees. So if you want to see a lot of circuses and don’t want to drive thousands of kilometres to see some of the greatest German circuses it is time to go now. In the north of Germany there is at the moment circus Berolina, Roncalli, Fligen Pilz, Voyage and a lot of smaller circuses.


June 17th.

Circus Roncalli

For all the Scandinavian circus Roncalli fans there is now a great opportunity to see circus Roncalli because this great German circus is in Kiel, just a little south of the Danish border, from July the 1st until July 23rd. There is a full review from the Roncalli show on the review page. I guarantee all circus fans that they will not be disappointed and the show is absolutely worth the money.


Circus Roncalli

Photo by circus Scandinavia 2005


Circus Berolina

Another great German circus is at the moment in the north of Germany. It is circus Berolina and they are at the moment in Rostock where they will stay until July 6th. Circus Fligenpilz are just finished their performances in Hamburg and they will continue to Eustin (june 25th. until June 27th.) only 3 hours drive from Copenhagen. After Eustin Fligenpilz will go to Neumunster, also very close to Denmark. (June 29th. until July 3rd.). This is a great opportunity to see a wide range of German quality circuses.



Circus Maximum.

For those who didn’t saw the Swedish circus Maximum performance in 2004 or in the television between Christmas and new year there is another chance. The Swedish channel 4 broadcast the 2004 performance once again on June 24th.


June 16th.

New tent for Baldoni.

The Danish Circus Baldoni has bought a new tent for the next 2006 summer season. The new 26 m tent (same size as tent Baldoni use in the current season) are in blue and white colours and will arrive to the winter quarter in February 2006. Director René Marvin reports to circus Scandinavia, that this season are the best in their history and they are very satisfied.


June 15th.


Circus animals in EU

It seems that there will be new rules for circus animals in EU. It is the idea to have the same rules in all countries. The new law will be made by circus people, Zoo employs, and not animal activists. EU is very much aware that local regulations against circus animals are made by the influence of animal activists. Those local regulations will come to and end when the new law is adopted. The law will include cage sizes, training methods and exercise and a lot of other regulations. There is no problem among most European circuses to meet the demands from EU and most circus are very satisfied with the suggestion.


June 12th.

Circus d´Hiver 2005-2006

Cirque d`Hiver is ready with the winter program in Paris. The Russian duo Mennestrelli with their very poetic dog traning act. Menestrelli could be seen in Circus Benneweis (Denmark) in the 2003 summer season and the year after they was on tour in Norway with circus Merano. The clowns are done by Rossyans, at the moment on tour in Sweden with circus Maximum. Last year they were in Circus Arena (Denmark) and in the seasons 2002 and 2003 they were in Maximum. A human cannonball act are done by the American girl – (Robin Valencia) Robin was seen in circus Finlandia in 2003. The cage act is done without cage by Bella Ringenbach and she performs a single tiger. From France comes Ataras with a trapeze act. Camels presented by Regina Bouglione. Joseph Bouglione present wild horses, From Italy comes Alberto Caroli and he is doing the reprise clown part. Aerial Rings done by Natalia Ergorova (Russia). The thrilling act comes this year from Moldavia and it is a high wire act presented by Basiul. Spanish juggler called. Picaso Jr.


Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).



June 9th.


Udlev dine artistdrømme på Cirkusmuseet i Hvidovre


Cirkusmuseet laver cirkusskole mandag d. 20/6 og tirsdag d. 21/6 samt mandag d. 27/6 og tirsdag d. 28/6 fra kl. 11-15. Under instruktion af artister fra Akademiet For Utæmmet Kreativitet vil du prøve at arbejde med forskellige cirkusdiscipliner så som akrobatik og jonglering. Afslutningsvis vil du kunne vise dine artistevner frem for dine venner og din familie. Skolen er for børn i alderen 10-15 år og er gratis for børn bosat i Hvidovre, mens de to dage koster 75 kr. for børn bosat udenfor Hvidovre. Tilmelding til Cirkusmuseet tlf. 36 78 69 67 eller e-mail cirkusbyen@hvidovre.dk senest fredag d. 17/6.



The circus museum in Denmark (Hvidovre) will make a circus school Monday June 20th. And Tuesday 21st. and again Monday June 27th. Under the instruction of artists from "the academy of untamed creativity" you can try to work with different circus disciplines as Acrobatics and Juggling. In the end it will be possible to perform for your family and artist friends and show them your new skills. The circus school is for children in the age from 10 to 15 years. For kids living in Hvidovre it is free of charge and for kids outside Hvidovre the fee is 75 Danish kroner (10 Euro). If you want to be a part of this School please call the museum on telephone 36 78 69 67 or send an email cirkusbyen@hvidovre.dk before June 17th.


June 7th.

Circus in Afghanistan.

For the first time for many many years there is circus in Afghanistan. The circus is placed in Kabul near the stadium. It is an enormous success an the ticket prise is 1 dollar and for that the get 2 hours of entertainment.




I wrote a few days ago that Henrik Saltzman was responsible for the German circus Mustang in Sweden. He was not – only hired as administrator and for that reason he was not directly responsible for the animal handling in this circus. Henrik Saltzman is now hired as administrator in Circus Roselly and Circus Bambino.


June 4th.

                                              Circus Flee after attack

Circus Star, in South Wales, were abused and threatened by a gang of youngsters between 16 and 20 years, so much that they had pack up and move on. The police was there to help but the circus decided to give up there performances because they wasn’t feeling secure.




Circus Roncalli review ready in monthly magazine - here


June 1st.


One of the best circus pages are closing

Ralf Holstein has in 6 years delivered news from the world of circus and mostly from Germany on his web page Circusweb.de. Of personal reasons he will close down this fantastic page and it will be missed. Lots of circus people have used this page to gain information from the German circus business. You have done a great work Ralf and personally I will miss your very important page.



Monthly internet magazine opdated with circus Baldoni video - here



Monthly internet magazine.

The monthly internet magazine for circus Scandinavia is a little delayed. It will be finished in the next week and the magazine for June will be made late in this month. As usual there will be no internet magazine in July.