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January 31nd.

Preview for February issue ready here

January 30th.

Kim Kenneth

The very famous Danish Illusionist Kim Kenneth is already signed for the christmass. He will be in the variety show Teatre Sebastopol de Lille. From November 27th until December 22nd. 2004.


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January 27th.

Circus Maximum 2004

From Italian circus fans I have recieved the information that Rosé Michell clowns will perform in circus Maximum in the 2004 season. Last year they were in Norway performing in Circus Arnardo with their comic water entrée. Serge Perselly will be there too performing with his juggling act. Sergé is the son of the very famous white face clown Bruno from the Chickys. Natilia Jigalova will be performing a Trapeze act. Louis Knie with elephants from Flavio Togni and an Argentinean act called Devil of fire. It seems that Maximum again this year presents a very strong program

Circus Maximum

Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2003(C)


Flavio Togni animals

Flavio Tognis animals are bussy in the next season. His horses will be in Circus Herman Renz in Holland and some of his Elephants will perform in circus Maximum –Sweden. In the season 2001 there was 9 elephants in circus Arena rented from Circus Americano (Flavio Togni) and performed by the famous elephant trainer Kim Benneweis. The Elephants in Maximum will be performed by Louis Knie.

The elephants from Flavio Togni in circus Americano 2003 - Trieste Italy.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C)



The at the moment , the hottest clown in Europe Mr. Fumagalli will be in a Scandinavian circus for the third summer season in a row. In the 2002 season he was with Circus Scott in Sweden with their summer tour. Last year he went to Denmark for the Circus Benneweis summer season and in 2004 Fumagalli will be in Norway with circus ............. (not to be released yet). . Fumagalli was very popular in Benneweis and everybody loved him and I’m sure that Fumagalli  will go directly into the hearts of the Norwegian people.

Fumagalli in Benneweis  a very bussy day for Fumagalli because circus Scandinavia invited 47 kids in circus and they would all have their picture taken togheter with Fumagalli.

Pictures by Circus Scandinavia 2003 (C).

After this 2004 season Fumagalli will be in circus Knie for the season 2005. So it is maybe the last time to see Fumagalli in Scandianvia for a long time. You can see an article about Fumagalli here and you can read reviews with Fumagalli in Circus Scott 2002 here and in Benneweis 2003 here


January 26th.

The monthly issue from

Circus Scandinavia

The circus Scandinavia monthly issue are now put together in one page. Now it´s possible  to find all circus Scandinavia’s releases at one time. Just find the link to the month and year on the page "Monthly issue" main page and your ready to read. Here is a direct link – Have fun.

January 24th.

Circus Krone second Performance.

From February 1st to February 28th. T

second program from Circus Krone in Germany is now ready.

The Jasters -Cross bow and knife act in a very high class. At the moment on tour with circus Moira Orfei in Italy but signed to circus Krone for the February program. After the performance in Krone the Jasters returns to Moira Orfei. One time in Scandinavia with Circus Arnardo in Norway.

The Jasters

Photo by The Jasters (C).

The Gotys – Super clowns from Spain and one of the last remaining old type clown acts. Replacement for the Chickys and their mirror act.

Robin Valencia Human cannonball

Flying Neves – Flying trapeze

Jana Mandana An institution in Circus Krone: Jana Mandana has been with Krone for a very long time now performing with Krones own African and Indian elephants.

Jana Mndana here with the circus Krone Giraf.

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C)

Martin Lacey As Jana Mandana has Martin Lacey from England been in circus Krone for a couple of years now. Martin performs a very nice lion act.

Martin Lacey outside circus Krone pettin one of his male lions

Photo by circus Scandinavia (C).

Los Rados – Very nice act, performing a funny handstand.

Trio Mikheev – Perch with rings.




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January 22nd

Monte Carlo Photos.

First with Photos from the resent Monte Carlo Circus Festival was of cause Italian Circus Fans. With permission from Roberto Pandini and Maruritzio Colombo there is a direct link to there wonderfull work - Here



Review page opdated with links to all performances in one page

Direct acces here


January 21st.

Fredie Steckel (The Steckels)

Fredie Steckel and Line Wittrup (Denmark) are almost ready to go out with their shows in kinder gartens. The tour starts February 27th and runs for 5 weeks. They work togheter with René Marvin and Thessa the owners of Cirkus Baldoni. They will perform in two different units and René and Thessa will perform for smaller kids. Fredie Steckel performed last year in circus Maximum with different partners and in 2002 summer season they were in Circus Merano in Norway.

