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Circus Scandinavia down.

In the past week Circus Scandinavia has been down caused by a computer virus. All files including photos are at the moment transferred to another computer to save so much as possible. So please be patient and circus Scandinavia returns in a few days with lot of circus stuff. If you have mailed Circus Scandinavia in the past weeks I have not received the information. Please mail me again on this mail address this is a temporary address but can be used in the next 2 weeks.




March 29th.

Ekstra Arena pics here

March 28th.

Freezing artists in circus Baldoni

When the artists from Mombassa in Africa showed up in Copenhagen, they had no idea how cold it can be in Denmark. The guys from Africa showed in summer clothes and had no idea about the temperatures in Denmark this time of the year. Last time this African troupe were in Denmark was in August where the temperature was around 30 degrees C. 90 degress F. That’s not the case now and René Marvin from Circus Baldoni had to buy winter clothes for those guys – Gloves, boots and others to keep them warm..


Yesterday there was rehearsals in the tent and Baldoni will be ready for the summer tour starting April 3rd.

Mombassa boys in circus Baldoni yesterday -  with lot of clothes.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C). 2004


March 25th.

45 kids in circus.

Circus Scandinavia invited yesterday 45 kids in circus Arena.. They arrived 1 hour before the performance where they had a guided tour around in circus. After the performance Sonny Frankello took Mahler in the ring for elephant riding. All the kids got a ride on this wonderful animal. It was a very nice evening and all the kids were very impressed by the artists, especially Xelo (Diablo) and Claudia Bremlov (antipode).

Some of the kids petting Mahler -The web master to the right.

Photo by Christina -Circus Scandinavia (C) -204.

Here it is the webmaster on Mahler.

Photo by Christina -Circus Scandinavia (C). 2004


March 24th

March issue opdated with circus Arena review.

Direct link here

March 23th.

Circus Dannebrog 2004 program.

Circus Dannebrog in Denmark has released their summer 2004 program. It seem to be a very nice and strong program with lots of family members included. The speciality in the Enoch family is their fantastic bicycle act where it seems to be the next generation who is taken over step by step. When I saw the act in the last season I was very impressed by the younger members of the family, they were really good. Reengaged is Casselly and his Camels, he has been in Dannebrog for many years now, so it wasn’t a surprise to see him again this season. He is also in charge for the elephants and calls his act for Berny´s Angels.


Here is the program:


Ring master – Agnete Louise Enoch.

Katja Enoch is in charge of Dannebrogs own horses.

Katja Enoch with horses.

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C) 2003.

The Steckels – The Danish cascadeur act in world class. Last year on tour in Sweden with Circus Maximum and in 2002 in Norway with Circus Merano.

The Steckels.

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C). 2003

The Haddies – The Enoch family on bicycle in a very high level.

The Haddies

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (c) 2003

Isabella Enoch in Trapeze. Isabella is a world-class artist and do it very well in the trapeze. Isabellas acts are always new thinging and there is always new elements when she performs.

Cassely Camels.

Duo Yinling – Kautchuk .

Mr. Vitaliy – Acrobat.

Tsytko – Ikarian games.

Berny´s Angles. – African elephants.

Cassely with one of his two African elephants.

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C). 2003

Vyacheslav´s – Juggling.

Trio Nikita – Spring board.

Mariana and Igor Markevich – Dogs and others. Last seen in circus Merano for the 2003 summer season. And Circus Brazil Jack – Sweden in the 2002 season. They are very entertaining and I’m sure they could use the whole performance with their own acts.

The Markevich family.

Photo by Dag Fin Christensen (Cirkus Merano) (C). 2003

Di Lellos – The Italian world class clowns –seen in Circus Finlandia for the 2003 season.



March 22nd.

Circus Flic Flac the German cirque du Soleil.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


The German circus Flic Flac is an absolute positive experience. Circus Scandinavia visits the top modern circus in the weekend and saw the performance. Circus Flic Flac are at the moment in the North of Germany and it is possible for the Scandinavian people to experience another kind of circus.


