August 31st.


Ingo Steibner.

Ingo Steibner and his sea lions have been exchanged with a horse act in Circus Maximum (Sweden). Ingo Steibner had another contract in France and left Maximum here in August. In stead it is the great animal trainer Anton Frank performing horses, exotic animals and now the well-known horse act entrée – Big and small.



The Jasters.

The fantastic Italian knife and crossbow act – the Jasters and at the moment on the last part of the summer tour with the Norwegian circus Arnardo have lots to do in the future. And I know why because the act is extraordinary elegant, visual and extremely thrilling. I have seen this act twice – one time in Circus Moira Orfei in 2004 and again in Arnardo in the early spring. Very soon they will leave Norway and in November they will be a part The Grenoble circus festival and later they will be a part of Offenburger Christmas circus. Next summer season the Jasters will be in Switzerland performing for circus Knie.  - info by Italian circus fans


August 30th.

Monthly Magazine opdated with circus Olympia review - here

August 27th.

Soren Ostergards variety show.

Normally circus Scandinavia only writes about circus. So this short review is done because Soren Ostergard normally has a small circus called circus Nemo. Circus Nemo is a mix of circus and comic in a very special way. Circus Nemo is made by the Danish actor Soren Ostergard and he has an enormous passion for circus. That is the reason for he made his own circus many years ago. Last year he was asked to make a variety show in the famous glass room in Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen. The Glass room has a lot of traditions and lots of famous people have performed here Marlene Dietrich, Josephine Baker and Charles Azanavour and many many other world stars. When Soren was asked to make a variety show here in Tivoli Garden he just moved his circus Nemo indoor, hired a singer, an actor and he could call his circus a variety show.

I will only write a little about the 3 artist entrees included in the show because that will be the only interesting part on a circus web page. The German juggler Oliver Groszer was on the stage twice. His first entrée was a traditional juggling act and the next was a mix of illusion, magic and juggling. The first entrée was very ordinary but the second was just great and very special. To catch a cigarette in the mouth is not so difficult but throw it behind the back and catch it, that is just not easy. After showing his skills a couple of times and he did a trick that I never have seen before. He lighted a match and a throw behind his back and the match was sitting in his mouth just besides the cigarette – and now Mr. Groszer could light his cigarette - just fantastic. Oliver Groszer was just world class but his act is a typical variety act and not for the circus ring.

The Italian contorion artist Annaliza Catena did a traditional contorion act in a very nice level. She is beautiful and with a very charming attitude. Those kind of body bending acts are very visual and always chocking somehow. She did all the possible and impossible bending – nice act but nothing new.


Kotini Junior Clown from Ukraine with a lot of nice titles behind him as a silver medal in the 27. Festival of Monte Carlo. Kotini has been in circus Roncalli and in the Canadian cirque du Soleil but sometimes it is not a success to take an artist out of a general performance and put him into a variety show. Maybe he is funny together with other clowns and in an integrated performance as Cirque du Soleil or Roncalli but as a stand alone clown he was not good. Kontini was absolutely not well adapted to the other acts in the show and the act was out of place.



August 26th.

Brianos circus travels

If you should be interested in circus tours, there is important information on the following text. The text is in Scandinavian language only and if you should be interested to be a part of circus tours to circus Krone in Germany or Monaco circus festival and can’t understand the text, please contact circus Scandinavia for details.


Cirkustur til 30 års jubilæum Festival International du Cirque de Monte- Carlo


Briano´s Cirkusrejser

Arrangør : Brian Behrendt, Ledreborg alle 42, 4000, Roskilde, Danmark.

Telefon :46424024 eller 22595046 imellem kl. 18.00. - 21.00.

I 2004 gik turen til cirkus Barum i Flensborg.I 2005 gik turen til Cirkus Krone. I Tyskland

I år 2006 og 2007 vil der være tur til den meget berømte Cirkus Festival i Monaco, Efter hvad jeg har fået oplyst er det i år 2006 alle de prisbelønnede cirkusartister genem 30 år som deltager.

Jeg har valgt at vi bor i Nice da hotellerne er meget dyre i Monaco. Bussen afgår hver 15 min. til Monaco tager kun ½ time.

Vi kan se 2 forestillinger Det bestemmer du selv se priser nedenfor men

Tirsdag 24 Januar er den store aften forestilling.

Den første af Årets Cirkusture har afrejse Søndag den 22 Januar med Fly og hotel.

hjemrejse Torsdag den 26 Januar.

Turen bliver med sikkerhed gennemført.