The Steckels in Maximum 2003

Pics by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Monte Carlo international circus Festival 2004

No surprises in the 28 international circus Festival in Monte Carlo. As Circus Scandinavia wrote a few days ago, was that the 2 Errani a brother was going to win a golden clown – and they did. A little surprise was that Sea world "only" won a bronze clown, because when I saw them in Sweden (Circus Maximum) I was very impressed.


The Young juggler Allan Sulc won a Bronze clown and I wouldn’t be surprised if he is going to take a silver clown next year.



 Gold Clown
La Troupe akrobatique de Pékin - acrobats
The Flying Tabares - trapese
Fratelli Errani -   Icarien games

Silver clown
La Trouppe Kovgar - sleuter
Florian Richter - acrobat
The Wallenda Troupe - High wire
Stefano Nones Orfei - Tigres from Circus Moria Orfei

Bronze Clown
Willer Nicolodi - ventriloquist
Les Golben Power - parterre acrobats
Alan Sulc - juggler
Sea World - équilibrist

January 18th.

January issue opdated with pictures from 2003 - here

January 17th

Circus Wictoria


Full program from circus Wictoria in Sweden


Kamardin Vladimir, Bregintsev Vyacheslav, Podzolova Maryna     Russia

--- Clowns ---


Remi Margarita           Russia

--- Trapeze ---


Vantoev Anatoly           Russia

--- Rola-Rola ---


Kossorebrikova Maria, Kossorebrikova Larisa       Russia

--- Air acrobats ---

--- Clothes changing ---


Lakawa Kazimierz, Jankowsi Tadeusz        Poland

--- Bicycle ---

--- Jugglers ---


Doubek Pavel              Tschechien

--- Liberty horses ---

--- Illusion ---


Duo Victorias               Tschechien

--- Pudel  Revue ---


Vicky & Cats              Tschechien

--- Catshow ---


Kaschkin Valery, Kumianoowa Valentyna               Russia

--- Reprise clown ---


Matviychuk Volodymyr /WOWA/ - Ukraine, 

Häkan Skogh - Sweden

--- Ringmaster ---


.January 16th.

January issue opdated with Joe Jackson Jr.  Here



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January 15th.

Furst Rainier the III of Monaco.

The very famous Furst Rainier the III and circus fan will not be present at the opening of the 28 Monaco circus festival. The famous 80 years old monarch is at the moment hospitalised.



Duo Victoria and Vicky and the cats

Duo Victoria and Vicky and the cats are new on the link page. Please enter their very nice web page. To LINK page.


Circus Nando Orfei from Italy are now on the internet with a page in English and Italian.To link page




At the moment circus Scandinavia is under construction and I’m working hard to present a face-lift on the page. Circus Scandinavia will not be closed at any time and the change will be in small pieces. At the same time the resolution on the page are changed to 1024x768 pixels. The result can be that the pages won’t be displayed correct in other resolutions.




Service information

From today all updates will be described here, with links to the updated page.


January 12th.

Addi Jepsen

Addi Jepsen , the world famous sea lion trainer, is still very active . She is working every year in BonBon land (Amusement park) with her sea lion show. In the winter she trains the sea lions and at the moment she has a student to help her. I t should end up in a education as a animal care keeper.

One of sea lions trained by Addi Jepsen

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C).


New entrance in circus Arena.

A new entrance will be the first visible sight of circus Arena, when the spectator enters the circus place for the 2004 Arena premiere. The Entrance is extremely nice and will be the biggest and most beautiful entrance ever seen in a Danish circus. The Carpenter expects that the entrance will be finished in about 3 weeks. Until the premiere you can see the unfinished result here.


Circus Scandinavia will bring an article about Arena and their huge winter quarter on this web in February. The article will of cause include a lot of pictures.

The new entrance in circus Arena

Picture by circus Scandinavia(c).


Malte Knapp in Circus Skratt.

The international and well-known Swedish mono bike artist – Malte Knapp will be a part of Circus Skratt summer tour in Sweden. Last season Malte performed in circus Agora in Norway and later a few days in Circus Scott. You can read the full program here.


Circus Mascot

The nice little Danish circus Mascot are going out for the 2004 season with a new gradin. It will improve the comfort and there should be a lot better view on the rear seats.

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Circus Arena winter tour 2004.

Here are the dates for Circus Arenas winter tour.

January 30th. Viborg.

February 2nd. Aabenraa.

February 3rd. Vejle

February 4th. Herning.

February 5th. Holstebro

February 7th. Runavik (Faeroe islands).

February 8th. Thorshavn(Faeroe islands)

February 9th. Trongisvagur (Faeroe Island).

February 10th. Klaksvik (Faeroe Island).


January 10th.

Circus Baldoni 2004.

The official premiere date for circus Baldoni 2004 will be April 16th. 2004 in Dragor. It is Baldoni 3rd. year on the road and the premiere will be at the same place as in 2003.