There is no animals in Flic Flac and there is no saw dust either. There is a stage where the artist works but everything else is as a normal circus. Immediately when you arrive there is a difference.. Everything is dark and almost all colours are black there is a nice range of Circus souvenirs including many different T-shirts, books, CD with the Flic Flac music, lighters, toys and the whole performance on DVD including interviews and backstage footage. It is rare with videos from any circus but it is extremely rare that any circuses are selling DVD. There is only two circuses that I know of in Europe selling DVDs and Flic Flac are one of them.

One of many bars and souvinrs stores in Flic Flac

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C). 2004

The Flic Flac bar is very nice and the atmosphere is very special everywhere, mysteries and very exiting.


The artists in Flic Flac are young and very talented mixed with some acts with more experience. It is build up as a story and are sometimes scary but very visual. The performance is, because of that, not for minor kids but can be seen with mum and dad if you are over 9 years.


The light show is fantastic, lot of lasers, smoke and much much more. Lots of other ordinary European circus could learn very much of the highly visual light effect used in Flic Flac. The Music is a super hard core rock band and they fits beautifully to the acts. The music can of cause be bought and it is a very nice souvenir to gain and hear the music again when you come back home.


The view in Flic Flac are extremely well form all seats and there is room for 1400 spectators.


Flic Flac are highly entertaining and Circus Scandinavia can absolutely recommend a visit and the 26 Euros are worth the money for the best view.


For more details please go to the Flic Flac Internet page. There are information’s about everything. If you can’t go to Flic Flac, it is possible to buy the DVD directly from the circus but you have to pay in advance but please do – Flic Flac is worth it.


Photo by circus Scandinavia (C) 2004


March 17th.

Circus Benneweis 2004 program.

As one of the last circus in Scandinavia circus Benneweis released their 2004 summer program. Last year Circus Scandinavia wrote that the young star juggler Alan Sulc would be a part of the performance. He was last year in Norway and worked there for Circus Merano..


Amando Renz with Indian elephants wasn’t a secret either and Sergej Prostetson – Mr Dalmatine was known. Mr Dalmatine was in Circus Maximum for the 2002 season and in Arnardo in the 2003. A very charming act, with lots of humour. I’m not sure why the act is called mr. Dalmatine because most of the performing dogs was puddles when I saw the act last time in 2002 but any way the act is very good.


Duo Minasov a clothes changing act Francessco the reprise clown is reengaged and last seen in Benneweis in 19995. Francessco has been in USA for a period performing in Circus Big Apple, where the former circus princess in Circus Schumann Katja Schumann works.


Evegeni Shmarlovskiy has been in Benneweis before. In 1997 Evegeni was very successful in his different animal illusionist act. Everybody can remember his trick with the coat suddenly became alive.


The evening’s thrill is Los quiros with a high wire act. Maxim Papazov handstand in a very high class.. Victor Minasov in a special balloon act.


Premiere in Hillerod – North of Copenhagen April 7th. and Benneweis stays here until April 11th.



March 16th.


Cirkus Zorba

The small but very nice circus Zorba  in Norway has updated their web page. Information about artists and tour dates  for 2004 ready- Direct link here.



Circus Baldoni 2004.

Circus Baldoni web page has been updated, with all information about the 2004 program and tour. The tour starts with a short visit on Bornholm – a small island – Just as Baldoni did in the 2003 season. First performance will be April 4th. and last performance on Bornholm will be April 11th . After this date Baldoni travels to sjaelland and start up the season here April 15th. For more information please visit the Baldoni homepage here


Circus Baldoni in 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C). 2003


March 15th.

Television page opdated - here


New link on the circus link page

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March 14th.

No circus Massimo in Sweden this year.

There will be no Circus Massimo in Karlskrona - Sweden -this year. The festival should have been in February but was delayed. It was the plan to arrange the festival later in 2004 but now it is cancelled. Instead circus Massimo circus festival will be held in Rome later this year. Robert Bronett (director for circus Scott and the nman behind Massimo in Sweden) says that he will try to have Massimo back in Sweden in 2005



Louis Knie 2004 Program.

