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Picture by Circus Scandinavia 2008 (C).


November 26th.

Dinner – Zirkus in Hamburg.

Two Danish artists in dinner Varite in Hagenback zoo. The Danish table artist Freddie Steckel is there and the plan was, that the Danish Duo Arius should be there . An accident for duo Arius and the artist Allah with a tissue act was contracted instead. Also Allah had an accident and then Jimmy Enoch was contacted for four days. Jimmy was asked for an contract until December 9th. but he will be going to Roncalli together with flying Superkids Tuesday.


In Scandinavian:


To Danske artister er at finde I det Tyske Dinner zirkus varity in Hagenback zoo (Hamborg). Freddie Stecker er der med hans bordnummer og det var også planen at Danske duo Arius skulle være en del af programmet. Desværre var Duo Arius ude for et uheld og Artisten Allah med et tissue nummer blev hentet ind. Desværre kom Allah også ud for et uheld og derfor blev Jimmy Enoch kontaktet og skal optræde indtil på mandag. Egentlig blev han tilbudt kontrakt frem til 9. december men en aftale med at rejse med Flying Superkids til Cirkus Roncalli på tirsdag står fast.


November 24th.

Serious accident

A serious accident stroked the Danish circus Arena Saturday, when a strong storm hit their tent in France. The horses was just went out after a rehearsal, when the capiteau collapsed caused by a storm. Nobody was hurt in the incident and only a minor damage on the Arena tent was the result. The tent there was used was an old tent from 2004 and Arena will be ready with a new one here in the coming days. The picture shows the capitau and it looks bad but only some parts of the tent was destroyed. Nothing happened with the gradin and only a few poles will be replaced.


In Scandinavian:


Et alvorligt uheld ramte lørdag det Danske cirkus Arena, da en stærk storm ramte deres telt I Frankrig. Arenas heste var lige kommet ud et at have øvet til forestillingen, da hele teltet kollapsede begrund af den stærke storm. Heldigvis kom ingen til skade og kun mindre skader på teltet var en realitet. Det brugte telt var et reserve telt fra 2004 og Cirkus Arena vil være klar med et nyt i de kommende dage. Billederne ser ikke godt ud men kun visse dele var ødelagt ved stormen. Der er ikke sket skader på gradin og kun et mindre antal master er ødelagt




November 19th.

Circus Baldoni.

As written long time ago, circus Baldoni sold their tent to the Circus Museum in Denmark. A new Baldoni tent will be ready for the new 2009 season and the German factory are ready with the 3D cat drawings. The tent will higher than the old one and it will be possible to walk through under the gradin. The tent will of cause be ready for the premiere in March and the program will be released here very soon.


In Scandinavian


Som skrevet for flere måneder siden har cirkus Baldoni solgt deres telt til cirkus museet i Hvidovre. Et nyt telt vil være klar for kommende 2009 sæson og den Tyske fabrik har leveret de første 3D CAD tegninger. Teltet vil som før beskrevet være en del højere end det gamle, hvilket bevirker at der vil blive en rundgang under gradinet. Teltet vil selvfølgelig være klar til premiere sidst i marts og artist programmet vil meget snart blive lagt ud på disse sider.


November 16th.


Circus Dannebrog.

Just ended the work with the circus Dannebrog DVD. I recorded the full performance with five cameras and now the job is near finished. The DVD is for internal use in Dannebrog only and can not be bought. Anyway Dannebrog agreed for a short trailer from the show – so here it is. Artists from the performance can buy their own act on DVD – please contact circus Scandinavia for details. Dannebrog clip here


In Scandinavian:


Så er cirkus Dannebrog 2008 DVD forestillingen færdig. Jeg optog den fulde forestilling med fem kameraer og er nu næsten klippet færdig. Dvdén er for intern brug hos Dannebrog og bliver derfor ikke udbudt til salg. Alligevel har Dannebrog givet tilladelse til et kort klip fra forestillingen. Artister fra Dannebrog kan købe deres eget nummer – venligst kontakt Cirkus Skandinavia for detaljer – For at se klippet tryk her.

November 14th.

Stars in der Manege.

The German national television – ARD will again this year record the program – “Stars in Der Manege“ (Stars in the ring). The event takes place in the Circus Krone Building in Munich December 6th. And as usual present a mix of well known Germans and artists. This year we among others find Pellegrinis a very nice Hand to hand act (Piligrinis won a gold clown in Monaco 2008) – the Chinese troupe Shenyang wit their air act, Khaylavofs with their very well known perch act. There will of cause be more acts in the show there will be broadcasted December 26th.