The Baldoni premiere in Dragor 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


New artist.

Lee Ann assistant/dancer for the fantastic Danish illusionist – Kim Kenneth in the 2003 Althoff Jacobi tour in Austria are going to perform in her own act in March. Lee Ann is going to perform in Circus Billy Smart in a very elegant tissue act. She will still assist Kim Kenneth, because he will perform there as well. Kim Kenneth will have 3 assistants in the coming season in England and Lee Ann will be one of them. Lee Ann knows Scandiavia very well because she was a member of the Arena ballet a few years ago.

Lee Ann and Kim Kenneth in the Althoff - Jacobi tour in 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


Amando Renz

Amando Renz will perform in circus Benneweis with his 3 Indian elephants in the 2004 summer tour. The tour also includes the young star juggler Alan Sulc and starts in the first days of April in Hillerod



Magic sale.

The Danish magic dealer Pegani, with thousands of tricks in stock are selling a wide range of tricks to reduced prices. There is 116 different items including videos and a lot of other magic equipment. The sale continues until February 13th. You can visit the Pegani page here


January 9th

Circus Althoff Jacobi closed.

The great Austrian circus Althoff Jacobi is closing down. After a few years with a falling income,  director Adolf Lehner decided to close down the circus. He will try to sell the circus but Althoff Jacobi will not go on the road for the next season . Circus althof Jacobi is a 29 year old circus and Adolf Lehner has been in charge of the circus since the death of Elffi Althoff Jacobi in 1995.



Lots of animals in the new circus Arena program

Lots of animals in the new 2004 Arena summer program. Sonny Frankello with his 4 charming African elephants. As written before on this page there will be lots of animals from the legendary Krenzola – Pigs, pigeons, fox, dogs, cats, chickens and lots of other animals. Susanne Berdino will perform lots of horses from Arenas own stables and for the first time will Arenas own Dromedaries perform in the Arena tent tour. Last year they performed in Circus Skratt in Sweden and circus Bonbon in Denmark. The Danish Reprise clown Bonbon will again this year perform in Arena. The Musical clowns Rossyans will play music as never heard before. Rossyans has been with circus Maximum(Sweden) in 2002 and 2003. The Tonitos troupe will entertain us with a tight wire act, on Trampoline and trapeze. Claudia Bremlov will perform wit an antipode act. Xelo in a high level diablo act. Marina and Alex in Tango trapeze.



Jimmi Folco

The very funny Italian reprise clown –Jimmi Folco will be a part of the Circus Arena winter tour in Denmark. Jimmi will come to Denmark with his wife Claudia and she will perform with a very nice hoola hop act. Jimmi and his wife has been in Scandivia several times in Circus Arena in 85, 87,97,98 together with his family The Folcos. In 1999 his was in Arena alone. In Circus Dannebrog in 92 and 1994. A few years ago Jimmi was with circus Arena on a Greenland tour. The last few years Jimmi has been on tour with circus Krone in Germany


January 8th.

Carl Ramwell.

Carl Ramwell - Juggler with a great success last season in Circus Arena –Denmark will be a part of the new 2004 super show – Fantasia – in Arlette Gruss – France.

Carl Ramwell in Circus Arena 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).


Circus Arena Premiere.

Circus Arena will have premiere on March 23rd. in Bellahoej – Copenhagen. Circus Arena will stay in Copenhagen until April 18th. And will present 31 performances before they leave for a summer tour around in Denmark. The full program will be released tomorrow on circus Scandinavia at the January page.

Full program for the Arena winter circus will be released on the news page here tomorrow.

Circus Arena  a few days befor the primiere 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).

January 7th.

Monaco circus Festival 2004

Circus Scandinavia has known the program for Monaco circus Festival in a month but because of corrections I was asked not to release the full program before January 6th. The program looks very strong and for the Scandinavian people there are lots of well-known artists.


Here is the program with the artists concerning Scandinavia circus first.


Sonny Frankello – African elephants – worked in circus Arena from 2002 – 2003 and again in the 2004 season. In Circus Dannebrog in 81, 85 and 1993. In Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen in 1999 and in Circus building in Copenhagen (Benneweis) 1988 and with Circus Benneweis tent tour in 96,97 and 1998.


Alan Sulc Winner of the youth festival in 2002. Summer tour with circus Merano in Norway in 2003. Will be in circus Benneweis in 2004 A very young and very talented juggler with a great future.

The young Allan Sulc in Circus Merani 2003

Picture by Circus Scandinavia(C).

Fish – Acrobats in a very high class and with lot of new ideas – Summer tour with circus Maximum in 2003

FISH - in Circus Maximum 2003.

