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November 29

Passauer Christmas circus

Duo Victoria last seen in Scandinavia in circus Victoria (Sweden) in the 2002 and 2003 summer program will perform in Passauer Christmas circus from December 26th. Until January 5th. 2004. They will perform with their wonderful cats and their puddle act. Duo Vitoria are at moment working hard to train up new dogs – Mexican hairless and we will hope that they will be ready for the summer tour, where they will be in Circus Victoria for one more season.

On the program will be the Brazilian flying trapeze act seen in the 2003 summer tour with circus Arena in Denmark. The act started up a little weak but after a few weeks they were just fantastic. The Italian rollerskate artists, MG team will be there with an amazing rollerskate act. This summer they were working in circus Agora (Norway) in their summer tour.

The rest of the program will be:

Picard – with monkeys, Artidoro Caveagna musical clowns from Italy, Muderack with lion dressage, 6 Ronanovs juggling, Helena Suvova hoola hop rings, Duo Borcanni with sea lions.

The orchestra will be the great Fligenpilz band.


Malthe Knapp on tour with Moscow state circus


The Swedish mono bike artist Malthe Knapp will perform with the Moscow state circus on their German tour from December 25th. Until 31st march 2004. Malthe was a part of the Norwegian circus Agora on their 2003 summer tour and A few performances this autumn with circus Scott in Sweden. He will be working with the Russian female star clown – Anatoschka - witch was a part of the Super girls performance a few years ago – a female only performance, in circus Benneweis (Denmark)



Christmas gift.

The Bronett brothers in Sweden (Circus Scott) have a nice idea for a Christmas gift. If you in the same time have a dream to become a world class juggler Circus Scott offers a juggling learning video, 3 juggling balls and a clown nose for 159 Swedish kroner (20 Euro –25 dollars). If that isn’t your ambition and you only need collectable circus stuff there is a lot of merchandise to gain on the Circus Scott webpage. Lots of videos can be bought directly from their web. 9 different videos with performances from 1994 until 2002 and The Bronett prodused "Circus Princess" with only female artists are available from 1995 until 2002 the price for the videos are 148 Swedish kroner (20 Euro – 25 dollars) the price dosen´t include post and packing. The page can be found on my link page under circus in Scandinavia.

Circus Scott in Sweden offers a lot of videos on their homepage

Picture by Circus Scandinavia (C).


November 23

Circus Festival in Grenoble.

Italian circus fans inform that the second Grenoble circus festival in France will be November 27th. – 30 November 2003. The program is very strong with lots of stars. Flavio Togni with his Elephants – Seen in Circus Arena (Denmark) a few years ago, where the elephants was performed by Kim Benneweis. Duo Manducas from Portugal with a fantastic parterre acrobatic act – the last two seasons with Circus Krone in Germany. Jimmi folco also a part of the last years circus Krone programs (circus Arena in 97,98,99 and Dannebrog in 92 and 94). Mario Berusek the fast speed juggler also many times in Scandinavia.

Lots of artists from Circus Americano – The American reprise Clown Andrew, BuBu with a nice clown act., Flavio Togni with his nice tigers and horses. Jones Togni with white camels.


Duo Manducas

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).

Flavio Togni

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).


Picture by Circus Scandinavia(C)

Andrew and the webmaster

Photo by Circus Scandinavia(C).



Special homepage.

When I’m surfing on the net for circus related pages I sometimes find sites where you ask yourself "What is this?" A Swedish Magician called TOLEDO makes one of those sites where you put up the question "What is the idea?" On his page News/Gossip almost every thing is a private crusade against circus Scott in Sweden. He is using every possible chance to write bad things about this Swedish circus. He is writing about financial problems, how they break the law and every possible chance to write something bad.

He claims to be an artist himself? But who will employ this guy? And if you take the chance please don’t tell this guy anything about your financial status.

But anyway take a look for yourself here is the link:



November 16th.

Pictures with Fumagalli.

The fan page for Fumagalli has taken a lot of pictures April 16th. When Bennewis performed in Haslev (Denmark). Not many artists have their own independent fan page but the little clown from Italy is so popular in Europe that he has his own. If you want to have a closer look please follow the link here

Fumagalli in Circus Benneweis 2003

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


November 14th.

Chat Noir in Oslo

Nice review for Chat Noir variety program in Oslo. Yesterday there was premiere for a nice range of international top artists in Chat Noir and the show is running until December 20th. The prices for a seat is very high 445 kr. /55 Euro. Lots of nice artists as Roy Bjerke a very nice magician, BonBon and Tiina from Denmark doing the living cannonball. Alexei with hoola hop rings, Otsukpok, Tkachyov and Malikov in a fantastic trampoline act.