In Scandinavian:


Det Tyske nationale TV – ARD, vil vanen tro præsenterer deres årlige program “Stars in der Manege”. Denne tilbagevendende begivenhed bliver afviklet i cirkus Krone bygningen i München d. 6. december. Der bliver som sædvanligt præsenteret et mix af kendte Tyskere og ”rigtige” artister. I år finder vi blandt andet Pelligrinis med deres partner akrobatik nummer. (Pellegrinis vandt i øvrigt en guld klovn ved cirkus festivalen i Monaco 2008). De Kinesiske luft akrobater Shenyang, Khaylavofs med ders helt fantastiske Perch nummer. Der vil selvfølgelig være flere artister i dette show der bliver sendt d. 26. december 2008


November 11th.

Jimmy and Edward Enoch.

The two cousins Jimmy and Edward Enoch has returned from the circus youth festival but will very soon return to Germany again. The reason is that the two guys will perform their bicycle act in Offenburg Christmas circus festival 2008 – 2009. The event runs from December 18th until January 6th. 2009.


In Scandinavian:


De to fætre Jimmy og Edward Enoch er næsten lige returneret fra Cirkus Youth festival men vil meget snart returnere til Tyskland igen. Grunden er at de fætre med deres cykel nummer, vil være3 en del af Offenburg julecirkus festival 2008/2009. Forestillingerne vil løbe fra 18. december til d. 6. januar 2009.




Press Release from ECA



Experts discuss artistic trends in Wiesbaden


During the European Youth Circus Festival in Wiesbaden, the ECA organized a study afternoon under the topic “Artistic trends and developments in the circus”, with four speakers and about 45 visitors.

The Russian director Alexandre Grimailo described how new acts are created in his studio, often in a time and money consuming way. Therefore it is hard when other artists copy such an act, but it is difficult to take appropriate legal steps. According to Grimailo, really good acts cannot be copied when they are based upon the personality and high technical skill of the original artist. Meanwhile handstand equilibrist Eduard Gelazarov demonstrated how his act was put together during four years. Grimailo called upon circus managers to include the name of the artistic director in the printed programme, besides the artists’ names. The ECA members present wholeheartedly endorsed this suggestion for it also underlines the cultural value of circus acts.

The other speakers were Laci Endresz, artistic director and producer of the Blackpool Tower Circus, Isabella Enoch of the well-known Danish Cirkus Dannebrog and Ute Classen whose company is involved in “culture management”. She organizes tours especially for innovative circus forms and gives them technical and administrative support. She would like to use the term “Fresh Circus”, the European variation of the French “Nouveau Cirque”.



Music is very important for the success of an act, but often it is badly chosen and, especially in the case of young performers, too sombre. Frequently, the staging of the acts is too dramatic whereas humour is missing. Another trend is the combination of techniques leading to so-called “Mixed Acts”, artists becoming more and more versatile.

The costume is also decisive for the public appeal of an act. Cirque du Soleil inaugurated a tendency with a completely new form of costuming. In contrast to classical colourful costumes, the Nouveau Cirque made its artists perform “in T-shirts”, a trend that is now slowly reversed. The costumes of circus school graduates are still somewhat basic, whereas productions from Russia, for example, are getting nicer and nicer and Circus Roncalli has always attached great importance to elaborate costumes anyway. 

Dance and choreography are becoming more and more important in the circus ring, and so is theater technology with state of the art sound and lighting systems.

Another development, though not of an artistic nature but causing many problems is the increase of regulations and guidelines making circus life more and more difficult. In many cities, the traditional way of advertising via circus posters is banned and it is not so easy to find appropriate circus sites, either.

Finally, quality differences between circuses were discussed. The open European borders make it possible that circuses with a bad programme negatively influence the public appreciation of circus in a country where this art form still has a high cultural position. Maybe a licence system might prevent such dishonest competition.



The European Circus Association represents the European circuses to authorities and the general public. The ECA wants to promote circus art and culture and to protect this important part of our common cultural heritage. ECA chairman Urs Pilz is vice president and artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Nearly all renowned European circuses are members of the ECA.


For more information: a.oudenes@europeancircus.info


November 7th.