Picture by circus Scandinavia(C).

Willer Nicolodi – absolute world class ventriloquist. In circus Benneweis in 2002.


Duo Passion – Ariel silk in Benneweis in 2002


GrigorescuMusical clowns last seen in Scandinavia performing in Circus Brazil Jack for the 2003 summer tour – Circus Schumann tent tour in 1982. Great act with a fantastic musical sound.

Grigorescu in Circus Brazil Jack 2003.

Picture by circus Scandinavia (C).

Fratelli Errani – from the fantastic family circus Errani in Italy comes those two fantastic guys with an outstanding nice Icarian act.

Vioris and Maicol Errani 

Photo by Italian circus Friends (C).

Other artists:


Maxim papazov – Equilibrist.

Les Antarest – Equilibrist

Mambo Jambu – Equilibrists

La Troupe d'Holmikers – Comic acrobats.

Elementary force – Break dance.

Claudius Spect – Juggler.

Les Gotys - Clowns

La Troupe Didyk – Balance.

La Troupe Kovgar.

Rzaev – Russian barre.

Trio Wozniewski – arial silk.

The Wallenda Troupe.

Gaston – reprise clown.

Florian Richter – Acrobat,

Exsotic animals – From circus Moira Orfei.

Stefano Nones Orfei.

Golden power – parterre acrobats.

Tabares – Flying trapeze.

Brumbach family.

Duo Kalachev – Dress changing.


Karin Kivgard.

The Swedish low wire artist Karin Kivgard will be a part of the 20` Golden Circus Festival in Italy.



Carl Mundeling

The Danish animal trainer (Tigers) Carl Mundeling is going to perform in circus Darix Togni in Italy. Carl has worked with a lot of different circuses but not as an animal trainer. Carl’s family goes back many years in Danish and Norwegian circus history but he has never before been an active artist. He has been working in Circus Arena in Denmark many years ago and with circus Merano in Norway from 1990 until 1997 where he was working as practical employs dealing with the local governments. It was a surprise when he suddenly showed up in Germany with his own tiger act. First of all because it is not legal to perform with tigers in Scandinavia and secondly because no one in the business knew anything about Carls planes.


January 6th.

Circus on Maltha.

If you are on your way on Holliday and the destination is Malta, there is a great opportunity to see a nice quality circus. In an ugly tent hides a nice performance called Magic Russian circus. The high light of the performance is a quality illusion act with tricks never seen before. The circus will continue to the middle of January and  found in the middle of the city – Sliema.




Christoph Enzingers homepage about circus in Austria has moved to a new address – – Christophs web is very well organised, with lot of information about circus in Austria. If you want to know anything about Austrian circus, including pictures, tickets and tour dates please pay the page a visit. The web is in German only and a direct link can be found on the link page –Links to friends.


January 5th.

Circus Massimo in February.

Circus Massimo will not be in Karlskrona (Sweden) for the 2004 Television production in February. The reason should be, that the team that should record the performances doesn’t have time in February. Robert Bronett – the producer of the performance, says that the circus Massimo performance will be held later this year.



Circus Olympia

The 2003 performance has been ready in a month but now you can buy the performance directly on the Internet. If you are interested in video from Olympia it is possible to buy the performances from 1991 until 2003. The price is 195 Swedish kroner (25 Euro or 27 Dollars) each. If you are interested in T- shirts, caps or souvenier programs from Olympia please enter their web page and fill out the formula. If you don’t understand Swedish then please write to circus Scandinavia and I help you through the paper work.

Henrika and Herbert Bengtsson - Circus Olympia

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).

January 3rd.

Happy New Year.

Happy New Year to all circus people, friends and to all those nice people helping me with this web. A special happy new year goes to Italian circus Friends always ready to help with information, pictures and reports.

Circus Scandinavia did have an outstanding year in 2003 with lots of guests. I remember the start in 2001 where there were only a few guests every day. To day it is different because now in 2003 there was 521706 thousands guest locking in on the front page. There are guests from all over the world – From China to South Africa but most guests are from Europe and USA. I got around 50 emails everyday, with people asking about almost everything. It is not possible to answer all the mails –sorry – but I read them all. Because of, there is so many guests on this page I got lots of commercial offers but I will keep it free – no pop ups on this page.

In 2004 there is planned circus trips to Norway in March with reports from circus Merano, Arnardo and Agora. In July the trip goes through Germany to Austria and Italy. I will go to Sweden several times when they are in the south of Sweden.

Circus Scandinavia’s plan to start up a printed version in January 2004 are cancelled for the moment. It is the plan to find time later this year but let us see.

Once again happy New Year.

Kenneth – webmaster.