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February 26th.

Circus Merano premiere.

The great Norwegian circus Merano will start their summer tour March 5th In Frederiksstad. The premiere will be in a new tent in the national Norwegian colours red, white and blue. The new tent is easier to build up and down witch is a great advantage because of many one-day performances in Norway. Merano received the tent in the end of the 2003 season and was used in the last days of the Merano tour last year.



Circus Merano 2004 Program




From circus Olympia comes this act in a very high level. The act is presented by Mirek Maternik from horse. The act was in Circus Arena in their 2002 season and in Circus Finlandia in 2003. The Camels  and the horse are trained by Herbert Bengtsson from Sweden

Olympias Camels

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).



World champion Rola –rola act.



A very nice and different dog act from Russia. Build up as a street theater. Very very nice.


Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C)


                 DON CHRISTIAN

Once again in Merano this nice reprise clown with new ideas and gags.

Don Christian

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).



Shows the spectators how they shouldent put up posters



A different air act.



The world famous Italian ventriloquist Kevin Huesca with his very naughty parrot



Ikarian games act from Italy- Comes from the famous Italian Bellucci circus family . They have been working in the Italian Circus Embell Riva for many years and in January January they won a special price in Budapest circus festival (info Italian circus fans)



The worlds absolute best Perch act.


                  INGO STIEBNER

After 2 years in Circus Arena – Denmark – Ingo goes futher up North with his charming sea lion act

Ingo Stibner in Merano 2004 

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C)


                 The Elephant BABA

Adriana Folco Althoff once again in Merano with her female elephant -Baba Adriana is from the famous Folco family thaught by his father Amadeo Folco

Adriana Folco

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C).


Music instructed by Zygmunt Kukla.


Merano press realease in Norwegian here



February 24th.

Circus Barum in Germany ready with their summer program read more on the Circus Barum web - here


Artists in Scandinavia opdated with Circus Finlandia and Circus Maximum - Here


Circus Finlandia program ready.

The Finish circus Finlandia are ready with their 2004 summer program. It seems to be a nice and strong program the spectators can enjoy in the far North of Scandinavia..


Los romeros – Clowns

Anatoli – fire eater. Seen in the 2003 season in circus Brazil Jack (Sweden) and in Norway 2002 in circus Arnardo. Anatoli has a very special act where he swallows gallons of jet fuel and throws it up in a cascade of fire. Very very special.

Anatoli in BrazilJack 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Rogerio Goncalves – Diablo.

Bluffo – Reprise clown.

Felix Quaiser – Horses.

Rosi Hochegger with har special horse act. Seen in Scandinavia many times before.

Riger Metin – Dogs

Yakobov – Acrobats.

Jan Navratil – seen in Circus Maximum (Sweden) for the 2002 season. In a high-level antipode act.


There will be a 6-man circus band.




Errani Brothers

My two absolute favourites from my summer tour in Italy was the Errani brothers with their ikarian act.. Later this year thy won a gold medal in Monte Carlo Circus festival and they really deserved it. It seems that the rest of Europe has opened their eyes for those two guys because they will be a part of the German circus Krone March program. The guests in circus Krone can look forward to a fantastic act. Martin Lacey will one more time perform with his 11 lions and once again the mighty elephant bull Colonel Joe. For further information please visit the Circus Krone homepage.

Picture by Italian circus Fans (C).

February 21nd

Circus Althoff Jacobi

On behalf of the whole direction from Circus Arena they have asked Circus Scandinavia to put out the following statement:


We will all in circus Arena say thank you to the people in Althoff Jacobi and Adolf Lehner . We have the deepest respect for you and the way you treated the situation. We know it must have been difficult.


Benny Berdino and the staff.

Circus Arena - Denmark


Freburay 19th.

Fakir fainted

The world famous fakir El Hassan del Rauol Hernandez Olsen fainted a few days ago. Not in a performance with dangerous knives and gloving goal but when he was consulting a Doctor. The reason was that he was there for an injection against hay fever. I hate needles he said.