Arrangøren Brian Behrendt fortæller : Efter succesen med turen i 2004 – 2005. har jeg i samarbejde Mærsk, besluttet at arrangere en ny tur, denne gang med 4 overnatninger og morgenmad. Turen vil blive gennemført i Fly og Taxa. Prisen for transport i fly Tranfer fra Lufthavn til hotel og retur på hjemrejsedagen (Bus til Cirkus Festivalen fra hotellet til Monaco er på egen regning, men vi kan følges ad.). Hotellet er med morgenmad

Prisen er 3200 kr. pr. pers. For. Overnatning i dobbeltværelse. For enkelt værelse 3700 kr. Lidt om hotellet : Hotellet hedder Agata 3 stjernet, ekxtra fin turistklasse, moderne hotel. og ligger tæt på havnen. Værelsesfaciliteter : Klimanlæg, Fjernsyn, Satelit-tv, Telefon, Føntører, Automatisk telefonvækning, el 220v. Og eget bad/toilet Hotelfaciliteter : Mellemstor lobby, 1 elevator, Vaskefaciliteter,Biludlejningsfaciliteter Tidligst indtjeking kl. 13:00. på ankomstdagen.

Oplysninger om området :3 km til den nærmeste station. 2 km til bymidten. 2 minuters gang til nærmeste busstop, Bus nr 30 kører til byens centrum og der kører bus til Monaco hvert kvater.

Til prisen skal lægges Cirkusbiletten

Tirsdag 24/1 Kl. 20.Gallashovet : First Category 1100 kr. 2nd category 700 kr.

Reserved upper level benches 300 kr incl. Gebyr.

Onsdag 25/1 kl. 20.30. First Category 500 kr. 2nd category 400 kr

Reserved upper level benches. 200 kr. Inkl Gebyr

Hvis du er interesseret i at deltage så Ring senest 30 september 2005 sig navn, adresse, telefonnummer Pasnummer samt antal personer til Ring gerne hvis du har spørgsmål eller vil sikre dig, at der er plads på telefon : 46424024 eller 22595046 imellem kl. 18.00. - 21.00.

Beløb for transport og cirkusbillet skal betales samtidig med tilmelding til turen. Det sker nemmest ved at indsætte beløbet på konto reg nr. 9173 konto nr. 4150106513 i BG Bank, Lydende på Cirkusfestival og dit navn. Alternativ kan beløbet sendes til Brian Behrendt i form af en crosset check.

Der startes fra Kastrup Lufthavn kl 16.05 (Check in senest 1 time før)

Herefter vil vi Flyve til Nice med ankomst Kl. 18.20 herfra bliver vi kørt til hotellet

Hjemrejse afgang fra hotellet kl. 13.00. afgang fra Nice kl. 15.05. (Check in senest 1 time før)

Ankomst Kastrup lufthavn kl.20.25 Husk ! Pas og Euro)

Yderligere information se også


August 25th.

Benneweis Gala premiere in Copenhagen

September the 9th. there will be gala premiere for circus Benneweis in Copenhagen. At the same time it will be the end for circus Benneweis summer tour 2005. Benneweis will stay on Bellahoej in Copenhagen until September 18th. Before the Gala premiere the next season souvenir program front will be released for invited guests. The front page will be chosen from hundreds of drawings made by kids through the season.

The fantastic Farellos as we can see in Circus Benneweis 2005


August 24th.

Monthly Circus Magazine opdated with pictures from the Swedish Circus Maximum - here

August 23rd.

Happy birthday.

Happy birthday to René Marvin – director in the Danish circus Baldoni with his 40 years today. Last week René was married to his girlfriend Thessa and today he can celebrate his 40 years.


Interested in circus from Portugal

There is a lot of interesting circus pages on the internet. Many of them are in the local language and not always readable for all people in the world. On those pages we can often enjoy pictures and sometimes guess what is written. Lots of work is done on those pages and many of them are updated many times a week. Sometimes you find pages in English from a not normally English spoken country. One of those very interesting pages is the Portuguese circus web page – The circus living show. Here it is possible to gain a lot of knowledge from the Portuguese circus business, including pictures and background material. Here is the link.


The 2nd. World festival of circus art.

The 2nd world festival of circus art will be held in Moscow from September 26th. – October 2nd. Lots of world star artist, mainly from Russia will be a part of the spectacular show. But it is not only Russian artists on the program because the Spanish high wire artists – Los Quiros will be a part of the show too. Los Quiros are at the moment on tour in Denmark with circus Benneweis ending their summer tour September 18th. in Copenhagen.

August 17th.

Monthly Circus Magazine opdated with Circus Maximum review - here

August 15th.


Still lots of circus

It is still possible to see some nice German circuses in the north of Germany. Very near to the border if you comes by boat from Rodby, there is the nice circus Paul Busch. The circus with lots of animals – circus Fligenpilz – can still be reached just across the border - in Rendsburg.


August 14th.

Circus wedding

Here are a few pictures from the wedding saturday - between Thessa and René Marvin –Director of circus Baldoni.





Circus Baldoni

Circus Baldoni reports that they will be on the road in the 2006 tour with a live circus band. The first years, circus Baldoni has used tape or CD music under the performance but from next season it will be with a 3 man circus band. For a better and "bigger" sound, it is the idea to use sampled sounds and instruments together with the small live band.


August 13th.


Monthly circus Magazine - preview for August ready - here


Monthly circus Magazine opdated with clowns photos from 2005 - Here



August 12th.

Circus Festival in Lille, France.