Circus Agora stops

The Norwegian circus Agora director Jan Kjetil Smordal has dicided to close his circus. The reason is a bad season in Norway, witch they could have survived, if they wouldn’t have chosen to tour on the north Atlantic island – Iceland. As told in last month on these pages, the Danish circus Baldoni was on tour on the same Island at the same time. When the economic crises started, it stroke on Iceland more than any other country and the inflation went sky high. All contracts on Iceland was done in their local money and after the tour it had only half the value. IT was more than the twenty years old circus could deal with and Agora returned to Norway with a minus on 600.000 Euro. The Danish circus Baldoni survived with no problems and has decided to let their money stay on an bank account on Iceland and wait for better times.


In Scandinavian:


Desværre har den Norske cirkus Agora Direktør Jan Kjetol Smørdal besluttet at lukke sit cirkus. Grunden er en dårlig sæson i Norge, som de dog ville have overlevet, hvis ikke de havde valgt at turnere på Island sidst på sæsonen. Som fortalt i sidste måned på disse sider, var også det Danske cirkus Baldoni på turne på øen samtidig. Da den økonomiske krise i verden startede, ramte den muligvis Island mere end noget andet land og inflationen accelererede og de Islandske kroner blev næsten halveret i værdi. DA kontrakterne blev lavet var det i Islandske kroner, som efter begge cirkus vedkommende, blev halveret i værdi. Det var mere end hvad det 20 år gamle kunne klare og cirkus Agora returnerede til Norge med en gæld på ca. 4,6 mill kroner. I modsætning til cirkus Agora overlevede cirkus Baldoni uden de store problemer og har besluttet sig for at lade de resterende penge stå på en konti i Island og vente på at der igen kommer ro på økonomien.


November 6th.

Circus Arena 2009

The Danish circus Arena will have their official press premiere March 17th. 2009 Before this event in Copenhagen, Arena will have five performances. It is not possible to buy tickets for the performances before the premiere because all seats are sold in advance. The new 2009 program is released on these pages months ago, so please scroll through the news pages for more information. If you can’t wait for a Scandinavian circus experience, please visit circus Arena circus Land – see Arena webpage for details – can be found on Links to circus in Scandinavia.


In Scandinavian:


Det Danske cirkus Arena vil have deres officielle presse premiere d. 17. marts 2009. Før denne forestilling i København vil der i alt være fem shows. Det er ikke muligt at købe billetter til forestillinger før den officielle lands premiere, da alle forestillinger solgt. Det nye 2009 program er lagt ud på disse sider for flere måneder siden, så venligst læs nyhedssiderne igennem for flere oplysninger om programmet. Hvis du ikke kan vente på en cirkus oplevelse her i Skandinavien, er der mulighed for at besøge Arena cirkus land i Slagelse – Venligst se Arenas hjemmeside for detaljer om åbningstid – Findes på Link til cirkus i Skandinavien siderne


November 5th.

Archive day

The archive days in Sweden are when the official archives opens their doors for the public. Most will ask what this information has to do with circus but the Swedish railroad museum will have focus on circus trains from their archive. The museum opens their doors November 8th. From 10 - 16 And former circus Scott director will tell about the time where his circus was moving around by train in the early days. Johan Vinberg from the Swedish circus Academy will tell about his experience when it comes to circus trains. A film will be shown from 1953 where the great Swedish circus Mijares-Schreibers move the whole circus by train. There will be a photo exebiton with the theme.

Info: Henry Bronett


In Scandinavian:


Arkiv dagene i Sverige, er når de offecielle arkiver åbner deres døre for offentligheden. De fleste vil vel spørge, hvad denne information har at gøre med cirkus men det Svenske jernbane museum vil netop have focus på cirkus tog fra deres arkiv. Museet åbner deres døre d. 8. november fra 10- 16 og forhenværende cirkus Scott direktør vil fortælle om den gang han flyttede med toget når deres forretning rejste. Johan Vionberg fra det Svenske cirkus Akedemi  vil fortælle om sin erfaring når det kommer til cirkus tog. Der vil blive vist en film hvor cirkus Mijares-Schreibers flyter hele deres cirkus tilbage i 19953. Der vil også være foto udstilling om emnet.


Mere information på siderne fra det Svenske jernbane museum.


INFO Henry Bronett


November 4th.

Kim Kenneth

The Danish Illusionist Kim Kenneth and his girlfriend Jessica Caveagna will be back in Denmark for the coming 2009 season. After a little research I found out that Kim will have his premiere in circus Benneweis exactly 20 years after he was on his first season in Denmark. Kim and Jessica will do their fantastic illusion act and Kim will be ringmaster as well. At the moment the couple are on tour in Holland with circus Herman Renz, where they later will continue to France and perform in circus Pinder. (circus Pinder presenting Herman Renz).