Television page opdated - here


February 16th.

Althoff Jacobi arrived.

One third of circus Althoff Jacobi arrived yesterday to Denmark. And are placed in Slagelse – west of Copenhagen. Here they will be painted in Arena colours so they can be ready for the 2004 season. 11 men from Arena returned immediately to Austria to get the second third. The whole circus will be in Denmark in a few days.




Levade Noble horse Gala 2004

Seen in Copenhagen February 13th.


The last event from Bronett Flatgaroo production is Levade horse show. A spectacular performance with the finest horse acts in the world. Bronett Flatgaroo is owned by The Bronett brothers from circus Scott in Sweden. An enormous rectangular tent with space for 2500 spectators are raised in Copenhagen for this 14 days show.


The show is build up in different kinds of show riding – the famous Spanish school presented by the Miguel Barrionuevo and 20 of his finest Andalusian horses. The Spanish part of the show was combined by dancers and a traditional Spanish live band. The Spanish riders and horses was very nice and the horses just fantastic.

Miguel Barrionuevos Horses with Robert Bronett

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Kaiser Show team from Germany had 2 impressing entrees. This part of the show was more circus. Very strong and powerfull entrees with those German stuntmen. The act includes knife and axe throwing stunts in full speed on horses and much much more – Extremely nice. The second part from Kaiser Show team was a horse car race with four horses. Very very fast and a nice visual experience. Kaiser Show team has been used as stuntmen in several movies.

Kaiser Show team from a very old circus Family in Germany

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Gabi Dew – The French horse lady – the only entrée that normally are shown in circus. She did the Hungarian post act, standing on two horses. A very difficult act and Gaby felt down a single time. Gaby got the biggest applause this evening and she deserved it. Gabi has been in circus Scott in a few years where she presented a more traditional horse entrée.


Show time 2 hours and 15 min including a 30 min break.

Spectators: sold out 2500

The show was very nice and there were lots of beautiful horses.

The Gradin was to low and the sight wasn’t good unless you were seated on the first row.

Nice service – Nice equipped bar – Nice little souvenir program.

Not toilets enough – It was the Circus Scott toilet wagon there was used. No Handicap facilities.

Light and sound was nice.


February 15th

Denise Randoll

The extremely charming Italian hola hoop artist Denise Randoll will work in Circus Knie for the 2004 summer tour. Denise was a part of the very conventional performance in Circus Benneweis –Classic and new way in 2000 a very different performance with a mix of ordinary classic circus and a very modern part. The performance was in a very high quality but some people didn’t like the modern part and felt it was a little over the edge.


The Fish will be a part of the Knie performance as well. The Scandinavian spectators had the pleasure to see this extremely high quality act in circus Maximum this summer.

Fish in Circus Maximum 2003 in Knie for the 2004 season.

Photo by circus scandinavia (C).


February 14th.

February monthly opdated with In Cammino -Here

and Artists in Circus Olympia from 1987 - 2003

February 12th.

Levade Noble horse Gala 2004

The worlds Greatest International horse gala show is the newest event from the Swedish Bronett brothers. Bronetts are the owners of the very famous Swedish circus Scott and the premiere was in Copenhagen a few days ago. I saw the show tonight in a sold out performance   – 2500 Spectators.


In a few days there will come a complete review from the performance. Until then a few pictures.

Robert Bronett -tonight in Copenhagen

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C)


Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).


February 11

Carl Mundeling.

Carl Mundeling from Denmark works at the moment in Circus Martini until February 20th. Carl Mundeling is the only wild animal trainer from Scandinavia. Wild animals like Tigers, Lions and Bears are not aloud to perform in any Scandinavian country and because of that there is no wild animal trainers left except Carl Mundeling. Carl has not trained the Tigers himself but bought them as adults from Marney Dock..


February 8th.


Full program for Circus Baldoni

The name of the performance will be Circus from 4 corners of the world. It is the third season for circus Baldoni and it will be the greatest performance ever.