I have received the full Louis Knie program from Circus At.At in Austria. (Christoph Enzinger)


Louis Knie - liberty horses (from Flavio Togni)

Yvonne Lübben (daughter from publicity clown Lubino) - high school

Rudi Alessandrini - tiger act

Silver team - Russian bar

Mambo Jambo Troup - Kenya boys

Stefania - ring-trapeze

Marco Mariani - Clown

Valentin  - "The human slinky" and octopus dance show

Thomas Madatov – 10 man circus band and 1 singer.


March 13th.

March Issue opdated with extra pics from the Merano performance- Direct link here

March 12th.

Circus Herman Renz

The fantastic Martyne Chabri will this year perform in Circus Herman Renz in their 2004 season named SPLASH. Martyne are daughter of the very famous clown Toto Chabri seen lots of times in Circus Benneweis. Martyne was last seen in Circus Moira Orfei for the 2003 season . Tamara from France in swinging trapeze are engaged too and last seen in Circus Skratt and Circus BonBon in the 2003 summer tour.

Tamara outside circus Skratt 2003

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C) 2003


Circus FlicFlac in Lubeck.

The German circus Flic Flac will be in the North Deutschland from next weekend.. So all circus friends in Denmark have the chance to see this fantastic circus. Flic Flac wiil perform from March 19th. in Lubbeck   from April 8th. in Kiel  and  from may 7th. in Hamburg.. Circus Flic Flac is a highly specialized circus without animals.



Circus Arena almost ready.

The tent is raised in Copenhagen for Circus Arenas season number 49. In the following days the artists will arrive and the rehearsals will start in a few days. At the premiere the spectators will be met with a brand new entrance, maybe the most beautiful work ever seen in Scandinavia. Circus Arena will stay in Copenhagen for 3 weeks.

The beatiful art work on the new entrance 

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C) 2004.


Merano 2004 review opdated - here


March 11th.


Circus Arnardo 2004 program

Joowanis - Jugglers.

Paolina Folco Arnardo - tight wire

Exsotic animals

Encho Keryazov - Hand stand acrobat

Fumagalli - Clown - reprise.

Ponie reveu.

Pierre Marchand - Diablo.

Huesca brothers - Icarian games.

Azar Hamzayev - Kautchuck.

Fleishmann - Indian elephants.



Preview for march ready - here

March 8th.

Circus Merano primiere

The first circus on the road in the 2004 summer tour is circus Merano in Norway. The premiere was in Frederiksstad March 5th. Merano stays in Frederiksstad until March 8th. All the performances in Frederiksstad were sold out and Circus Scandinavia was of cause there to cover the new super show from director Knut Dahl.

Don Christian ready with a handfull of new gags for Circus Merano 2004

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Baba, Adriana Folco and Cecilie in circus Merano 2004

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (c).


Fumagalli in Circus Arnardo.

As Circus Scandinavia wrote a few weeks ago – The Italian star clown will be in Norway in the 2004 summer tour. It is the Norwegian circus Arnardo who has the pleasure to present this fantastic clown and the Norwegian people can look forward to a very pleasant experience. Fumagalli were in circus Scott in Sweden in the 2002 season and in Benneweis in 2003

Fumagalli - Both pictures by Circus Scandinavia (C)


Mr Dalmatine.

Mr. Dalmatine will be in circus Benneweis for the 2004 program. Mr. Dalmatine performs with Dalamtine dogs in a very high level. He was in circus Maximum in Sweden for the 2002 season and last year it was circus Arnardo in Norway for the 2003 season..


March 1st.

Program change for Circus Arena

The 2004 circus Arena summer program has been changed. The flying Tonitos will not be a part of the program. Instead it will be flying the Neves. The Skating Aratas will be there too with their fantastic family skating act. Last year the Skating Aratas entertained the Norwegian people in circus Merano.

Skating Aratas.

Photos by Dagfin Christensen and circus Scandinavia (C).


Pictures for circus Merano.

I have recived those two pictures from Italian Circus Fans. It is Kevin Huesca and Guidi brothers. Both acts will be a part of the circus Merano 2004 tour in Norway. The rest of the program can be found on the news page from February - here.

Kevin Huesca ventriloquist                                   Guidi Brothers Ikarian games

Photos  by Italian circus Fans (C).