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December 31st.

Sonny Frankello

Sonny Frankelle and his four African elephants was winner of the Enchede Circus festival jury price in Holland. The German elephant trainer will be a part of Circus Arenas 2004 summer tour in Denmark. The other winners was – Duo Volkow – Trapeze and Jambo Mambo – African acrobats.

Sonny Frankello in Circus Arena 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).


December 30th.

The last circus bear left Britain.

The last circus bear (Fred) has left Britain just before Christmas. The 12-year-old brown bear was going by plane sponsored by British airways. Fred will live together with other bears in more natural sourrondings.


December 26th.

Circus Scott in Television

In is absolute season for circus in television. Two programs with the Swedish circus Maximum. One program from the Danish circus Arena and now it is The Swedish circus Scott with their 2003 summer program. A one-hour program from this nice performance, recorded this summer in Stockholm. The performance includes – The Zebras, Segura, André, Color of Brazil and a lot of other artists. So Tune in on the Swedish TV1 January 8th at 8 o’clock.

Clown Andeé and the webmaster outside Circus Scott 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (c)


Circus Christmas fun

Director René Marvin (Circus Baldoni) has just ended their in door Christmas tour in Denmark. The 2 units performed together 104 p0erformances with 25 thousand spectators.

Barbie Family from Circus Christmas fun.

Picture taken this summer in Circus Baldoni - Photo By circus Scandinavia.

December 20th.

Steven Pedersen

Italian circus fans has informed circus Scandinavia, that The Danish Sea lion trainer, Steven Pedersen, is a part of the Christmas circus in Italy. Steven Pedersen will work with his charming sea lions in Circus - Città di Roma – in Perlermo. There will be a lots of other animals in this circus and the guests in circus Benneweis this summer will remember Ronald Spindler with his camels and African elephants. Trio Rosé Michel’s will be there with their funny water entrée. Michel’s are well known in Scandinavia and has been performed in Circus Arena several times, circus Finlandia and this summer it was circus Arnardo in Norway in their summer tour.

Steven Pedersen and his sealions

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

December 18th.

Circus Maximum television

If you can see the Swedish channel SVT4 there is a nice opportunity to see two programs with this nice Swedish circus. The first program, about the life in Maximum, following the circus life for 24 hours. The second program is the 2003 summer program, with lots of world class artists. The Swedish horse trainer Jessica Bengtsson, daughter of director Herbert Bengtsson from the Swedish circus Olympia. Shane Smart with Elephants rented from Circus Americano in Italy. The Danish artist the Steckels. Trio Mich – Trampoline act from Spain. Menno van Dyke, Holland – Juggler. Flying Wulber – Flying trapeze. Rossyan –Clowns. Sea world - Acrobats.

The Fish from the Maximum 2003 summer program

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

It is a very nice performance and if you like circus this is a great opportunity to be entertained in the Christmas holidays

Jessica Bengtsson

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C)


First program: December 21st at 11:30 in the morning

Second program December 25th at 19:00


For more circus television please take a look at Circus Scandinavias Circus television service from all over Europe - Here


December 17th.

Cirque du soleil European tour dates 2004


Valencia – until January 4th.

Seville              January 16th. - February 6th.

Lyon                 March 5th - March 21st.

Milan                April 29th. - May 16th.


Later in 2003 Cirque du Soleil (Saltimbanco) will go to Marseille, Basel, Rome, Lille




London               January 9th. - February 8th.

Amsterdam        February 27th. - May 2nd.

Vienna               June 3rd. - July 11th.

Antwerpen         August 12th. - September 19th.


Cirque du Soleils two other units, Alegria and Varekai will be on tour in the United States and Canada



December 16th.

Colonel Joe back in Krone

The enormous elephant bull is back in circus Krone for the Krone winter January program. This wonderful elephant has been in Scandinavia several times – Circus Scott, Benneweis a few years ago and in Circus Merano in Norway for their 2002 program. Joe is a very nice elephant who really loves his trainer James Peters from USA. When James leaves him for a few hours, he turns on a tape recorder with his voice recorded otherwise Joe becomes very disturbed. The rest of the programmes are:


The Chickys – Clowns

Mr. Dalmatine.- Dog Training.

Krones horses.

Castilla – Wheel of death.

Los Radoa – Juggling clowns.

Rudiger Probst – Tigers and exotic animals

Heilongtsching – Head balance

Show primiere December 25th. and ends January 31st.


Circus Krone kids club

The German circus Krone have just opened a new internet magazine for kids. There is information about everything about circus Krone. Tour dates, animals and games. So take the tour on the new magazine link through circus Krone normal net page found on Circus Scandinavia link page under circus in the world.




December 12th.

Circus Scott maybe saved from economic ruin

Barrister - Mats Emthén from the firm – Carler – in Stocholm will try to save circus Scott from closing after the economic disaster in season 2003. The plane is to reconstruct circus Scott to prevent a directly bankruptcy. If Scott has to succeed the companies that they own money have to give up some of their money voluntary.

Segura from the Scott performance this summer

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C)

December 10th.

Circus Arena in television

The majestic princess Alexandra of Denmark invited this summer the greatest circus in Scandinavia to perform in her backyard on Schackenborg castle. Director Benny Berdino gave the income from the performance away to kids with cancer. The Danish television was there to record the performance. The performance can be seen in Danish television December 23rd. 2003.

Revelinos and the webmaster in Circus Arena 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Please check the circus Scandinavia television page with information from all over Europe  HERE


Circus Maximum in television.

Documentary from circus Maximum in Swedish television December 21st. The camera crew followed the life in circus for 24 hours, and made this behind the scenes program.

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Please check out Circus Scandinavias television page – Here.



Kenny Quinn

The Danish pick pocket artist Kenny quinn will be a part of the dinner show "Ganz ganz anders" (Something complete different), produced by the Krystall palace variety in Leipzig – Germany. He and his wife Joan will perform until December 22nd.


December 9th.


Tamara as we could see in Circus Skratt (Sweden) and circus BonBon (Denmark) this summer, with a very nice swinging trapeze act, will be a part of the Berliner Christmass circus. In Denmark she was only performing the trapeze but in Sweden she included a very nice hoola hoop act too. Tamara is from France and will perform in Berlin from December 18th until January 11th. The other artists are:


Dieter Dittmann – Tigers.

Rudi Althoff – Dogs.

Henry Frochte – Antipode.

Gilbert Weiser – Vertical sail.

Criss- Juggler.

Tamara outside Circus Skratt 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).


December 6th..

Animal trainer killed

A tiger attacked and killed an animal trainer in a Ukraine circus Friday. Snezhana Dautova, 23 ignored instructions to stay away from the animals and was attacked and killed by the animal. The tiger was shot but it was to late to save the trainer.


Elephants and sea lions in circus.


It seems that circuses in Denmark can continue with elephants and sea lions. The Danish government asked a committee to take a closer look at the conditions, for the animals in the Danish amusement industry, earlier this year. The committee suggested that Elephants and sea lions shouldn’t be aloud, because circus couldn’t give those animals proper surroundings and the transportation time for elephants was to long. Now it seems that the Danish minister of justice, Lene Espersen, don’t want to follow the advice from the committee but instead make laws for how to keep the animals, a suggestion we all can be satisfied with.

Sonny Frankellos elephants in Circus Arena 2002

Photo by circus Scandinavia(C).


December 1st.

Jolly Roger and André

The two Swedish bicycle artists have just won a bronze medal in Wuqiao Circus Festival (China). Circus Scandinavia congratulates the two Swedes.