The ringmaster or mistress will this year be the singing and dancing – Bina Vainer.

From Africa comes the fantastic6 man troupe "Mombassa boys", with and extraordinary nice entrée. I have seen them on video and they are just great with an enormous power. Really something to look forward to

Mombassa boys in Baldoni 2004

From South America comes Los Gauchos with a Lasso act.

From Asia the tempo juggler mono bike artist Andrey.

From Europe comes Barbie Family the third year in Baldoni but with a new act. A new developed comic magic act .

Ernita will give us a Hoola hoop act. Ernita is only 9 years and already a skill full artist of tomorrow.

Mr. Baldoni himself –René Marvin – has just promised to show us the result of this winter rehearsals as a traditional clown – and we will look forward to this event. I have recently seen René as a 3-meter high stilt clown but in this act his landed again and I’m sure it will be funny.

Sergej will be Circus Baldonis caretaker for the 2004 seasson and I´m sure that will be extremely funny.

So next time you see the posters from Baldoni go buy a ticket because Baldoni is something special.

The artist program will be opdated on the "Artist in 2004" page in a few days. If you want to see the programs for Scandinavia circus in 2004 please go Here




Video Review

Just landed in my video recorder is the Circus Olympia program for 2003 in Sweden. Circus Olympia has recorded their program since 1991 and they are all available for sale on circus Olympias web page. A really interesting possibility for collectors.


The 2003 video has more cameras and a much better sound and the performance is just nice. The artists on the video are a little different from the printed program and the performance I saw last year. The video is led by Herbert Bengtsson with a mixed horse group. In the program it should have been Tinker horses but they were in Circus Scott from August and Herbert used another horse group in the rest of the season – But that didn’t make the performance worse because ass always Herbert a very very nice job. It is always a pleasure to see Herbert work with his animals nice smooth and easy.


The clowns and reprise Clowns Teddy and Jonny did a nice job in Olympia and they are nice on the video too. The best part is when Teddy finds a remote control and starts to turn of the spotlights in the circus and when he can use it on his partner as well there is suddenly lots of possibilities ??? – very funny.

Teddy and Jonny  -Teddy just found the remote control - Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C)

Duo Gamma in their first entrée with a very nice ladder act. Fast in tempo and they has a nice suitability for video..


Liina Aunola vertical rope from Findland did a very nice job. Arlette Hansons from from Hansons winter circus saw the performance the same day as I did. She was impressed and gave her a contract for the winter season in Holland. So was I.


Henrika Bengtsson with dogs is a part of Olympias performance every year. She works with lot of dogs in all sizes – Nice.


Anatoly Vanteev with Rola – Rola –high level.

Anatoly Rola-Rola act.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia.()

Margarita Remi in trapeze.


Mirek Zlotowicz with glass balance is a very nice act and is well adapted to video


Trio Tsytko was in my opinion the best act in the performance with a mixed antipode and Ikarian games entrée. But they are not included on the video and that’s a shame because they were really fantastic. Instead they were replaced by Calle Jernstrom Jr. a very skill full juggler from Findland.

Trio Tsytko are not included on the video

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).

Running time 94 min.


Can be bougtht from circus Olympias web page –

Circus Olympia videos



February 6th.

Circus Althoff Jacobi sold.

The Austrian circus Althoff Jacobi is sold to Benny Berdino –Director for circus Arena in Denmark. Benny Berdino informed Circus Scandinavia tonight about the news. Circus Althoff Jacobi will not continue in Austria but will be transported to Denmark in the next few weeks. The price includes everything from tent, trucks and wagons – a complete circus. Althoff Jacobi will not continue as an independent circus or a name but will be included in circus Arenas many circus companies. After the material arrives to Denmark all cars and wagons will be painted immediately in Arenas yellow and red colours. The tent and gradin will be placed in BonBon land (Amusementpark) outside Copenhagen and in 2005 the tent will tour in Sweden with circus Skratt – Arenas second circus.