BonBon earlier this year in Circus Arena.

Photo By circus Scandinavia (C).

If you want to see the show you can find Chat Noir on Kligenberggata 5 in Oslo.


Guinness book of records

The Chinese high wire artist Ahdili, has bee adapted in Guinness book of records. The record is for the highest wirework ever and the record was done in a height of 687 metres (250 feet) on August 21st .2003.


November 13th.

Circus Protest in Berlin

150 circus wagons from all over Germany, protested yesterday against a law proposal. The proposal is against animals, Elephants, monkeys, bears and other wild animals in circus. Lots of well known animal trainers was a part of the protests Janna Mandana, Martin Lacey and the Spindler family and 100 of other people involved in circus.

Jana Mandana and Martin Lacey was a part of the protest in Germany

Photo By Circus Scandinavia (C).

November 12th.

Monte Carlo Circus Festival 2004

Maybe the finest circus festival in the world will take place in February 2004. Not much is released yet but Circus Scandinavia knows that the two fantastic brothers Maycol and Guido Errani will be a part of this event. Circus Scandinavia saw this ikarian act this summer in Italy and I can guarantee that this is absolutely world class. I was very impressed by those two brothers normally working in Circus Errani and I have never seen an act like this, done in such a high level before.


Maycol and Guido Errani in circus Errani 2003

Photo by Italian circus Friends (C).


Monte carlo circus Festival.

Dates and prices use the link below


News on circus Scandinavia.

To all artists, circus or circus related persons in Europe. Please use this web if you have any news so share with the rest of the world. Circus Scandinavia is a 100% commercial free web page so everything is free of any charge. So please use this opportunity to bring out your words and pictures to about 30 thousand readers every week. Please mail anything concerning circus to


November 11

The Kosowiiks

The Swedish trick riders performing in the 2003 season with Circus Arena in Denmark will perform in Circus Agora –Norway – for the 2004 summer season.

The Kosowiiks in the circus Arena 2003 season

Photo by Circus Scandinavia (C).


November 10th.


If you are a collector of circus items as programs, posters, toys, cars or other collectable circus stuff, you should try Ebay. Ebay is an American Internet auction with thousands of hits if you use the key word circus. On Ebay you can of cause find lots of American programs and posters but also the very hard to find Corgi Chipperfields circus cars from the 70 ties and many times in mint conditions and with the box intact. It is also possible to find rare ventriloquist dolls as Athur Mcarthy, Simon horseman and other nice things for the ventriloquist people. A little warning to the bidders from Europe - Please have in mind that the fee of post and packing can be very high for delivery in Europe.


You can pay for you items with the secure PAYPAL system immediately after you have won an auction. Lucky bidding.


Circus Arnardo

A documentary about circus Arnardo in Norwegian television November 12th. – The best fun in life is when you make other people happy says the Norwegian circus king in this documentary. So tune on NRK1 at 11 o’clock.


Please keep an eye on Circus Scandinavia television page with information about everything concerning circus television in Europe, opdated every week. Access on the menu page or here.


Circus Christmas fun.

November 17th. there will be premiere on Sjaelland with circus Baldonis circus Nissesjov (Christmas fun). It will be a performance with the Barbi family, known from circus Baldonis summer tour, Thessa and René Marvin. The performance will run for 45 minutes and made for schools and kindergartens. The circus will visit 25 towns. The week after,  the second unit start up their show in Jutland with Anders Wadsholt and Bro Brothers, also known from the Baldoni summer tour. The second unit will visit 20 towns. Together the two circus will have more than 25.000 spectators.

Poster for Circus Nissesjov (Christmas fun).


New magic dealer.

The well-known Norwegian magician – Tom Trix has started up a web store with lots of magic tricks. Circus Scandinavia has all ready bought some tricks from Tom and the price was fair and the merchandise was top class. Tom lives in Copenhagen and the store is on the Internet only. The page is very nice with lots of pictures and text in Scandinavian and English. Please take a look at toms page here

November 9th.

Circus Baldoni back.

Circus Baldoni has just returned from Faro Island were they have been visiting 8 cities. Many of the cities has never seen a circus before so it was a great success and around 3 thousand people saw the Baldoni performance.


Director Rene Marvin and Thessa from Circus Baldoni