In Scandinavian:


Den Danske illusionist Kim Kenneth og hans kæreste Jessica Gaveagna vil være tilbage I Danmark for kommende 2009 sæson. Efter lidt recearch, har jeg fundet ud af at Kim vil have sin premiere i cirkus Benneweis nøjagtig 20 år efter sin debut i ringen. Kim og Jessica vil fremføre deres fantastiske illusions nummer og Kim skal samtidig arbejde som ringmaster. For tiden er parret på turne med det Hollandske cirkus Herman Renz, hvor de snart vil fortsætte til Frankrig og optræde i cirkus Pinder (cirkus Pinder præsenterer Herman Renz).


November 3rd.

Så kom bekendtgørelsen.

Endelig kom bekendtgørelsen fra arbejdsgruppen der havde fået til opgave, at se på forhold omkring dyr I blandt andet cirkus. Udvalget blev nedsat tilbage I 2003 og består af en lang række eksperter på alt andet end cirkus. Kun en enkelt fra cirkus var en del af udvalget og man frygtede derfor, at resultatet fra gruppen under justits ministeriet ville blive overvejende negativt for cirkus I Danmark. Hele bekendtgørelsen kan læses på justitsministeriets hjemmeside, som her kun bringes I forkortet form.


Ud over en masse krav om transport, opstaldning sikkerhed mm. som stort set allerede bliver opfyldt her I Skandinavien, er man blevet enige om at oprette en såkaldt positiv liste, altså en liste hvor man direkte kan se hvilke dyr der kan fremvises. Der er ikke så mange overraskelser på denne liste og dækker stort set hvad der er blevet dispenseret for I mange år. Dog er der enkelte ændringer I forhold til seneste års praksis. Zebra dyr er kommet på positivlisten, hvilket ikke har været praksis de senere år, hvor der nogle år er givet dispensation og andre ikke. På negativlisten er bland andet kommet pingviner der så sent som I år er blevet fremvist I cirkus Dannebrog.


Et forventet forbud imod fremvisning af f.eks. elefanter uden for cirkus er medtaget og der lægges op til et forbud imod fremvisning I forbindelse med f.eks byfester. Det bliver derfor ikke muligt I fremtiden, at leje sig en elefant som reklame fremstød eller lign. Der bliver altså ikke noget forbud imod elefanter og søløver


Stort set er det et positivt resultat der kun er med til at sikre den høje standard der allerede er, ikke kun I Danmark men i hele Skandinavien. De fleste krav er for længst standard I Danske cirkus og samtidig tydeliggør den hvilke dyrearter der kan accepteres.


Loven vil træde I kraft I 2010, dog vil loven om bassin størrelser for søløver først træde I kraft I 2014.


Bemærk at loven er et udkast, der først skal til høring og alt muligt andet før den bliver ophøjet til lov. – Hele udkastet fylder 89 sider og kan findes I sin fulde længde på justits ministeriet hjemmeside.


In English:


The animal welfare team under the Danish minister of Justice has ended there work and conclusions for the animal welfare bill. The team started their work back in 2003 and a lot of people around circus was concerned because the group only included one person from the circus business. Anyway there is no reason to be concerned because most of the proposal in conclusion are already standard in all Danish circuses. So in the future there will still be elephants and sea lions in Danish circus.




November 1st.

European youth festival in Wiesbaden

No medals for Jimmy and Edward Enoch in the European Youth circus festival this year. Anyway there was medals to Scandinavia when the Swedish Trapeze artists – Mira and Esmaralda won a silver medal. Here are the complete list of winners.


Aged 17 – 21:


Bronce – Alina Puppel – contorion – Germany.

Silver – Mira and Esmaralda – Sweden.

Gold – The Dolls – acrobats – Ukarine.


Aged 22 – 25:


Bronce Maria Sarach – Contorion – Russia.

Silver: Polinde – Trapez – France.

Gold Duo Elja – Germany.


In Scandinavian


Ingen medaljer til Jimmy og Edward Enoch European youth circus festival i år. Dog kan vi glæde os over at der dog blev hentet medaljer til Skandinavien da det Svenske par Mira of Esmaralda hentede en sølvmedalje for deres trapez nummer. Her er listen af vindere: