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September 30th.

Circus Baldoni


Circus Baldoni have just ended their summer tour in Denmark. 156 performances in 147 cities. Lots of spectators in this new charming circus, made a nice season for Director René Marvin.

René -Director for circus Baldoni - picture for his one man show in the winter 2002

Photo By circus Scandinavia

Planes for the next season is almost ready and there will be some nice new attractions say René to circus Scandinavia. When René releases the program for the 2004 summer tour in Baldoni, it will be here on Circus Scandinavia.



No law against wild animals

It seems to, that there will be no law against wild animals in Germany. Suggestions that should ban Monkeys, Elephants and other wild animals couldn’t get enough votes.


September 28th.

One more record.

Circus Scandinavia has just made one more record. After a weak start two years ago with only a few guests every day, we have just grown every week. This week we had 34 thousand visitors reading Circus Scandinavia.

Revilinos and the happy webmaster -It is the web master in the Middle.

Picture by Lars Larna

Circus Baldoni

After circus Baldoni (Denmark) summer season it is time for Director René Marvins Christmas circus. His circus is split up in two departments one in Jylland and one on Sjaelland. Anders Wadsholt (magician and actor), Sergej and Zenya-strabat known from the summer season in circus Baldoni will tour on Jylland. The Barbie Family will make a plate juggler act, Hoola Hoop and a living doll act in the circus on Sjaelland. The Barbie Family was also part of Circus Baldoni summer tour.

Circus Baldoni - director and Thessa.

September 27th.

The Jasters

One more artists are signed to circus Krones winter program. It is the Italian Crossbow act "The Jasters". The Jasters are at the moment on tour with circus Moira Orfe in Italy and will be a part of the Circus Krone February performance. The Jasters was with circus Arnardo in Norway for the 1999 summer tour.


David Blaine

The American illusionist David Blaine, at the moment locked up in a glass container, has a lot of trouble. He will stay in the container, who is placed over the ground lifted up by a crane for 45 days without food. The persons in London throw eggs and foot on the container and the police decided to give him guarded protection. The problem is that the police will give David the bill for the police work when he leaves the container. David Blaine has an enormous success in the States but in London it doesn’t seem like a personal success.


September 25th.

Circus Krone


The German circus Krone winter program is partly been released. There will be premiere on the first program – December 15th. The second program starts January 2nd. And the third March 3rd. until April 4th. On the program will Colonel Joe –the mighty elephant, The clown troupe The Chickys (Should be there last performance ?), Sea lions performed by Duss, Christal Sembach Krone with Liberty horses,Perezvony – air acrobats, Arabeske – Acrobats, Quiros – High wire, Mario Berousek – high speed juggler and Jana Mandana - different animals.

Jana Mandana in Circus Krone 2002 -Bad Segeberg



September 24th.

Monte Carlo Circuas Festival.

The German elephant trainer – Sonny Frankello will be a part the Monte Carlo circus Festival 2004. He will perform with 4 of his 5 elephants – the last Elephant - Sahib will stay back in Germany. The Monte Carlo Circus festival are from January 15th. – January 28th. – 2004.

Sonny Frankello in Circus Arena 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia. (C).

September 22th.

Circus trip to Germany


We are some Danish circus fans, who would like to arrange a trip to one of the big circuses, when they visit Flensborg. Every year there is one of the greater Circuses – Krone, Barum – Busch Roland who normally visit Flensborg in the north Germany.

The big German circuses are known for their animal acts and very nice artists. For those there is to young to have seen wild animals like tigers and lions in a Danish circus would have the opportunity here and for the older generation it would be a chance to see those animals again.

The trip will be arranged on a Saturday

The trip to Germany will go by buss and the cost will be around 350 Danish Crowns. If there are under 20 persons who are interested the trip will be cancelled.

The Circus guests will be picked up with Hovedbanegården (train station) in Copenhagen with storebæltsbroen and in Fredericia.

If you are interested to be a part of this trip please contact

Brian Beherendt.

Ledreborg Alle 42

4000 Roskilde

Telephone 46424024


Circus Scandinavia has nothing to do with the arrangement but we think that is a good idea.

                                             September 19th.


Circus Scandinavia wrote a few days ago that the clown troupe "Revilinos" should stay in Circo Americano for a year. That is right but my friend Dario Duranti from Italian Circus friends corrected me. He explains that there is more than one Circus Americano and Revilinos shal be in Circus Americano in Spain and not the one in Italy. I´m sorry for those Italien people who was looking forward to see Revilinos. Now it is the Spanish people which have the pleasure to see those nice clowns.

Rivelinos here in Circus Arena 2003 summer tour.


New record for Circus Scandinavia.

6440 guests were yesterday reading circus Scandinavia – that’s a new record for a single day.

In this week there have been guests from:











United Kingdom





















Hong Kong


United Arab Emirates



New Zealand


South Africa




Circus Scandinavia says thank you to our readers all over the world.


September 18th.

Princess of Monarco

The famous princess Stephanie of Monarco married her boyfriend September 16th. in a private ceremony in Monarco. Her new husbands is the famous Portuguese circus artist Adans Lopeez Peres. Adans is at the moment on tour with his brother – The Lopez Brothers in Circus Knie –Swizerland. Circus Scandinavia congratulates the new family.


September 16th.