The circus Festival in Lille, France will run from October 8th to November 13th 2005. In the program is the famous ventriloquist – Kenneth Huesca – Kennneth is brother to Kevin Huesca, at the moment on tour with the Swedish circus Maximum. The gold clown awarded artists from Monte Carlo circus festival 2004 – Puzanovis, at the moment on tour with circus Arena in Denmark will also be a part of the Lille circus festival. Another act from Arena will be in Lille – The globe of Death riders – Diorio. Maike and Jorg Probst as we could see here in Scandinavia working in circus Benneweis a few years ago will be a part of the performance too.

Info John Cooper - England


August 9th.


At Theater Carre in Amsterdam, Holland, the World Christmas Circus is headlined by Dutch illusionist Hans Klok.

Also appearing are Francesco (Benneweis 2004 and 2005), who is sharing the comedy with American David Shiner, and Mr Dalmatin with his dogs and ponies (Benneweis 2004, Arnardo 2003 and Maximum 2002). The show runs from 22 December to 8 January.


  Deadly accident in Circus Agora.

Another tragedy on only two months strikes the Norwegian circus . And once again it was a traffic accident. The accident occurred on the main road between Molde and Sunndalsora yesterday morning just before 7. Two trucks went over and one of the drivers was crushed to death. Another tragedy happened last month when a circus worker was killed also in a traffic accident. Director Jan Ketil has cancelled the evening’s performance.



August 8th.

Yasmine Smart.

One of the most famous horse trainers in Europe has sold her horses to circus Arena in Denmark. The horses will arrive to the Arena winter home after the current season.

Yasmine is the granddaughter of the famous circus man Billy Smart and Elleano Stey. Yasmine presented her first liberty horses when she was ten and her methods of training are based on reward and patience. Her horses have travelled through Europe with a great success and has been a part of many many shows.




In Cammino

The Italian circus Magazine – In Cammino- was yesterday delivered to the Italian artists in circus Maximum. Rossyann clowns and the fantastic ventriloquist Kevin Huesca was happy to receive a copy.



August 7th.

Nobel horse gala to Holland.

Robert Bronetts Nobel horse gala will perform in Holland in 2006. The man behind the tour in Holland is Fernand Banning, the same guy who is behind the Danish circus Arena tour also in 2006.

Info Holger Gensel - Germany



Robert Bronett will go to Holland with his Nobel horse gala show in 2006


Circus Maximum in Helsingborg

Circus Scandinavia was guest here tonight in the Swedish circus Maximum. Circus Scandinavia was witness to a fantastic performance, with entertainment for the whole family. Circus Scandinavia will be back in a few days with a full review from the performance and of cause with a lot of nice pictures. Until then enjoy the picture of Dalian troupe from China and their stunning bungy jump act.


August 6th.

BonBon in circus Ahoy

The Danish clown BonBon and his partner Tiina will be a part of the Dutch circus Ahoy in Rotterdam from December 20th.- December 31st. They will go to Holand together with circus Arenas liberty horses performed by Suzanne and Carsten Berdino. It is the second year that Arenas horses will be performed in circus Ahoy.

August 5th.

Enschede circus Festival.

The Dutch –Enschede circus festival will run from December 21st – December 29th. In the program will be, the German Casselly family at the time on tour with the Danish circus Arena in Denmark. The Casselly family will perform their horses, high school and their 4 African elephants. Last year Casselly was on tour in Sweden with circus Skratt. The reprise clown Don Christian will also be a part of the festival. Don Christian could be seen in Norway in 2003 and 2004 with circus Merano and at the moment in circus Finlandia in Finland.


Circus Maximum (Holland)


Here is a little short review from the new circus Maximum in Holland. It is made by the German circus friend Holger Gensel.

Circus Maximum ,not the one from Sweden but from Holland are making a 6 weeks tour around in Holland. The circus is owned by Rogier Schol and Monique can Dinther and performs mainly on camping places. The tent is a red and white, 30 m in size.

The program:

Ronny Fontner – dancing plates and reprise clown.

Veno Mendes – Liberty horses.

Monika Freiwald – Camels and lamas.

Lutz Freiwald – Zebras and elephant.

Natacha Freiwald – Goats.

Monika and Natacha Freiwald – High School.

Duo Blazing Blade – Fire show and crossbow.

Miss Georgina – Vertical rope.

Duo Kastello – Trapez.

Speaker and ringmaster was Jos Uyterlinde. Jos was performing in 2002 by circus Massimo where he performed the Swedish circus Olympias Camels. The show was running for 2 hours and the performance fantastic.




August 4th.

Benny Berdino and Sos Fenger.

Circus Arena (Denmark) director Benny Berdino and the Danish pop star – Sos Fenger has recorded a new CD. The song "Just a little stupid" has reached the Danish top chart list and is listed as number 10. Also music from the current Arena tour is released. The CD includes all songs and tunes played under the performance including Sos Fengers song "Small stars in Circus" Both CD´s can be bought in the souvenir store in circus Arena.