The ticket wagon and the café wagon will be included in the coming summer tour with circus Arena in Denmark.

One of 70 waggons bought by Circus Arena

Photo by Circus Scandinavia



Circus Arena in Copenhagen 2003

Photo by circus Scandinavia


Read the full Arena article on the February issue later this month.


Duo Camadi accident.

The high wire artists Duo Camadi had yesterday an accident were they both felt to the ground. in circus Flic Flac -Germany The fall was 8 meters. They will both survive but with different injuries and they will not perform for while. Carlos and Gostavos –father and son were in Circus Arena - Denmark in the 2002 summer season were they performed the very risky high wire act.

Duo Camadi



Lies again

In the new issue of the Danish magazine "Dyrevennen" (the Animal friend) are new lies against elephants and their treatment in circus been released. It seems that so called animal friend’s accusations never ends. It could be nice if they used their fantasies in something better than telling one lie after the other. In the latest issue claims Director Ole Munster that circus Elephants has a shorter life than in the nature – That’s lie number one. Secondly he claims that elephants are being beaten up to obey the trainers. That’s absolutely not true. It is possible it happens somewhere but it is absolutely not common in Europe or in USA but there is fools in all business. There is absolutely no difference in the training in public zoos and circus but it is common than elephants in circus are in much better shape than in the Zoos and there is one reason for that and that is exercise.


I always wonder where those so-called experts are digging up their reports. It’s funny because they always refer to some unknown report. Nobody in the business that I know about has ever been a part on any examinations. My experience is that so called specialists always says no to an invitation to check the conditions. The excuse is always "We already know what you are going to tell us" – Maybe they are afraid of all their work just isn’t true.


Animals must be treated well, that cant be discussed but please don’t blame all the circus people go after the bad guys. Make rules for transportation and other conditions that include animals.





February 5th.

Robert Berousek.

Robert Berousek and his nice ladder act will be a part of the new 2004 show in circus Nock –Switzerland. Robert was in circus Agora in the 2003 season in Norway were he performed with two different acts – his ladder act and a Juggling act. In Nock it will be the ladder act only. Primiere will be March 20th in Frick

Robert and partner in Circus Arena 2002

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


One more act for Circus Krone

Circus Krone has just added one more act for their February program. It is Pablo and Vikki Garcia from England in their very visual rotating space rocket. air act. Vikki and Pablo were with circus Merano in Norway in the 2003 season with a very nice success.

Pablo and Vikki Garcia in Merano 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Television opdated  here


Collectors exchange page open. Direct link here

February 4th.

Circus Olympia

Circus Olympia in Sweden is ready with their summer program. The premiere will be in Oskarsstrom April 3rd. at 3 o’clock. In this years performance there will be a wheel of death act from Italy. Comic wire act, antipode from Ukraine. A clown from Spain and Acrobats from South Africa. As usual we will see Herbert Bengtsson with his horses and Henrikka Bengtsson with her dogs. Circus Scandinavia will of cause visit Olympia in the spring and make a review from the performance

Herbert Bengtsson in 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

February 1st.

Sad day for Chicky fans.

This evening was a very sad day for fans of the oldest clown duo in the world – The Chickys. Why ? Because to day it was last performance with Eugene (Chicky). The duo has been together for 45 years and has performed almost everywhere. In Scandinavia they has been in circus Benneweis for 9 seassons, Merano- Norway for a single season, in circus Maximum , Brazil Jack – and in Circus Scott all Sweden. Bruno – The white face will continue with a new partner and it seems to be Jimmi Folco (Italy). It is not the first time that Eugen announces that he will end his career because of his high age but this time it seems right. A letter to circus Scandinavia from Eugene arrived a few weeks ago here is the words


Thank s to all Scandinavian people it is so nice to know that you haven’t forgot us.

Bruno and Eugen -The Chickys in Circus Krone Germany 2002