Circus Arena dromedary

The six dromedaries’ from circus Arena in Denmark, wasn’t allowed into Sweden to join Circus Skratt for the last part of the summer tour. The veterinarian authorities in Sweden said that some tests made on the animals wasen´t good enough. The dromedaries came from Sweden earlier this year to join circus BonBon in Denmark for a 6 week period but they couldn’t return to Sweden. Instead Circus Skratt hired another artist and the animals joined Circus Arena for their last part of the summer tour.

Nadia Kroplin with the Dromedaries in Circus Skratt earlier this season.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia



Fumagalli just finished his summer tour with circus Benneweis in Denmark. He is now on his way to perform in Cirque D´hiver Boglione in Paris. Fumagalli was a huge success and almost everybody loves this funny little Italian clown. If you want to read more about Fumagalli, Circus Scandinavia and Dario Duranti from Italian Circus friends, made an article earlier this year. Just follow the link –HERE

Fumagalli and one of 45 kids that circus Scandinavia invited in circus Benneweis

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C).


Circus Scandinavia statistics

Lots of guests on circus Scandinavia every week. The average of guests are around 15 thousands a week or 2300 every day. Most guests comes from Europe and they are reading about 90 thousands pages every week. So this page is a great opportunity for all circus and artists to back this project. So please send in news and information if you have something you would like to share with the whole world. It is absolutely free so there is no excuse.

If you have some information please write to circus Scandinavia just follow the link

We would like to hear you opinion too, so if you have some comments, good or bad, please write to and we will try to make this page even better.

You can write in Scandinavian, German or English.


September 11th.

Kim Kenneth and Sonny Frankello

Danish Illusionist with a great international career is going to perform in a gala show in circus Fligenpilz. He is going to perform with Sonny Frankello and his 4 elephants. Futhermore will Clown André, at the moment touring with circus Scott in Sweden, be there too. The Gala will be in Brussel from November 21st. Until December 14th. Kim Kenneth will work as ringmaster too.

Kim Kenneth and LeeAnn in Circus Althoff Jacobi 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia. (C).


Right after Kim will join circus Propst in Gelsenkirchen for Christmas circus. The first performance will be December 18th. Until January the 4th. Then there will be 7 weeks holidays in Denmark before he joins circus Billy Smart in England for a 9 months tour.

An article about Kim Kenneth will be ready in a few days on this page.


September 7th.

Accident in Circus Arnardo

3 young people were heard yesterday in Circus Arnardo –Norway. The accident happened when one of the plates on the gradin was broken down and the spectators felt 2 metres down to the ground. It is very rare that something like that happens and circus Arnardo will go through all the plates to prevent another accident.


September 6th.

Who is Jimmi Johansson


Jimmi Johansson is performing the Tinker horses in Circus Scott in the current tour. In 1983 he was together with Bengt Kallquist starting up circus Maximum and later he had circus Scala. Jimmi is in family with the Kosowiiks, at the moment touring with the Danish circus Arena




Clowns in Arena 2004

The clowns in Circus Arena Denmark in 2004 season will be the two fantastic brothers – Rossyan. The two brothers Yan and Hector from France are at the moment on the second tour with Circus Maximum in Sweden. There shouldn’t be a third season in Sweden because they will stay in the ring for circus Arena in March.


Rossyans are very famous clowns both as reprise and entrée clowns. They can play almost all instruments and do it extremely well.

Rossyan Clowns in Circus Arena in 2004

Pictures by Circus Scandinavia (C).



I wrote a few days ago, that Casselys Elephants would be in Arena next year. It is correct that Cassely is signed by Benny Berdino but not to circus Arena. Cassely will perform in Circus Skratt in Sweden and later in Circus BonBon in Denmark. Benny Berdino owns Circus Arena in DK. Circus Skratt in Sweden and that’s the reason for the confusion. The Elephant act in Arena in the 2004 season will be once again Sonny Frankello.

Sonny Frankello will be in Arena 2004

Photo bys Circus Scandinavia (C)



The Spanish clown Trio Rivelinos, at the moment with Circus Arena are going to Circus Americano in Italy after the 2003 summer season in Denmark. Rivelinos will stay with Americano for one year.


Revilinos and Kenneth (webmaster)

Picture by Lars Larna (C)

September 3rd.

Circus Scandinavia in Benneweis with 45 kids.


Circus Scandinavia invited yesterday 45 kids in Circus Benneweis – Copenhagen. They were all very happy and ready to be entertained by Fumagalli and all the other artists in Benneweis. All the kids agreed in, that Fumagalli was the best and he was out after the performance to say hello to them all. He was there for about 15 minnutes because he had to write his autograph on the back of all the tickets and to do a lot of photo sessions with the kids.

Fumagalli - Photo by circus Scandinavia

September 1st.

Dannebrog Camels out of the grass

The local government in Copenhagen will not allow circus Dannebrogs camels on the lawn in the park. The government says that the camels destroyed a part of the grass last year when Dannebrog was in Copenhagen. Circus Dannebrog has offered to pay for the grass but has been refused.

Dannebrogs Camels last year


Clown festival SouthWest 2003.

Helsingborg, 6-10 september .


With Thorbjoern Ahlstrom

Upper cuts and Handlets, Nola Rae


Baiba and Babsen







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