July 30th.

New In Cammino

The fantastic Italian circus magazine"In Cammino" has released a new issue. 88 pages in full colour with lots of news about circus and artists. In this issue there are articles about – Circus Knie, Circus Massimo, Cesare Togni, Monte Carlo 2006, Royal circus and much much more from the world of circus. For more information please follow the link - here


July 29th.


New book.

A new book release concerning circus transportation from 1950 – 1970. The author is the Dutch circus collector Henk Vann den Berg. The book includes 150 pages printed in full colour. More than 500 pictures from the circuses through out Europe. The pictures have never bee released before. The book is in a limited edition on 500 books only. If you should be interested in this master piece please follow this link here





July 27th.



The Russian clowns – Kapitanski, at the moment on tour with the Danish circus Baldoni are signed for the Dutch circus Martin Hanson winter circus for the 2005/2006 tour. Also their daughter - Alexandra will perform with her very charming dog act. It was the first time that Alexandra performed with her dog this year in Circus Baldoni. Premiere will be December the 2nd. 2005




Extra circus Charlie pictures (Denmark) - here



July 25th.

Circus Arenas book reviewed

The new book made by circus Arena for their 50 years anniversary is reviewed by the British king Pole magazine. The book is very colourful and with lots of photos which makes this book interesting for people outside Scandinavia. The book describes circus Arena from the very beginning in 1955 until today where circus Arena is the biggest circus in Scandinavia.

The book comes with the current souvenir program and can be bought as hard back or in soft. There are in 148 pages (20x30 cm(A4)) with hundreds of very interesting photos showing all sides of circus Arena. At the moment it is not possible to buy the book directly from circus Arena but if you should be interested in this very nice book please contact circus Scandinavia for further information.

Circus Arena book


Circus worker killed

A tragic traffic accident occurred when a 27 years old circus worker from the Norwegian circus Zorba was killed. The accident happened in Ryfoss - Norway. There was no one else involved in the accident.


July 24th

Circus Maximum

For all Danish circus friends – The Swedish Circus Maximum will be in Helsingborg August 6th. Performance at 19:00. Maximum will not come any closer to Denmark.



Roco in liquidation

The very famous hobby train manufacturer - Roco are gone into liquidation. What have that to do with circus? Because that Roco is together with the German firm – Marklin the world’s largest manufactory of circus trains in the size 1:87. Lots of circus collectors collect those extremely nice train wagons. Some of them are very rare today and most of the wagons were specially made – most for German circuses to be sold in the circus store.

One of many circus train items. This copy was specially made for the Austrian circus Althoff Jacobi to be sold in the circus store.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C)

July 23rd.

Circus Bronett premiere.

Circus Bronett planes to have premiere in Malmo – Sweden is cancelled. It is now the planes to have premiere in 2006. It is the second time that the Swedish circus Man – Henry Bronett cancels the world premiere. They should have started up in 2004 but now it is cancelled again. Instead Henry Bronett will produce a show with artists, clowns and symphonic orchestra. The show will mainly be performed on stages.


July 22nd.

New circus in Holland

A new circus is born in Holland. The name of the circus is Circus Maximum and they are only touring in the holiday period. The tour goes among holiday parks around in Holland. The owner is Rogier Schol, he was the Public relation manager for Circus Herman Renz during the last few years. All the animal acts are from Germany (Lutz Freiwald; elephant, horses, farm animals, exotic animals). Ringmaster is Jos Uiterlinde, he worked at Circus Olympia in Sweden a few years ago.

Info: Leendert Bedijn - Holland

July 19th.

Ingo Stiebner

The sea lion trainer Ingo Stiebner is signed for circus D´Hiver in Holland for the 2005 – 2006 winter season. Ingo is known in Scandinavia where he has performed in most circuses latest in Circus Maximum (Sweden). Also signed are the springboard troupe – Catana seen in Scandinavia in 2003 where they was on tour with circus Arena in Denmark




July 18th.

Circus Wedding.

The Danish circus Director – René Marvin will be married to Thessa August 13th in Saedder church (Sædder in Danish) at 4 o’clock. Rene asked his girlfriend Thessa to marry him under the premiere in circus Baldoni a few months ago. Thessa said yes and now the couple will be married in a break from the current tour. Circus Scandinavia congratulates the couple.


René and Thessa will be married August 13th. 2005

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2005 (C).


Circus Krone

The biggest circus in Europe – the German circus Krone will go north this year and perform near the border to Denmark and Scandinavia. From September 7th until October 12th. they will perform in Berlin. Circus Krone presents a lot of top class artists



Rossyann Clowns.

The French clowns Rossyann will be a part of the new circus Production by Cirque d´Hiver in the circus building in Paris. The Rossyann Clowns – the two brothers Hector and Yann are on the current tour with the Swedish circus Maximum. The Russian couple – Menestrelli are a part of the show to. Mennestrelli and their very poetic dog act could be seen in Norway (circus Merano) in the 2004 summer tour and in the Danish circus Benneweis in 2003. Cirque D´Hiver starts their season October 22nd. 2005.

Rossyann clowns when they were on tour with circus Arena (2004) Denmark

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2004 (C).


July 17th.

A long break.

There has been a long break in the updates of Circus Scandinavia but now we are back with more news for all circus interested readers.